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    South Australia - Mining



    Also see:
    Place Names - Leigh Creek
    Place Names - Moorlands.

    "Coal in South Australia" is in the Observer,
    12 September 1846, page 4a.

    "Coal and Charcoal" is in the Register,
    29 July 1850, page 2d,
    "A Search for Coal" on
    27 March 1851, page 2b,
    29 March 1856, page 6c,
    "The Search for Coal" in the Register,
    24 July 1858, page 2f.

    "Petroleum and Coal" in South Australia is the subject of an editorial in the Register,
    7 December 1870, page 4c; also see the
    23 February 1878, page 10a for an editorial on "Coal in South Australia".
    20 February 1889, page 5c,
    2 March 1889, page 7a-b.

    "Is South Australia a Coal Bearing Country" is in the Chronicle,
    30 March 1872, page 11f.

    "The SA Coal Company" is in the Observer,
    31 May 1873, page 12b.

    "Petroleum and Coal in SA" is in the Chronicle,
    21 February 1874, page 1a (supp.).

    A bonus for the discovery of a coal field is reported in the Observer,
    9 and 23 February 1878, pages 3g and 10a.

    "The Prospectus of the Tredegar Coal Mining Company" is in the Chronicle,
    17 December 1881, page 5f.

    For comments on coal see Register,
    14 February 1878, page 4d,
    3 March 1880, page 6g (permit given for boring for coal on the Parklands).

    Also see Register,
    8 April 1885, pages 4h-6c,
    8, 9 and 24 April 1885, pages 4h-6c, 5b and 5d,
    17, 18 and 20 August 1888, pages 4h, 5a and 7d,
    12 and 20 February 1889, pages 6h and 5c,
    19 September 1902, page 4d,
    11 April 1885, page 31a,
    A government award for the discovery of coal is defined on
    24 October 1887, page 4f.

    "The Government Supply of Coal" is in the Express,
    25 August 1888, page 3e.

    "Coal in the Murray Flats" is in the Chronicle,
    15 December 1888, pages 4g-8d,
    Also see Place Names - Murray Flats.

    "Coal Discovery at Kuntha Hill"is in the Chronicle,
    2 February 1889, page 22f; also see
    1 March 1890, page 5e.

    "Anthracite Coal in Australia" is in the Observer,
    2 November 1901, page 29b.

    "Electricity from Coal" is in the Register,
    10 May 1902, page 4e.

    "The Government Coal Mine [in NSW]" is in the Express,
    6 June 1908, page 1h,
    1 December 1908, page 4e.

    "A State Coal Mine" is in the Register,
    2 November 1909, page 4c; also see
    13, 24 and 25 November 1909, pages 12f, 6e and 9b.

    "Searching for Coal" is in the Chronicle,
    5 February 1910, page 40b.
    Boring for coal at Paradise is reported in the Advertiser,
    18 June 1914, page 17e.

    "Government Coal Contracts" is in the Observer,
    1 June 1912, page 43b.

    "South Australian Brown Coal" is in the Advertiser,
    20 July 1922, page 6h,
    23 September 1922, page 9b.

    "Search for Coal" is in The News,
    31 July 1923, page 8c,
    "Coal and Oil" on
    13 October 1923, page 2f,
    "Utilising Brown Coal" in the Chronicle,
    25 July 1925, page 51.

    "Brown Coal" is in the Register on
    17 July 1925, page 11e,
    25 May 1926, page 8d,
    2 June 1926, page 11c,
    24 September 1926, page 10a,
    27 October 1926, page 11b,
    28 June 1927, page 6a.

    "Brown Coal for Electric Power" is in the Advertiser,
    15 and 24 September 1926, pages 15a and 11d,
    27 October 1926, page 15d; also see
    15 August 1927, page 16c,
    29 October 1928, page 17c,
    30 November 1928, page 20f,
    1 December 1928, page 13c; also see
    The Mail,
    11 June 1932, page 11e.

    "Coal Handling Appliances for South Australia" is in the Advertiser,
    14 September 1925, page 10d.
    Also see Place Names - Osborne.

    "Brown Coal - The State's Supply" is in the Observer,
    14 July 1928, page 55d.

