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    South Australia - Religion

    "The Church in a New Land" is discussed in the Advertiser (special edition), 1 September 1936, page 82.



    A Catholic Chapel is reported upon in the Register,
    24 April 1841, page 3e.

    The death of Bishop Murphy is reported in the Register,
    27 April 1858, page 2g.

    The consecration of the Catholic Bishop of Adelaide is reported in the Chronicle,
    24 September 1859, page 4e; also see
    29 October 1859, page 6b.

    The arrival of the Sisters of St Joseph is reported in the Express,
    24 June 1867, page 2d.

    "Roman Catholic Benevolent Institutions" is in the Register,
    10 March 1868, page 2d.

    "The Convent Detention Case" is discussed in the Register,
    27 March 1869, page 2e:

    "Convent Life" is in the Register,
    31 March 1869, page 3c.

    "A False Report Concerning Priests and Nunneries" is in the Register,
    7 and 8 April 1869, pages 2f and 3e.

    "The Register and the [Roman Catholic] Bishop" is in the Observer,
    11 and 25 March 1871, pages 12e and 3e.

    "The Sisters of St Joseph and the Right Reverend Dr Shiel" is in the Register,
    30 October 1871, page 6a,
    16 November 1871, page 6c.

    The death of Bishop Shiel is reported in the Observer,
    2 March 1872, page 3c.

    "The Libel on the Sisters of St Joseph" is in the Observer,
    22 June 1872, page 13e.

    "The Catholics and the Catholic Press" is in The Irish Harp,
    23 April 1874, page 4c.

    "The Catholic Church in South Australia" is in the Chronicle,
    24 and 31 January 1874, pages 12g and 12c.

    A Catholic picnic is reported in the Observer,
    19 April 1879, page 5.

    On 2 September 1882 at page 4e the Editor of the Register has an altercation with the Catholic Church; also see
    2 and 4 September 1882, pages 1g (supp.) and 6e.

    "The Alleged Proselytising Cases" is in the Chronicle,
    9 September 1882, page 5d,
    "Alleged Persecution of Catholic Children" in the Observer,
    14 October 1882, page 33b; also see
    10, 12, 14, 19, 26 and 31 July 1884, pages 7g, 5a-1g (supp.), 7b, 4h, 1e (supp.), 2a (supp.) and 5e,
    2 and 4 August 1884, pasges 2d (supp.) and 4h,
    26 July 1884, page 5b,
    2, 9 and 16 August 1884, pages 5a, 5c and 5c,
    19, 24, 26, 30 and 31 July 1884, pages 3c, 2b-3e, 3b, 6d and 3a.

    A photograph of the survivors of the original Sisters of Mercy who came from Buenos Aires in the 1880s is in the Observer,
    20 January 1923, page 30.

    A poem titled "Sisters of Mercy" is in The Lantern,
    21 May 1887, page 19.

    "The New Catholic See of Port Augusta" is in the Chronicle,
    28 April 1888, page 7c.

    The "Roman Catholic Church and Mixed Marriages" is in the Register,
    23 January 1889, page 7d,
    24 January 1889, page 4b, Also see South Australia - Social Matters - Mariage and Divorce
    "Conversions to Roman Catholicism" in the Advertiser,
    24 July 1890, page 7c.

    An obituary of Rev Julian E. Tenison Woods is in the Register,
    8 October 1889, page 6d,
    12 October 1889, page 33,
    25 January 1890, page 35c.

    "The Order of Dominicans - A New Priesthood for the Colony" is in the Register,
    12 September 1898, page 6b.

    "A Lecture That Failed - Why I Left the Roman Catholic Priesthood" is in the Chronicle,
    16 June 1900, page 20a,
    16 June 1900, pages 16b-22b,
    23 June 1900, page 29d.

    "Archbishop O'Reilly at Home" is in the Weekly Herald,
    25 February 1899, page 7d;
    photographs are in the Chronicle,
    27 December 1902, pages 42-43.
    "Archbishop O'Reilly and the Labor Party" is in the Weekly Herald,
    22 April 1899, page 7c.
    Fourteen "open letters" to the Archbishop appear in The Herald on a weekly basis from 29 August 1903, page 1a.

    Photographs of a St Patrick's Day celebration on the Adelaide Oval are in the Chronicle,
    21 March 1903, page 44.

    An obituary of Archdeacon Samuel French is in the Chronicle,
    12 September 1903, page 36c,
    of Reverend Father Lee in the Observer,
    25 June 1910, page 40a.

    An obituary of Patrick Fitzpatrick is in the Register,
    19 September 1906, page 4i.

    An obituary of "Mother Mary [McKillop] of the Cross" is in the Observer,
    21 August 1909, page 40a.
    "Foundress of Convents - First Step Towards Canonisation [for Sister Mary McKillop]" is in the Advertiser,
    19 May 1926, page 14d.

    "Fifty Years a Priest - Interesting Memories" is in the Register,
    19 April 1910, page 9e.

    "The Roman Catholic Church - Fifty Years Ago and Now" is in the Advertiser,
    21 April 1910, page 10b.

    "Roman Catholic Charities - Facts and Figures" is in the Register,
    23 January 1911, page 10.

    "Advice to Orangemen - No Compromise With Rome" is in the Register,
    10 and 11 July 1911, pages 8f and 8d.

    An interview with Monsignor Byrne is in the Register,
    25 April 1914, page 8e.

    "Soldier, Farmer and Priest - Return of Father LeMaistre" is in the Express,
    25 March 1918, page 4g.

    "Roman Catholics and the War" is in the Register,
    11, 16, 30 and 31 July 1918, pages 5e, 7e, 7f and 9e.

    An obituary of Monsignor Nevin is in the Express,
    1 September 1920, page 2d.

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