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    This work is a conglomerate of toponymical and historical research and as to the former aspect I am again indebted to my friend Mr George Daws who, through sheer dogged persistence, coupled with innate skills and a love of our history, applied himself assiduously to endless months of tedious research. The results of his labours are self-evident in the published findings of such place names as Balgowan, Bligh, Cobham, Hatherleigh, Mount Fitton, Rendelsham and others.

    I place on record my sincere thanks to Mrs Julie Evans and Mr Dean Kelly whom I had the pleasure of meeting within in the confines of the Mortlock Library in the course of our various historical pursuits; their contributions to various facets of our history enhance this book. The late Mr Reg Sprigg, formerly of Arkaroola also added in many ways by generously offering information in respect of his forbears, viz, the pastoralists of his paternal ancestry and the sea-faring Germein family.

    Unlike Nellie Melba, with her interminable "last appearances", this is my final epistle on nomenclature and I would, indeed, be remiss if I did not again express my appreciation of the encouragement and financial considerations accorded me by Gillingham Printers of Adelaide over many years.

    I can record no greater appreciation to that Company other than to repeat those monumental words of Henry Lawson when, in introducing C.J. Dennis's "The Sentimental Bloke" to the world in October 1915, he said with due deference - "I dips me lid - and stand aside".

    Geoffrey H. Manning
    July 2002