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    Adelaide - Miscellany and Obituaries

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    Adelaide City

    "Villages Around Adelaide" is in the South Australian Magazine,1841-1842, page 187.

    "Adelaide in 1849-50 - Night Auctions and Other Things" is in the Register,
    29 July 1899, page 6e.
    "How the Friends of the People [Auctioneers] do Business Fairly" is in the Register,
    8 January 1856, page 2e.
    A poem titled "The Auctioneer" is in The Lantern,
    5 February 1887, page 19.
    "Some Old-Time Auctioneers" is in the Observer,
    2 December 1916, page 45e,
    "Early Auctioneers" on
    1 December 1928, page 22a.
    "Early Auctioneers" is in the Register,
    22 November 1928, page 4d.

    Night Auctions and Other Things

    (Taken from Geoffrey H. Manning's A Colonial Experience)

    Fifty years ago - Some may think this is a long lapse but to my friend, John Tidmarsh, it was but yesterday when he reminisced with me a few days ago: 'We were a hard-working lot in those days and our principal amusement and recreation when work was over was a stroll through the "city" on Saturday nights visiting the auctions and other places where our small, but lively bundle of humanity used to congregate.

    'It is well known that "left-off" clothing and other serviceable things were sent out to the colony and these splendid goods found there way to the night auction marts. Stand up, Luke Murphy. You were the first Irish night auctioneer and you acquitted yourself, becomingly, as a descendant from the old Irish Kings. I can here him now:

    'And the "ball gown" of Western London fell to a dame of South Australia. Luke was a strict Catholic and was much given to entertaining the clergy. Oysters had just dawned upon us in those days and many fine bivalves went down as a register in his favour.

    'I now come to McCabe's Mart. Of course, he was an Irishman. Who else could knock fun and hilarity into these famous gatherings of a Saturday night:

    'Half a dozen doors further east and we come upon O'Moyle. I am not sure of his nationality, though the prefix might possibly suggest it. "Old Moyle" was the sociable, if rude, term. He was a remarkably irritable auctioneer and any young fellow indulging in a lark at his expense had to keep well out of the range of his fists. Now then for a sample of the sales:

    'There was a dead silence and I roared out from my safe corner - "Sixpence". The auctioneer's mouth opened, his eyes glazed and I thought he would have jumped out of that rostrum - "Will some one be kind enough to put that fellow out of the room?"

    'No one was kind enough and I stood up. "Look here, Mr O'Moyle, I'll start that watch at ten shillings and in the course of bidding should it be knocked down to me I'll make a present of it to the best looking girl in the room. Now?" O'Moyle responded:

    '"Thank heaven", I said to myself. If the watch had been knocked down to me there would have been a royal row between the sweethearts of the girls in deciding this undecidable beauty point - the best looking girl.

    'The last on my list of auctioneers is Arthur Fox. His mart was on the south side of Rundle Street - a little further on, I think, from Faulding's. His sales were generally conducted in the daytime and you could get there anything from a needle to an anchor. He reminded me of those old Irish schoolmasters whose heads were well stowed with Latin and ever ready with a quotation to cap your vulgar English. Arthur Fox was reputed to be the best classical scholar in South Australia.

    'I now retrace my steps to Hindley Street - that part which nearly forms the junction with Morphett Street. Here was a large shop or "store" as they were called in those days, roofed with shingle - a thorough big bush shop up to date. On a look around of a Saturday night I have counted twelve hands pitching parcels into customers' arms. I think it was at this time the largest retail grocery house in the city. This flourishing business was carried on under the style and title of Downer & Graves.

    'Partnerships, like other things in the world, dissolve, in many cases not leaving a rack behind, but it was not so here. Mr Graves carried on the business alone with marked success when he thought the time had arrived to pull down the old bush-looking store and build a splendid shop. Alas! for human ambition.

    'A grand shop went up, with a plate-glass front, highly-polished counters and well-dressed men behind, but all this failed to attract. The humble class was afraid of it and the bush people coming into town swept past it, and went for more homely-looking establishments. In short, the glory of that once famous shingled store had departed.

    'Flett & Linklater's, top of Hindley Street, on the south side, was another remarkable place of business in its day. Here drapery and grocery were combined and carried out successfully for some years. On Mr Flett's death the sole proprietorship fell to Mr Linklater, but later circumstances, over which that gentleman had no control, compelled him to call a meeting of his creditors. This meeting, I don't think, lasted half an hour. An arrangement was soon made as all had confidence in the man. He had a few more successful years and all his creditors were paid in full.

    'The large building at the corner of King William and Rundle Streets on the south side was erected by the late Thomas Waterhouse and soon after many large and substantial buildings began to adorn Rundle Street. It was known then, as it is now, as "Waterhouse's Corner". A grand shop, well and attractively fitted up, displayed the grocery. A proverbial saying was, "You may send a child to Waterhouse's and it will be well served." This business had its reign of prosperity like other places; but, alas! for the mutability of all things human - after several goings out and comings in, its sun set.

    'Adjoining this shop and in the same building was the office of the late Mr W.M. Letchford, where the Bank of Adelaide was opened. On the same side, a few chains further on, stood the late Mr Hay's shop and store. This house had a fine country connection, and many a countryman of his was helped by Mr Hay to be "placed on the land." Any one stepping in about 11 o'clock might notice a little circle at the rear discussing the politics of the day. Glandfield - afterwards Mayor of the city - was always to the fore, while John Kelly, and many other neighbouring notables, could be seen with arms moving up and down in gesticulation, hammering out their ideas in fine frenzy, all bearing on the brilliant future of the Australian Empire. Such was Alexander Hay's political nursery.

    'Opposite to this, but perhaps a little more east, might have been seen a shop with the name "Thomas Reynolds" over it. My business often took me there. Well can I recollect the little office at the rear where Mr Reynolds sat with the dignity of a merchant prince. He was a perfect gentleman and it is with sadness I ponder over his fate. I refer to the wreck of the Gothenburg, on which he went down to a watery grave, hand in hand with other good colonists. Had he been spared he would have made a brilliant mark as a legislator.

    'Now, after having had my readers through this dry colonial sketch, I think it is but fair to ask them to step up to the old Black Bull. Scotch whisky? Certainly! The proprietress of this famous hostelry was Mistress David Lithgow, a thorough Scotch lady and well able to rule her house and keep in order.

    'On Saturday evenings it was customary to have music, singing and recitations in a large room. The company never failed to have some good singers and reciters in it and when called upon they were always ready to "favour us". I remember a fine old man singing that famous song "If I Had a Thousand a Year, Gaffer Grey" and at another time I listened with pleasure, faultlessly gone through, "Father William".

    'Many English readers will know the piece with the lines in it - "You are old, Father William, a hearty old man; now tell me, etc." Throughout these social gatherings the utmost decorum prevailed, and I do not recollect ever having seen any one there the worse for his glass.' For further information on early auctioneers I turn to my friend 'Unohoo' (Norman Richardson) who made countless contributions to the history of South Australia via the columns of the Register and Observer: 'Attending a horse sale at Barker Brothers well-known sale yards recently, and seeing horses sold at form 7/6d upwards, memory carried me back to the first stock sale in 1867.