    "Coal From England" and allied matters is discussed in the Advertiser,
    10, 23 and 27 July 1928, pages 15b, 13b and 14f,
    7 and 22 August 1928, pages 15h and 12g; also see
    The Mail,
    7 July 1928, pages 1f-2c.

    Mining - Choose again


    "Copper Ore Laden Ships from Port Adelaide" is in the Register,
    7 December 1925, page 5a.

    "Our Copper and Lead Mines" is in the Observer,
    2 September 1854, page 5a,
    "The Great Northern Mining Company" on
    14 January 1860, page 6c,
    11 February 1860, page 6c,
    7 July 1860, page 5f,
    "The Great Northern Copper Discoveries" in the Chronicle,
    14 January 1860, page 4d,
    "Copper Mining" in the Express,
    28 January 1868, page 2c.

    A lecture given on "Our South Australian Copper Ores" is in the Register,
    2 March 1861, page 3d.

    "The Prospects of the Copper Trade" is in the Register,
    10 November 1866, page 2c.

    "Among the Copper Mines" is in the Observer,
    14 June 1873, page 10e,
    "Copper Mining" on
    19 May 1877, page 19a.

    "Copper for the Paris Exhibition" is in the Register,
    6 February 1878, page 5b.

    "The Yorke Peninsula Copper Mines" is in the Chronicle,
    21 January 1882, page 15f.

    "Mining in the Flinders Ranges" is in the Chronicle,
    27 May 1882, page 7c,
    2 April 1907, page 7b.

    "An Important Invention - New Uses for Copper" is in the Observer,
    12 January 1889, page 34a,
    "The Copper Industry and Its Probable Future" on
    19 July 1890, page 26e.

    "The Copper Industry" is in the Register,
    2 July 1896, page 7e,
    29 March 1898, page 4e,
    "The Copper Boom" on
    19 June 1899, page 4e and
    reminiscences of "Some Early Copper Mines" on
    2 September 1899, page 4h.

    "Copper and Wages" is in the Observer,
    4 March 1899, page 32d.

    "How We Went Copper Mining" is in the Register,
    21 March 1899, page 6d,
    "The Hamley Mine" in the Chronicle,
    10 June 1899, page 20a,
    "The Far North - Inspecting Copper Mines" on
    24 June 1899, page 5a.

    "The Northern Copper Fields" is in the Register on
    16 and 24 June 1899, pages 7a and 5b,
    8 July 1899, page 5a,
    11 July 1899, page 7a,
    2 September 1899, page 10a,
    7 October 1899, page 11d.
    "Northern Copper Mines" is in the Register,
    30 November 1899, page 6g.

    "The Copper Revival" is in the Advertiser,
    2, 5, 9 and 13 September 1899, pages 11a, 5i, 10a and 9e; also see
    4 October 1901, page 4b.

    "At the Northern Copper Mines" is in the Register,
    21 and 23 October 1899 pages 8g and 7c.

    "Some Early Copper Mines", the reminiscences of John Simcock, is in the Chronicle,
    30 December 1899, page 42c.

    "Copper in the Far North - Great Revival of Activity" is in the Register,
    3 December 1906, page 6e; also see
    16 and 26 January 1907, pages 7h and 5b.

    "Copper Smelting - Adelaide v Newcastle" is in the Observer,
    24 March 1900, page 32e.

    "The Blinman Mine - A Hive of Industry" is in the Advertiser,
    21 November 1906, page 7f,
    20 February 1907, page 8f.

    "Tasmanian Copper Co - Freight Concessions" is in the Advertiser,
    15 January 1907, page 6h.

    "Fall in Copper - Many Mines Closed" is in the Advertiser,
    21 October 1907, page 6h.

    "Deserted Mines is in the Chronicle,
    2 May 1908, page 39b.

    "In the Far North - Farina to Yudnamutana - Copper Gougers" is in the Advertiser,
    2 June 1909, page 6f; also see
    5 and 8 June 1909, pages 17e and 11a.

    "Looking for Copper" is in the Advertiser,
    14 November 1929, page 18f.

    Mining - Choose again