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    Adelaide - Streets

    Streets by Name

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    Streets by Name

    A series of comprehensive articles on individual streets commences in the Observer,
    24 August 1929, page 30c.

    For further information on street nomenclature see Manning's Place Names of South Australia.


    DeQuetteville Terrace

    See Kent Town and in the alphabetical nomenclature list.

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    Divett Street

    A house there is described in the Advertiser,
    20 February 1877, page 4e:

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    Dodd's Road

    The closure of this road which once ran along the western boundary of the West Park Lands from Henley Beach Road at "the railway junction southwards to the Keswick road" is reported in the Advertiser,
    23 December 1909, page 6f.

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    East Terrace

    "Mayoral Playground for Children" is in the Register,
    24 September 1918, page 4e,
    19 November 1918, page 4f,
    19 and 20 December 1918, pages 6d and 8d,
    The Critic,
    25 December 1918, page 16 (photographs).
    The opening of a Glover Playground is reported in the Register,
    12 September 1925, page 13b.
    Also see Playgrounds.

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    Elder Street

    It was named in 1900 after Sir Thomas Elder who gave considerable money towards the building of workmen's homes, several of which fronted this street; see Express, 4 June 1900, page 2b.

    Another "Elder Street" opposite the University became Austin Street - see Register,
    27 August 1907, page 4e.

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    Flinders Street

    Examinations at a German school are reported in the Register,
    8 July 1856, page 3d.
    Also see Wakefield Street.

    "Flinders Street in the Making" is in the Register,
    13 and 20 November 1919, pages 5d and 5c.

    The opening of a Baptist Church is reported in the Register,
    22 July 1861, page 3g.

    Information on the Presbyterian Church is in the Register on
    6 September 1864, page 3c,
    4 November 1865, page 6d,
    3 August 1903, page 6d;
    4 November 1909, page 10c;
    its diamond jubilee in the Advertiser,
    25 October 1899, page 9e; also see
    19 May 1925, page 15c.
    The unveiling of memorial windows is reported in the Register,
    29 April 1912, page 9c.

    A fete conducted by the members of Stow Church in White's Rooms is reported in the Express,
    14 December 1863, page 2c.

    Examinations at Mr Sommer's school are reported in the Observer,
    24 December 1870, page 7f; also see
    11 November 1871, page 11g, 11 January 1873, page 5d.
    Information on the Protestant Free School is in the Register,
    5 April 1872, page 5d.

    Also see Education.

    Information on the Model School is in the Register,
    16 and 30 June 1874, pages 5e and 6c.
    A sketch of the Model School is in the Illustrated Adelaide Post,
    3 October 1874, page 8.

    The Model School is discussed in the Advertiser,
    20 February 1878, page 6e; also see
    30 November 1878, page 2b (supp.),
    18 August 1885, page 5d,
    26 November 1887, page 5b,
    22 September 1888, page 3d,
    20 September 1890, page 6a,
    2 December 1893, page 3g,
    13 August 1898, page 7a,
    17 October 1903, (photographs).
    10 August 1907, page 7d.
    Biographical details of a head master, R.T. Burnard, are in the Observer,
    25 September 1897, page 16e.
    The 50th anniversary of the school is reported in the Register,
    26 November 1928, page 10h.
    Information on its Mothers' Club is in The News,
    17 January 1929, page 11a.
    Photographs of the school committee and teachers are in the Observer,
    1 July 1916, page 26,
    of students are in the Chronicle,
    16 March 1933, page 37,
    of new students on
    8 February 1934, page 33.
    Also see Education.

    Information on the German Church is in the Register,
    21 July 1871, page 3c,
    13 December 1871, page 2e.

    The Servants' Home is discussed in the Observer,
    24 February 1877, page 10d.
    Also see South Australia - Domestic Servants.

    Information on the Baptist Church is in the Register,
    27 April 1863, page 3e,
    11 August 1886, page 5b,
    27 July 1903, page 6d,
    5 August 1921, page 5g.
    Photographs and information are in the Chronicle,
    12 August 1911, pages 29-40b,
    5 August 1911, page 30.

    Details of the Stow Church is in the Register,
    17 April 1867, page 3d.
    Its jubilee plus a sketch of "the first religious edifice in South Australia" appears on
    5 February 1915, page 8c; also see
    26 May 1915, page 12c and Religion .

    "Fifty Years in a Sunday School - Mr R.J. Lavis Interviewed" is in the Advertiser,
    28 June 1913, page 6d.

    The laying of the foundation stone of St Paul's Church is reported in the Register,
    16 April 1856, page 2f and its opening on
    10 January 1860, page 3g.
    "Historic St Paul's" is in The News,
    28 September 1931, page 6d.

    Photographs of Dr Hynes' sanatorium are in The Critic,
    27 December 1902, pages 7 and 30.

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    Franklin Street

    "Street Corner History" is in the Register,
    28 August 1929, page 5a.

    "Early Franklin Street" is in the Register,
    6 November 1919, page 5c - it includes a photograph of "the old Lutheran chapel".

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Methodist New Connexion Church is reported in the Register,
    12 January 1864.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Catholic Poor School is reported in the Chronicle,
    3 April 1869, page 12a.

    Information on the Wesleyan Chapel is in the Register,
    7 and 8 June 1869, pages 2e and 2h.
    8 January 1870, page 10g.

    Examinations at a Free School are reported in the Express,
    22 December 1870, page 3e,
    15 April 1871, page 8b; also see
    24 June 1871, page 10e,
    5 April 1872, page 2c,
    14 June 1873, page 11b.
    Also see Education.

    Examinations at St Francis Xavier's Seminary are reported in the Express,
    22 December 1869, page 3b,
    The Irish Harp,
    20 December 1872, page 5d,
    at the Dominican Convent on
    26 December 1873, page 5d,
    31 December 1881, page 12a.

    Photographs of a kindergarten are in the Observer,
    22 December 1906, page 29.
    The laying of a foundation stone of a kindergarten is reported in the Advertiser,
    25 June 1913, page 15c; also see
    7 November 1913, page 3c.
    Also see SA - Kindergartens.

    A photograph of the laying of the foundation stone of a Greek Church is in the Chronicle,
    19 March 1936, page 32.

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    Freeman Street (now part of Gawler Place)

    The Register of
    2 May 1904 at page 3d discusses its nomenclature and concludes that it was named after Stephen Freeman and his sister - "Her town acre was in Flinders Street at the corner of [the street] on the side nearest to the Congregational Church"; also see
    12 January 1921, page 6g.

    These statements are supported by evidence in the General Registry Office - Mary Ann C. Freeman purchased Land Order 437 which she exercised in part on 23 December 1837 by taking up Town Acre 234 (See Application No. 23003). Evidence of the name being applied to the street shortly thereafter is to be found in the Southern Australian,
    12 December 1839, page 3d where mention is made of the Freeman Street Congregational Church, the opening of which is reported in the Southern Australian,
    3 November 1840, page 3d.

    Information on the German Academy is in the Observer,
    24 June 1854, page 10f.

    The 15th anniversary of the Congregational Chapel is reported in the Observer,
    10 November 1855, page 3f.
    "An Historic Chapel - Passing of Freeman Street Landmark" is in the Register,
    6 February 1925, page 10a.

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    Frome Road

    "Street Corner History" is in the Register,
    21 September 1929, page 5a.

    "Closing Frome Road" is in the Express,
    7 February 1908, page 3i.

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