    'The sale was held at the original sale yards on the Payneham Road, close to the Buck's Head Hotel (now The Avenues). A lad of 11 years, I had brought 10 head of fat cattle from Glenbarr, Strathalbyn. It was my first droving trip and I thought myself a man of some importance when I handed them over to Mr E.M. Bagot and got his receipt. He was a well-known man in those days, and I can see him now, with his half-bell topper of drab colour and top boots and breeches - a typical John Bull.

    'The next day I attended a sale of horses and donkeys at the Sturt Hotel yards (where the Arcade now stands). Sim Barnard was the auctioneer. W. Sandover was the landlord of the Sturt Hotel, which was a popular resort for south-eastern visitors, and the livery stables adjoining the sale yards were kept by Alex Ferguson. Barnard was in business in Broken Hill in the early days.

    'J.H. Parr was the next one I saw at work. At that time the firm was Parr and Luxmoore and their office was in Green's Exchange, where Bowman Buildings now stands. He was selling horses at the suit yards. Parr was a quick and versatile man, with a wonderful flow of language and smart at repartee. He would often talk a horse down from the tip of its ears to its hoof.

    'On one occasion a well-known city man, who was heavily involved with the banks, kept up a constant flow of interjections when Parr was selling. At last a beautiful cob came in and the auctioneer was enumerating all his good points. When again the interjector said, "Would he carry me, Parr?" "Yes, Jones and your bank overdraft, too", was the instantaneous reply. Jones collapsed.

    'The next whom I dealt with was Henry Johnson who, in 1873, was Port Augusta's only knight of the hammer. He sold for me the first mob of horses I admitted to public auction. I remember that one of these, a grey mare, was bought by Dr T.Y. Cotter (one of Adelaide's first doctors), and he rode her constantly until shortly before his death. Johnson was a good salesman and then a leading man in Port Augusta. He passed away in the early eighties.

    'John Johns was Port Augusta's second auctioneer. He had started at Clare in 1878 and went to the port in the following year and did big business there. A genial man, of fine physique, well liked by every one, and a good auctioneer.

    'The next I came in touch with were Barker and Chambers (John Barker and Hugh Chambers). They followed Barnard at the Sturt yards and had their office there. Chambers was the auctioneer; a big, burly man, with a loud and penetrating voice. He passed away in 1893. Frank Cornelius, from Mount Barker, succeeded him. In 1896 Cornelius died and ALfred Barker, better known in hunting circles as "Joker", took his place. A few years later Alfred Barker retired and A.E. Barker, W.E. Bedford and W. McEwen joined the firm. One of the best and most favourably known horsemen in Adelaide was probably W.E. Bedford who wielded the hammer for Barker Brothers. His mighty resounding voice was often heard on the opposite side of Currie Street.

    'James Shakes, of Liston and Shakes, was the next auctioneer I had dealings with. I bought 64 horses from him at Formby & Boas's yards in Currie Street in 1880 and these horses were some of the first that Sidney Kidman ever brought into the city for sale; he had brought them from New England. James Shakes was a great auctioneer and a most popular man.

    'W. Gordon & Co. was the next firm I dealt with in 1881. Mick Morris was one of the auctioneers and, in after years, he was the first inspector of stock and stations in the north, at Farina.

    'J.H. Stafford who, I think, was the first auctioneer at Quorn, I first met in 1883. H.J. Mitchell started at Port Augusta the same year and did a good deal of business, not only in stock, but also in land. Mr Mitchell subsequently became Commissioner of Insolvency. An amusing incident occurred with him.

    'He gave his messenger boy one pound to buy some "pennies" (one penny stamps). To Mr Mitchell's annoyance the lad came back with a pound's worth of coppers and was told to go to the post office and buy penny stamps. Upon presenting the coppers for payment the postmaster, a bachelor who was just getting his mid-day meal ready, told him it was not legal tender and refused to supply the stamps.

    'The lad returned to his employer who was most angry and immediately gave him a dozen pence and sent him back to get some stamps. This was repeated several times. No sooner did the postmaster start on his dinner, but a knock on the window called him away. At last, exasperated, he said, "Give me the damned lot" and so the farce ended. 'Another of our old-day salesman was Seth Ferry. Who is there among stock people that have never heard of "the master". His different associates have been numerous - Ferry, Moore & Wilkinson, Ferry, Moore & Wallman and others with whom he was always the chief auctioneer. William Gordon & Co., whose office was in Grenfell Street was another firm I Had transactions with. Mick Morris acted as their salesman for a while.

    'Edward Crispe was a prince among the knights of the hammer. Starting on his own account in the early 1880s at Crystal Brook, some six years later he sold out and joined the firm of Reynell, Colley & Co. In 1886 he became salesman for Elder, Smith & Co. and held sales in various parts of the colony until his retirement. He conducted the first auction of camels that took place north of Port Augusta; it was at Farina in the late 1880s.

    'J.W. Gleeson, whose headquarters are at Clare, in the seventies and eighties was a well-known man all over the north . Eventually he sold to W.R. & E.B. Young and acted as salesman for them. His residence in those days was at Inchiquin.

    'Jenkin Coles was a man of fine physique and had a commanding voice and was a born auctioneer. His headquarters were at Kapunda. His memory is kept before us by his sons, who followed in his footsteps as auctioneers under he title of Coles Brothers Ltd. John Moody, one of Orroroo's earliest auctioneers, was a fine old man and a good salesman.

    'A.E. Smith, originally a clerk with James Spicer, of Laura, and subsequently in the same position with Davey & Farrar, at the same town, was quite a young man when he started business on his own account at Port Augusta. He sold out to Elder, Smith & Co. and proceeded to Mount Gambier as their auctioneer. About 1900 he started again on his own account at Casterton in Victoria. A quick and smart auctioneer there were few which were better known in the western districts of Victoria.

    'John Duff, of Goodchild, Duff & Co. often visited the north on sheep-buying expeditions and about 1874 he purchased 1,800 fat sheep from a station. The manager, a well-known man long since gone, had a hasty temper. The sheep were counted out of the yard by both buyer and seller, but their tally did not agree. There was a difference of four or five. The sheep were put back in the yard and again counted out with the same result.

    'Neither Duff or the manager would give way and as a last resort Duff said, "Let the boy (myself, 16 years old) count them." This was agreed to and done. I made the same number as Duff. The manager threw his hat on the ground and jumped on it and cursed me as being totally incompetent.

    'William Edward Hamp, who succeeded A.E. Smith as Elder's manager at Port Augusta, subsequently joined Barker Brothers as outside stock salesman. He started Dalgety & Co.'s stock business in Adelaide. He was a general favourite and through him I purchased thousands of sheep and cattle, and many hundreds of horses. In one drought year I bought 4,500 mixed sheep with 10 month's wool on them at 1/9d. a head and was fortunate enough to get a big fall of rain in time to save them.

    'Another auctioneer of long ago was ben Hunt. It is a long time since he first went to Port Augusta as clerk to Mr E. Hamp away back in the 1880s. Chris Moody of the firm Moody, France & Symons, auctioneers of Moonta and Kadina, was a grand old man and a good salesman.'

    An Old-Time Almanac - Early Adelaide Identities

    Another old colonist and friend, Mr E.A.D. Opie, was kind enough to round off this chapter for me: 'A certain shabby little volume, which looks only fit to be thrown on the rubbish heap has provided me with many moments of pleasant thoughts, recalling the faces and forms of people I knew when the book was written and of others with whom I have since come into contact, and most of whom have passed out of my life. It is a SA Almanac and Diary for 1849 and gives the names of persons who lived there in those far-off days.

    'I was then a boy and remember that we occupied one of a row of brick cottages in Currie Street, close to the square. I was sent to a dame's school in Rosina Street kept by a Mrs Best, whose name appears in the book referred to. Her place was one of several two-storeyed houses on the west side of the street. I cannot call to mind much of what took place there, but I know I was soon handed over to the care of Mr W.A. Cawthorne, whose school was at the rear of Trinity Church.

    'My remembrances of this school are not pleasant. He had a rather gruff manner and. following the prevailing fashion, he did not believe in sparing the rod. We youngsters, behind his back, called him Cackeronie. In later years he gave up teaching and took the secretaryship of a building society. I met him frequently and found him to be a most amiable and obliging man, more than usually well-informed.

    'The name "Coglin" carries my memory back to a warm evening spent in a theatre. The most striking item that night was Shute's topical song "The Political Alphabet". It was, no doubt sad doggerel, but it took, and some of the jingling lines stuck to me:

    C stands for Coglin, who deals in heavy wet,
    D stands for Dutton, who's called a ladies' pet,
    I stands for Ingleby, a lawyer shrewd and merry,
    J stands for Jickling, loves Mrs Jones and sherry

    'Paddy Coglin was an early arrival. He had when I knew him the Napoleon Buonoparte Hotel and a timber yard adjoining where the Royal Exchange is now. He entered parliament and sat for some years, being noted chiefly for his love of long words. He would never use one if two or three syllables, if he could find another eight or nine which came within coo-ee of his meaning':

    'He also attracted attention by his persistency in moving every session for a grant for the Queen's Cup - I have forgotten whether he ever succeeded in getting it. Francis S. Dutton sat in parliament for some years, was a co-discoverer of the Kapunda copper mine and became our Agent-General in London.

    'Henry Jickling, described as of Rundle Street, barrister, was a funny man, funnily dressed, a bit of a "softy" and the butt of everyone's jokes. His walk was a hop, skip and a jump and he was near-sighted, so that I imagine he could tumble upstairs as easily as another man could fall down them. For a short time he was acting Judge and afterwards master of the Supreme Court. Ralph Ingleby came on the scene later. He was one of our leading pleaders, was an enthusiastic florist and should have been a good judge of cigars.

    'Ralph Raphael, figuring as a clothier and draper is, I suppose, the same man who was known later as the proprietor of a loan office. I knew him well and he asked me to fix up certain documents for him on many occasions. He always concluded the interview by saying in his breezy style and wheezy voice, "All right, dear boy, much obliged; will send you a box of cigars." The cigars never came, but then, as he had been taught, death pays all debts.

    'I do not find the name of Samuel Raphael mentioned. He was long a member of the city council and was always to the front. A small man with a big soul and determined in fighting battles of the rate-payers. He was distinguished for his fiery temper, and was always ready to tackle an opponent, big or little, with his tongue or his fists.

    'An eye-witness told me that at one council meeting he saw him chasing Alderman Tomkinson around the table, trying to inflict a thrashing with an umbrella. Sammy used to make things so lively that the newspapers' report of a council meeting was usually as good reading as a page from Punch.

    'I have a dim recollection of him taking action when he thought that the railway authorities were infringing on the citizens' liberties by erecting gates at the Morphett Street crossing, and that he took a posse down to the place and removed the gates. [This story is told in another chapter.] Although an unruly member, whom no Mayor, except perhaps Caleb Peacock could keep in order, he did good work in the council and was missed when he died.

    'Nathaniel Hailes was also a small man, but carried a good deal more flesh than did Mr Raphael. He wrote a good deal under the name "Timothy Short"; in our book he is styled an auctioneer. The boys of Young's School ten years after knew him as the sedate, gentlemanly secretary of the Mechanics' Institute which was located in King William Street about where the Commercial Bank is now.

    'When it was too wet to play cricket or "hoppy" some of us used to spend recess time among the books there. From his advertisement, which appears at the end of the book, Mr Haile's flow of language appears to have been as copious as that of the auctioneers of the present day. He offers his services to the public and informs them that every Wednesday at 11 and Saturday at 1 his bell would continue to be heard from the old premises, when the old familiar faces, with an admixture of more recent colonists would always be gathered around him.

    'He had instructions for several large sales of villa and cottage allotments at the seaside and elsewhere, when the weather would admit of fetes champetre and sales in the open air. He would hold an unreserved medley sale in front of his premises in Hindley Street on every Wednesday at 11.

    'Speaking of one auctioneer takes my thoughts off to another of somewhat later times - Luke Murphy - who held evening sales in Hindley Street, close to Rosina Street. He was, of course, an Irishman, and racy at that, full of fun, and as good-tempered as they make them. Going to his place was almost as good as a visit to the theatre, and cheaper, if you did not buy too much. My cousin, Whistling Jem, as we called him, and a regular attendant, often got some of us boys to accompany him there.

    'He was the only one amongst us that did business, but he bought all sorts of things. He was in the habit of exhibiting his purchases for sale on shelves in his father's shop, the principal things being boy's hard-glazed hats and penny whistles. On one occasion, however, he bought a hogshead (big enough if Diogenes had , it to have made a cottage or two rooms and an attic( filled with hams. He got me to help unpack it in the back yard. But, oh, my! there was too much in it ant the scent was the forerunner of petrol. I went home.

    'Ulrich Hubbe appears as secretary of a building society. He afterwards set up as a professor of languages and subsequently became well known because of the assistance he rendered in working out the scheme of the Real Property Act, for which no man could have been better qualified. He was an old man when I first met him and was blind in one eye. He afterwards lost his sight altogether and was saved from destitution by John Colton's government granting him a small pension for the remainder of his life. His son, Sam, went to the South African War in command of the Bushman's Contingent and was killed in the first encounter with the enemy.'

    Some Personal Reflections

    To conclude, I pen a few words from my own recollections, some of which complement what has said above by my various friends: It was in 1849 that Nathaniel Hailes offered for sale upon the ground the section laid out as 'Burnside the Beautiful', which was advertised in an auctioneer's most attractive style:

    About 30 years later, William Wadham, in announcing the sale into small allotments of a portion of the land, republished Haile's advertisement. I remember hearing Mr Hailes deliver a lecture on Hood in a building in Chapel Street, Norwood. He read with intense appreciation 'The Ballad of Sally Brown' and 'Ben the Carpenter' and in the last line of the verse:

    His death, which happened in his berth,
    At forty odd befell;
    They went and told the sexton, and
    The Sexton tolled the bell

    he irresistibly broke into laughter. He said that it was a strange thing that, in two different selections from Hood's poems he had seen the first line printed, 'His death, which happened in his berth', thus destroying both the sense and the humour. I am reminded of a riddle which was asked me by an auctioneer who is still in business - 'Which is the most docile, the church bell or the organ? Answer - 'The bell, because it will sound when it is tolled; the organ will be blowed first.'

    General Notes

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    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs David Murray is reported in the Register,
    6 April 1906, page 5b,
    of Mr & Mrs E. Lellmann on
    8 May 1906, page 5b,
    of Mr & Mrs J. Fletcher on
    10 September 1906, page 5c.

    Biographical details of Mrs W.T. Clindening are in the Register,
    25 July 1906, page 4g,
    of A.S. Chapman on
    26 October 1906, page 6c,
    of Mrs Elizabeth M. Whiting on
    13 November 1906, page 5a,
    of Thomas Peirce on
    14 November 1906, page 4g,
    of John W. Sandford on
    20 August 1907, page 5a,
    of J.L. Peters on
    31 August 1907, page 4i,
    of Otto Boettger, optician, on
    5 September 1907, page 6b.

    "A Successful Adelaide Boy [H.S. Spafford]" is in the Register,
    10 July 1907, page 6f.

    "Grecian Gypsies - A Camp Near the Torrens Weir" is in the Advertiser,
    18 March 1908, page 8b.

    Biographical details of James P. Roberts are in the Register,
    12 May 1909, page 5b,
    of W.H. Bruce on
    14 December 1909, page 10h,
    16 July 1921, page 6h,
    of Andrew Carmichael on
    20 December 1909, page 5a,
    of Mrs Ann Dockett on
    29 December 1909, page 4h.

    "Adelaide Coins - Outline of Old History" is in the Register,
    1 June 1909, page 5a.

    An interview with Mr Alfred Chitty, a nusmismatist at the Public Library, is in The Mail,
    20 June 1914, page 8e.

    Biographical details of C.J. Stevens are in the Register,
    1 August 1910, page 7a,
    of E.C. Vardon on
    27 February 1911, page 7a,
    of G.H. Prosser on
    6 May 1911, page 14a,
    of J. Both, miller, on
    10 July 1911, page 6i.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs George Chaplin is reported in the Register,
    8 October 1910, page 12g.

    Extracts from J.M. Skipper's diary are in the Register,
    20 May 1911, page 4e,
    "City of Light - Adelaide's Seventieth Birthday" on
    19 August 1910, page 6c. Also see Adelaide City.

    Biographical details of Edward C. Longson are in the Register,
    22 September 1911, page 7a.

    "Adelaide Without Beer - Breweries Close Down" is in the Advertiser,
    17 February 1912, page 19f.

    "Disposition of Public Lands" is in the Observer,
    1 March 1913, page 39a.

    A photograph of the golden wedding of Adolph Leschen is in the Observer,
    2 March 1912, page 32.

    Biographical details of Miss Muriel Farr are in the Register,
    25 October 1912, page 6g.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs R. Saunders is reported in the Register,
    25 December 1912, page 12i.

    Biographical details of John Hammer are in the Register,
    19 February 1913, page 6g,
    of Edward Laughton on
    8 July 1913, page 6g,
    of L.A. Jessop on
    4 October 1913, page 16a,
    of H.D. Gouge on
    13 October 1913, page 8b,
    of Luke Murphy, auctioneer, on
    24 January 1914, page 6e,
    of Edward Laughton on
    9 July 1914, page 10a,
    of F.W. Vasey on
    30 April 1915, page 6g,
    of H.M. Bristowe on
    25 September 1915, page 8h,
    of S.H. Suckling on
    19 October 1915, page 4g,
    of H.C. Richards, motor importer, on
    20 October 1915, page 5d,
    of Richard G. Borrow on
    13 and 23 August 1917, pages 4e and 4f.

    The Register of 24 January 1914, page 6e under the heading "Old Time Almanac - Early Adelaide Identities" says, inter alia:

    Biographical details of Ralph Raphael, draper, Luke Murphy, auctioneer, Mr Cawthorne, schoolmaster,
    Nathaniel Hailes and Ulrich Hubbe are in the Observer,
    31 January 1914, page 46.

    Biographical details of Henry Hele are in the Observer,
    3 April 1915, page 32d,
    of W. Sketheway on
    5 June 1915, page 32d,
    17 November 1917, page 40b,
    of J.F. Conigrave on
    3 August 1918, page 31e.

    Biographical details of Mrs Margaret Taylor are in the Register,
    28 December 1914, page 4g,
    of Mrs F.R. Finniss on
    13 January 1915, page 4g,
    of W. Sketheway on
    29 May 1915, page 8h,
    of William Isley on
    25 January 1917, page 4i,
    of Mrs Sarah Williams on
    15 February 1917, page 4h,
    of John Maddern on
    17 February 1917, page 5a,
    of George Williams, tailor, on
    28 February 1917, page 6g,
    of L.P. Lawrence on
    1 March 1918, page 5c,
    of Mrs Emma M. Hussey on
    17 March 1919, page 6h,
    of Miss Katherine Pritchard on
    6 April 1919, page 4h and
    8 May 1919, page 6h (obit.),
    of Mrs William Chard on
    2 December 1919, page 6h.

    "Empire Days of Long Ago - Functions at Government House" is in the Register,
    24 May 1915, page 4f.
    Also see South Australia - Miscellany - Empire Day.

    Photographs and information on "The Museum Expedition - On the Strezlecki Track" are in the Chronicle,
    4 November 1916, page 17c,
    30 December 1916, page 28.

    The diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs Andrew Carmichael is reported in the Observer,
    3 and 24 June 1916, pages 28d and 26 (photo.).

    Biographical details of R.G. Taylor are in the Register,
    1 November 1916, page 6i,
    of Walter Young on
    18 March 1918, page 5c,
    of John Lapthorne on
    11 July 1919, page 6g,
    of Mrs David Badger on
    18 July 1919, page 6f,
    of William Maley on
    9 September 1919, page 4f,
    of George F. Hussey and Ernest Anthoney on
    5 April 1921, page 6d,
    of Mrs Ann Renner on
    24 April 1922, page 6g,
    of R.D. Colvin on
    29 June 1922, page 6f.

    Biographical details of James Gartrell are in the Observer,
    9 December 1916, page 20a,
    of Mrs Sarah Williams on
    17 February 1917, page 30e,
    of F.J. Bailey on
    17 February 1917, page 49c,
    of Sampson Montgomery on
    24 February 1917, page 14d.

    The sale of the Featherstone Estate is reported upon in the Register,
    23 January 1919, page 5c,
    13 February 1919, page 4h.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs William Neill is reported in the Register,
    30 October 1919, page 6h,
    of Mr & Mrs Thomas H. Coombe on
    12 June 1920, page 5e.

    Biographical details of Mrs Agnes Hussey are in the Register,
    5 February 1920, page 6h,
    of E.H. Bakewell on
    25 January 1922, page 7c,
    of P.F. Kiley on
    15 March 1922, page 6g,
    of Henry Rymill on
    1 May 1923, page 8h.

    "The Stephens Brothers of Early Adelaide" is in the Register,
    4, 7, 11, 12, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24 and 27 May 1921, pages 7b, 9b, 8e, 8e, 5g, 7g, 7c, 7f, 5e and 7g.

    "Make a Note of It - A.T. Saunders's Record" is in the Register,
    19 May 1921, page 9d,
    21 May 1921, page 19d.

    Biographical details of H.G. Hawkins are in the Register,
    17 September 1923, page 8g,
    of W.J. Hawke on
    27 October 1924, page 6i,
    of Robert Duncan on
    11 November 1925, page 8h,
    of Joseph S. Solomon on
    10 July 1926, page 12c,
    of H.M. Addison on
    4 May 1928, page 14e.

    "Adelaide Identities I Have Known" is in the Register,
    6 November 1923, page 10b (J.A. Hartley and others),
    20 November 1923, page 12g (H.C. Mais and others),),
    29 November 1923, page 11a (C.C. Kingston),
    3 December 1923, page 12d (W.C. Cox and others),
    13 December 1923, page 7e, (C.T. Hargrave and others),
    "Cabinet Ministers I Have Known" on
    20 December 1923, page 11f.

    "Pictures of Adelaide Men" is in The News,
    3 September 1928, page 6e (W. Herbert Phillipps),
    10 September 1928, page 8e (Sir David Gordon),
    17 September 1928, page 6e (L.L. Hill),
    24 September 1928, page 6e (Brig-General Price H. Weir),
    1 October 1928, page 9c (Walter Duncan).

    "Adelaide 50 Years Hence" is in the Observer,
    8 November 1924, page 18d.

    "Underground Adelaide - Confusion of Pipes, Wires and Drains" is in The Mail,
    16 May 1925, page 1a.

    Biographical details of Henry Sewell, nurseryman, are in the Observer,
    18 July 1925, page 13d and
    an obituary on
    21 August 1926, page 5d.

    "Seeking Utopia in Adelaide - Community to be Formed" is in The Mail,
    21 November 1925, page 1a.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs James Watson is reported in the Register,
    14 May 1926, page 8h,
    of Mr & Mrs C.R. Maley on
    18 March 1927, page 8h.

    "A Memoir of Queen Adelaide" is in the Register,
    14 January 1927, page 11d,
    Also see Adelaide City for an essay on Queen AdeLaide

    "Beware; Pickpockets" is in The Mail,
    24 September 1927, page 10.

    Biographical details of Sidney Wilcox are in the Observer,
    9 July 1926, page 6d,
    1 July 1927, page 10d,
    of James K. Coombe in the Register,
    27 January 1927, page 8h,
    of Rowland Deaves on
    21 March 1927, page 13b,
    of Oswald Higginbotham on
    19 July 1928, page 8g.

    Biographical details of J.A. Sando, auctioneer, are in the Observer,
    6 August 1927, page 26d
    of R. Scott Young in the Register,
    5 August 1927, page 9e,
    of Howard W. Lloyd on
    23 September 1927, page 8h,
    of Mrs Mary Daly on
    27 December 1927, page 11e.

    "While Others Sleep - Early and Late Workers" is in The Mail,
    30 June 1928, page 10c.

    Information on Mann Motors Ltd is in the Register,
    15 August 1928, page 3d.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Samuel J. Jacobs is reported in the Register,
    1 December 1928, page 12d.

    "Adelaide Still Takes Snuff" is in the Observer,
    27 July 1929, page 16a.

    "Bells of Adelaide - Some Distinctive Peals" is in The News,
    22 October 1929, page 5b.

    "Adelaide's Foreign Quarter", the West End, is in The Mail,
    4 July 1931, page 7b,
    25 February 1933, page 17,
    "Problem of Adelaide's West End" on
    19 January 1935, page 7a,
    "Oasis in West End" in the Advertiser,
    7 December 1935, page 10c.
    Also see Hindley Street and Chinese Population.

    "Glass House Colony", tomato growing on Madman's Flat between the Henley tram line and the River Torrens, is reported in the Advertiser,
    11 October 1934, page 12f.

    "How Adelaide's Land Values Have Boomed" is in The Mail,
    11 April 1936, page 4.

    "The Sins of a City" is in The Mail,
    11 July 1936, page 10e.

    A proposed Floral Day is discussed in The News,
    27 and 28 July 1937, pages 3e and 6d.

    Miscellany - Obituaries

    An obituary of James Cooper is in the Register, 2 and 3 May 1860, pages 2g and 2h,
    of E.G. Collinson on 29 April 1861, page 2f,
    of W.W.R. Whitridge on 26 June 1861, page 6b,
    of J. Stilling on 31 August 1863, page 2h, 1 September 1863, page 2g,
    of Joseph C. Rose on 23 November 1863, page 3a.
    of Mr Leader, optician, on 8 January 1864, page 2h.

    An obituary of George Dehane, printer and stationer, is in the Register, 24 December 1864, page 2c,
    of P. Gay, cabinet maker, on 9 October 1866, page 2e.

    An obituary of Alexander Ferguson, livery stable keeper, is in the Register, 6 August 1869, page 2g,
    of W.D. Poole on 15 July 1870, page 5c.

    An obituary of Joseph Darwent is in the Register, 22 October 1872, page 5a,
    of Mrs C. Hussey on 9 June 1974, page 5a,
    of Frederick Bayne on 14 August 1875, page 5c,
    of George Isaacs, author, on 15 February 1876, page 5b,
    of F. Wicksteed, auctioneer, on 15 May 1877, page 5d,
    of W.W. Tuxford on 29 January 1878, page 4g,
    of J.H. Sherring, printer, on 18 April 1878, page 4g,
    of Alexander Cumming, importer, on 22 July 1878, page 5b,
    of John McMillan on 26 August 1878, page 4g.

    An obituary of Mrs Margaret Stevenson is in The Lantern, 3 October 1874, page 5b.

    An editorial on the death of Mrs Esther Sadler is in The Lantern, 15 May 1875, page 3a.

    An obituary of John Monk is in the Register, 22 June 1880, page 4g,
    of Oliver Rankin on 16 December 1880, page 5a,
    of H. Cowie, insurance company director, on 11 and 20 May 1881, pages 5b and 5c,
    of Charles Rowland on 15 August 1881, page 5c,
    of E.B. Heyne, nurseryman, on 18 October 1881, page 5a,
    of Thomas Linklater on 3 February 1882, page 5a,
    of Joseph Perry, carpenter and joiner, on 4 December 1882, page 5a,
    of T.G. Brown on 19 December 1884, page 5a,
    of Mrs M. Benjamin on 15 June 1885, page 5c.

    An obituary of Jeremiah Hennessy is in the Register, 23 February 1886, page 5c,
    of H.H. Hoare, land agent, on 14 November 1887, page 5b-c,
    of T.E. Acraman, land agent, on 26 October 1889, page 5a.

    An obituary of H.L. Vosz, glazier and paper-hanger, is in the Register, 10, 11 and 12 March 1886, pages 5b, 5c and 5a
    (also see The Critic, 9 September 1899, page 11),
    of John Daniels, auctioneer, on 21 October 1887, page 4h,
    of James Cobbledick, marker gardener, on 7 February 1888, page 5c,
    of R.I. Winter, lodge secretary, on 7 February 1888, page 5c,
    of George B. Wilkinson on 27 March 1888, page 5c,
    of Joseph Pritchard, lodge secretary, on 19 April 1888, page 5a,
    of Nathaniel Oldham on 21 June 1888, page 4g,
    of Mrs R.G. Bowen on 13 August 1888, page 5c,
    of Mrs Thomas Lyons on 3 July 1889, page 4h,
    of F.S.C. Driffield on 19 June 1889, page 4h,
    of Mrs Margaret Flett on 25 November 1889, page 5c,
    of Mrs Joseph Perry on 28 December 1889, page 5b.

    An obituary of Mrs Evans, "the colonial authoress", is in the Register, 23 October 1886, page 5a.

    An obituary of H.D. Hilton, printer, is in the Register, 10 January 1890, page 5b,
    of Mrs Matthew Wilson on 6 February 1890, page 4f,
    of Thomas Powell, auctioneer, on 5 November 1890, page 5b,
    of J.H. Lewis, printer, on 10 December 1890, page 5a,
    of T.C.C. Gors on 17 December 1890, page 5a,
    of Otto Laurenti on 30 January 1891, page 4h,
    of A.F. Schrader on 18 February 1891, page 5b,
    of W.T. Elliott on 20 April 1891, page 5b,
    of W.E. Fenn on 22 and 23 May 1891, pages 5a and 5b,
    of E.A. Wright, land agent, on 15 June 1891, page 5b,
    of Mrs Elizabeth Edgecombe on 7 August 1891, page 4h,
    of A. Percy on 23 December 1891, page 5c.

    An obituary of Mrs Mary James is in the Observer, 16 July 1892, page 30e,
    of K. St Barbe-Miller, land agent and a former Mayor of Norwood, on 19 November 1892, page 29e,
    of George Scrymgour, printer, on 27 July 1895, page 26a.

    An obituary of John Adamson is in the Observer, 4 March 1893, page 32e,
    of Thomas Rundle on 13 October 1894, page 29c,
    of George Green, auctioneer, on 26 January 1895, page 29a,
    of Frank T. Cornelius, auctioneer, on 29 February 1896, page 30d, 7 March 1896, page 45a,
    of Mrs E. Main on 9 January 1897, page 30a,
    of G. Colyer on 20 March 1897, page 29e,
    of S.R. Wakefield, auctioneer, on 1 October 1898, page 16d,
    of Harry Evans on 14 January 1899, page 14e,
    of Richard B. Lucas on 24 June 1899, page 29a,
    of Mrs George Sandow on 24 June 1899, page 29c,
    of A.L.W. Pybus on 16 September 1899, page 16e,
    of Charles Lyons, land agent, on 4 November 1899, page 41e.

    An obituary of Mrs Braddock is in the Register, 20 January 1892, page 4g,
    of Mrs M. Roberts on 10 February 1892, page 5a,
    of Robert J. Horsell on 8 March 1892, page 5a,
    of William A.E. Tucker on 22 and 23 March 1892, pages 5b and 7g,
    of Abraham Abrahams on 5 April 1892, page 7a,
    of W. Hannam on 13 May 1892, page 5a,
    of Andrew Tormey on 31 May 1892, page 5b,
    of W.J. Oldham on 14 June 1892, page 5c,
    of Mrs Mary Jones on 12 July 1892, page 5a,
    of Beaumont Cole on 13 July 1892, page 5a,
    of J.F. Turner on 26 July 1892, page 5c,
    of Thomas Botham on 12 August 1892, page 5a,
    of K.St. Barbe-Miller, land agent, on 18 November 1892, page 5b,
    of Mrs Marianne Coronel on 24 November 1892, page 5d,
    of Richard F. Nation on 5 December 1892, page 5a.

    An obituary of G. Guerin is in the Register, 4 February 1893, page 5f,
    of Charles Rischbieth on 6 April 1893, page 5b,
    of James J. Ryan on 22 July 1893, page 5c,
    of Mrs James Worrall on 31 July 1893, page 5b,
    of William Dixon on 21 November 1893, page 5b,
    of W.M. Morbey on 14 December 1893, page 5e,
    of Septimus V. Pizey on 15 December 1893, page 6g,
    of Christian L. Meyer on 16 January 1894, page 5b,
    of David McNamara on 5 February 1894, page 5c,
    of W.A. Paynter on 6 June 1894, page 5c,
    of Thomas Rundle on 8 October 1894, page 5c.

    An obituary of Thomas Gepp, "the first veterinary appointed by the government", is in the Register,
    19 November 1894, page 5c.

    An obituary of George Green, auctioneer, is in the Register, 26 January 1895, page 5a,
    of Palmer Ockenden on 12 March 1895, page 5b,
    of Mrs Sarah A. Bartley on 1 June 1895, page 5c,
    of Gabriel Bennett, stock and station agent, on 7 and 9 September 1895, pages 5b and 7f,
    of Mrs Harriett S. Hubble on 14 October 1895, page 5a,
    of C.E. Tidemann, auctioneer, on 29 and 31 October 1895, pages 5b and 6g.

    An obituary of Mrs A. Selth, "the widow of R. Selth, an early confectioner", is in the Register, 29 June 1897, page 5b.

    An obituary Edwin Kessel is in the Register, 14 January 1896, page 5d,
    of Mrs Margaret Oliver on 7 February 1896, page 5c,
    of C.H. Fuller, road contractor, on 5 June 1896, page 5e,
    of J.A. Morrisey on 8 July 1896, page 5b,
    of Thomas F. Archer on 11 July 1896, page 5d,
    of Mrs A. Lawrence on 11 August 1896, page 5d,
    of Shadrick Ash on 27 August 1896, page 5c, 1 September 1896, page 5e,
    of H. Ronde on 1 September 1896, page 5e,
    of Mrs H.D. Haggard on 5 September 1896, page 5c,
    of J.B. Austin on 14 September 1896, page 6f.

    An obituary of Mrs E. Main is in the Register, 5 January 1897, page 5d,
    of W.T. McLean, manufacturing clothier, on 28 January 1897, page 5e,
    of F. Armbruster on 11 February 1897, page 5d,
    of C.C. Presgrave on 1 March 1897, page 5b,
    of J.F. Whillas, printer, on 17 March 1897, page 5d,
    of F. Hellmann on 29 March 1897, page 5e,
    of J.T. Turnbull on 6 April 1897, page 7b,
    of Ebenezer Jarvis on 18 May 1897, page 5b,
    of G.T. Pank on 15 June 1897, page 4h,
    of Mrs A. Sibly on 1 July 1897, page 5b,
    of Mrs Rose Rodgers on 3 August 1897, page 5a,
    of James Whiting on 14 August 1897, page 5a,
    of H.F. Ziegler on 19 October 1897, page 4i.

    An obituary of Edward Merrigan is in the Register, 29 April 1898, page 6f,
    of C.A. von Bertouch on 15 June 1898, page 6h,
    of H.C. Bocker on 4 July 1898, page 6f,
    of Joseph Allen, tentmaker, on 15 July 1898, page 6d,
    of Mrs John Pearson on 22 July 1898, page 4i,
    of F.G. Waterhouse on 8 September 1898, page 5h,
    of Mrs Eliza Bagot on 15 September 1898, page 4h,
    of S.R. Wakefield, auctioneer, on 26 September 1898, page 4h,
    of Mrs John Martin on 31 October 1898, page 3h,
    of J.C.G. Kieszling on 8 November 1898, pages 6c-7g,
    of J.W. Annells on 9 December 1898, page 5b,
    of Mrs Thomas Peirce on 23 December 1898, page 5a.

    An obituary of Joseph Herring is in the Register, 10 February 1899, page 5a,
    of Thomas J. Williams on 29 May 1899, page 5g,
    of Mrs George Sandow on 20 June 1899, page 5b,
    of Mrs J.J. Madge on 17 July 1899, page 5b,
    of D.F. Macdonald on 26 July 1899, page 5c,
    of J.D. Hill on 25 October 1899, page 5,
    of Mrs Matilda Conigrave on 26 and 27 October 1899, pages 5b and 5a,
    of Charles Lyons, land agent, on 31 October 1899, page 5g,
    of John E. Pascoe on 4 December 1899, page 4i,
    of W.J. Main, chemist, on 9 December 1899, page 7c.

    An obituary of Mrs Minna Wallmann is in the Register, 22 January 1900, page 5b,
    of Mrs R.K. Finlayson on 29 January 1900, page 5b,
    of Mrs Elizabeth Bateman on 19 February 1900, page 5a,
    of Mrs Hannah Giles on 21 February 1900, page 5b,
    of Mrs C.H. Brooks on 23 February 1900, page 5c,
    of Mrs James Hardman on 7 March 1900, page 5e,
    of Mrs Colligan on 24 March 1900, page 5d,
    of F.C.A. Leschen on 31 March 1900, page 7e.

    An obituary of F.C.A. Leschen is in the Observer, 7 April 1900, page 32d,
    of Henry Bowden on 14 June 1902, page 30e,
    of John Wyles, land agent, on 14 March 1903, page 26c,
    of Dr Morgan Thomas, public benefactor, on 14 and 21 March 1903, pages 36b-e and 23e
    (also see 17 December 1904, page 42d),
    of William Hubble on 11 April 1903, page 23e,
    of Charles Downer, wine and spirit merchant, on 25 April 1903, page 21b,
    of Abraham Fance on 16 April 1904, page 26a,
    of Jane Singer Selway on 14 May 1904, page 34a,
    of George Gerrard Shaw on 10 September 1904, page 38e.

    An obituary of Frederick White, land agent, is in the Register, 12 April 1900, page 5a,
    of Mrs W.P. Hood on 14 April 1900, page 7d,
    of George Phillips on 28 June 1900, page 4i,
    of Charles W.J. Jones on 11 July 1900, page 5a,
    of H. Morgan Hawkes on 7 August 1900, page 4i,
    of Mrs Robert Besley on 22 August 1900, page 4h,
    of John Penman, lithographer, on 13 October 1900, page 7c,
    of Samuel Bosher on 17 October 1900, page 5c,
    of William Webb, printer, on 31 October 1900, page 5a,
    of W.G.P. Joyner on 29 and 31 December 1900, pages 7d and 5c,
    of Peter Lamont on 19 August 1901, page 4g.

    An obituary of James Mackman is in the Register, 15 May 1901, page 5a,
    of Thomas Peattie, shoemaker, on 1 June 1901, page 7c,
    of A.R.B. Lucas on 3 June 1901, page 4i,
    of E.M. Ashwin on 20 July 1901, page 7d,
    of J.F. Cleland on 30 November 1901, page 7c,
    of P.D. Ormiston on 9 December 1901, page 7a,
    of James Anderson on 17 January 1902, page 5a,
    of Henry Conry on 23 January 1902, page 5c,
    of Andrew Simpson on 3 February 1902, page 5a,
    of Abraham Bermann on 22 February 1902, page 5b.

    An obituary of John Ponder is in the Register, 21 April 1902, page 4i,
    of Herbert Sale on 15 May 1902, page 5a,
    of Mrs Matthew Goode on 22 May 1902, page 5b,
    of Mrs J.W. Nicholls on 3 June 1902, page 4g,
    of Henry Bowen on 11 June 1902, page 5a,
    of A.E. Sawtell, watchmaker, on 3 September 1902, page 4f,
    of J.W. Jones on 18 October 1902, page 7d,
    of Bernhard Amsberg on 20 October 1902, page 5a,
    of Carl Leunig on 4 November 1902, page 5a,
    of James T. Ralph on 10 November 1902, page 4h,
    of Charles Fisher, grain merchant, on 29 November 1902, page 7a.

    An obituary of A.C. Knabe is in the Register, 16 February 1903, page 5a,
    of John Wyles, land agent, on 10 March 1903, page 4g,
    of William Hubble on 3 April 1903, page 5a,
    of G.C. Heynemann on 9 May 1903, page 7b,
    of J.J. Darwin on 16 May 1903, page 7b,
    of Mrs Lois Snewin on 9 July 1903, page 4h,
    of James Peters on 28 July 1903, page 5b,
    of Francis Hack on 18 August 1903, page 4h,
    of H.C. Baker on 15 September 1903, page 4f,
    of George Gore on 15 September 1903, page 4i,
    of Richard Verco on 19 September 1903, page 7a,
    of John Henderson on 22 September 1903, page 4i,
    of Mrs Arthur Nicholls on 10 October 1903, page 7a,
    of Maurice Salom on 12 October 1903, page 5a,
    of John Beck, merchant, on 28 November 1903, page 7b.

    An obituary of Maurice Salom, auctioneer, is in the Observer, 17 October 1903, page 34b,
    of T.S. Reed, secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, on 17 October 1903, page 36d.

    An obituary of Mrs John Bullock is in the Register, 8 April 1904, page 5b,
    of Mrs Jane S. Selway on 7 May 1904, page 7c,
    of C.N. Collison on 11 June 1904, page 7a,
    of Alexander Robertson on 19 August 1904, page 5a,
    of J.E. Shierlaw on 4 October 1904, page 4i,
    of George T. Taylor on 8 October 1904, page 6i,
    of Theodore Bruce on 28 November 1904, page 4g,
    of Henry J. Harvey on 13 December 1904, page 4i.

    An obituary of Charles Williams, printer, is in the Observer, 14 January 1905, page 23d,
    of Adam Taylor on 11 March 1905, page 34d,
    of R.O. Fox on 1 April 1905, page 25a,
    of William Whitehill on 5 August 1905, page 38c,
    of Mrs Caroline Black (nee Warren) on 12 August 1905, page 38e,
    of Mrs A.M. Broad on 19 August 1905, page 38d,
    of Mrs William Wright on 25 November 1905, page 38a,
    of R.S. Crabb, veterinary surgeon, on 23 June 1906, page 38b,
    of H. Parr, auctioneer, on 28 July 1906, page 38e.

    An obituary of Charles Williams, printer, is in the Register, 10 January 1905, page 5b,
    of S.L. Wisdom on 10 January 1905, page 5c,
    of Robert O. Fox on 29 March 1905, page 4h,
    of James Twigg on 2 May 1905, page 5a,
    of George Ellis on 18 July 1905, page 4i,
    of William Whitehill on 1 August 1905, page 4i,
    of Mrs Caroline Black on 10 August 1905, page 5a,
    of Mrs A.M. Broad on 15 August 1905, page 5b,
    of W.T. Tampion on 15 November 1905, page 7a.

    An obituary of Mrs Margaret Condon, "the wife of the first mail driver with the postal department in Adelaide...", is in the Register, 11 December 1905, page 5d.

    An obituary of Mrs Emma Green is in the Register, 12 January 1906, page 5b,
    of George W. Cooper on 14 May 1906, page 4i,
    of Bently Wharton on 14 June 1906, page 4h,
    of R.S. Crabb, veterinary surgeon, on 21 June 1906, page 5b,
    of G.R. Perry on 7 July 1906, page 7b,
    of Harry F. Bickford on 11 July 1906, page 7b,
    of Henry Jenkin on 21 August 1906, page 5a,
    of Mrs E. Warhurst on 8 September 1906, page 6i,
    of T.Y. Morcombe on 15 October 1906, page 4i,
    of Mrs John Beeby on 8 December 1906, page 9c,
    of John W. Colton on 27 December 1906, page 5a.

    An obituary of William Paddock is in the Register, 4 January 1907, page 4i,
    of Mrs John Whitfield on 5 February 1907, page 4h,
    of Mrs Burgess on 3 April 1907, page 5a,
    of David Fleming on 18 May 1907, page 9d,
    of Mrs Jane Bury on 22 June 1907, page 7b,
    of H.W. Burmeister on 28 June 1907, page 5b,
    of Mrs Charity Blatchford on 9 August 1907, page 5c,
    of Joseph Fisher on 28 September 1907, page 9b.

    "The Death of Edith Wooton" is in the Register, 2 March 1907, pages 6f-7a.

    An obituary of W.B. Harman is in the Register, 8 January 1908, page 4h,
    of Algernon S. Clark on 18 February 1908, page 5c,
    of Thomas Newman on 6 March 1908, page 7b,
    of George Wilcox on 21 March 1908, page 11d,
    of J.K. Hinton on 1 June 1908, page 7b,
    of J.H. Wright on 19 June 1908, page 4h,
    of David Fea on 24 June 1908, page 7b,
    of Mrs J.C. Lyons on 24 June 1908, page 7c,
    of John F. Turner on 28 July 1908, page 5b,
    of Benjamin Kidner on 12 September 1908, page 9c,
    of P.D. Adey on 5 November 1908, page 5a,
    of William Hall on 25 December 1908, page 7b.

    An obituary of R.J. Eagle is in the Observer, 18 January 1908, page 40a,
    of George Wilcox, wool and skin buyer, on 28 March 1908, page 42e,
    of C.S. Leader, land agent, on 16 May 1908, page 40b,
    of David Fea, storeman, on 27 June 1908, page 40c,
    of J.H. Weidenhofer, auctioneer, on 31 October 1908, page 40c,
    of Percy D. Adey, storeman, on 7 November 1908, page 40a,
    of James Rofe, carrier, on 6 March 1909, page 40a,
    of Frederick Martin on 8 May 1909, page 38a,
    of Arthur Chapman, valuator, on 15 May 1909, page 38a,
    of John McLeay on 11 September 1909, page 40a,
    of William Lean, miner and policeman, on 25 December 1909, page 38a.

    An obituary of George L. Bonython is in the Register, 27 March 1909, page 9d,
    of E.G. Blackmore, Clerk of the Federal Parliament, on 23 February 1909, page 5c,
    of John Lavis on 30 April 1909, page 5d,
    of Arthur Chapman and W.J. Vandenbergh on 10 May 1909, page 4i,
    of Edward A. Thornton on 23 June 1909, page 7b,
    of F.C.W. Brugge on 12 July 1909, page 7b,
    of Edward R. Hallett on 15 July 1909, page 5c,
    of Henry A. Frost on 22 July 1909, page 4i,
    of George Stone on 20 September 1909, page 4g,
    of John Gordon on 28 September 1909, page 5a,
    of M.R. Brandon on 2 December 1909, page 7b,
    of William Lean on 21 December 1909, page 5a.

    An obituary of J.H. Cunningham, a long-time member of the freemasons' lodge, is in the Observer, 25 September 1909, page 38a, 23 October 1909, page 52a,
    of James Hume, grandmaster, on 15 June 1912, page 41a.

    An obituary of Percy Wells is in the Register, 6 January 1910, page 5e,
    of Mrs Martha Riddell on 8 February 1910, page 6h,
    of H.J. Pritchard on 22 February 1910, page 7a,
    of Mrs J.A. Hartley on 25 March 1910, page 6g,
    of E.F. Troy on 8 April 1910, page 4h,
    of M.J. Mullins on 29 April 1910, page 4i,
    of John LeM. F. Roberts on 14 June 1910, page 8i,
    of J.G. Zschorn on 18 July 1910, page 6h,
    of J.J. Leahy, builder, on 28 July 1910, page 6g,
    of Mrs Anna Frances on 20 August 1910, page 13b,
    of Thomas Peirce on 14 October 1910, page 6h,
    of John M. Mundy oy 24 October 1910, page 4h,
    of Henry Strother on 4 November 1910, page 6h,
    of G.W. Murrell-Smith on 19 November 1910, page 13b,
    of George J. Leahy on 3 December 1910, page 15c,
    of John H. Jellett on 8 December 1910, page 7a,
    of Patrick Stokes on 10 December 1910, page 12i.

    An obituary of E.F. Troy, painter and decorator, is in the Observer, 16 April 1910, page 38a,
    of H.J. Pritchard, printer, on 26 February 1910, page 40a,
    of Thomas Pierce, school teacher and insurance agent, on 22 October 1910, page 41a,
    of W. Bray, printer, on 10 June 1911, page 41a,
    of T.A. Abbott on 22 April 1911, page 41a,
    of G.D. Green, land agent, on 6 May 1911, page 41a,
    of George A. Wyld on 24 June 1911, page 41a,
    of Alfred Hurcombe on 23 March 1912, page 41a,
    of F.C. Gaetjens, timber merchant, on 4 May 1912, page 41a,
    of Charles Frick on 22 June 1912, page 41a.

    An obituary of T.R. Bowman is in theRegister, 18 February 1911, page 14f,
    of William Galbraith, printer, on 17 February 1911, page 6a,
    of John H. Afford on 5 April 1911, page 7b,
    of Henry P. Tomkinson on 11 April 1911, page 7a,
    of George D. Green, land agent, on 28 April 1911, page 4h,
    of William Bray on 2 June 1911, page 6g.,
    of A,D, Bruce on 7 July 1911, page 7c,
    of Herbert Kither on 5 August 1911, page 12i,
    of Louis Karg on 7 September 1911, page 6h,
    of William O'S. Brooke on 16 September 1911, page 15c,
    of Henry Jones on 21 October 1911, page 12i,
    of William R. Sawers on 25 October 1911, page 6g,
    of James G.G. Hales on 1 November 1911, page 6g,
    of C.S. Baillee on 2 November 1911, page 6h.

    An obituary of A.S. Chapman is in the Register, 28 February 1912, page 6g,
    of Alfred Hurcomb on 16 March 1912, page 15e,
    of Mrs Eliza M. Lewin on 23 March 1912, page 12i,
    of F.C. Gaetjens on 26 April 1912, page 4h,
    of Charles Frick on 15 June 1912, page 13c,
    of Charles F. Gray on 15 August 1912, page 6h,
    of Mrs Martin Weber on 5 September 1912, page 6g,
    of Carl J. Habich on 15 October 1912, page 6g,
    of Dennis Kiley on 15 November 1912, page 12i,
    of W.G.C. Cole on 9 December 1912, page 6h.

    An obituary of Mrs Lovely is in the Register, 22 January 1913, page 6i,
    of H.J. Packer, "the oldest butcher in Adelaide", on 7 February 1913, page 6h,
    of Mrs W.J. Shierlaw on 15 February 1913, page 15a,
    of Mrs Susannah Jolley on 13 March 1913, page 6i,
    of William E. Hamp on 11 April 1913, page 8e,
    of David Williams on 22 April 1913, page 6g,
    of Mrs Charles Burnett on 26 April 1913, page 17c,
    of Frederick Basey on 9 and 25 June 1913, pages 6h and 12h,
    of Thomas Tidswell on 11 July 1913, page 6h,
    of T.S. Carey on 2 August 1913, page 14h,
    of Mrs Edward Dewhirst on 18 August 1913, page 6e,
    of S. Strapps on 18 August 1913, page 6e,
    of C.M. Leumane on 26 August 1913, page 6g,
    of James James on 20 September 1913, page 16a,
    of Ebenezer Finlayson on 3 October 1913, page 8a,
    of R.J. Coombs on 30 October 1913, page 8b,
    of T.A. Moore on 3 November 1913, page 8a,
    of George Thompson on 14 November 1913, page 8a,
    of Levi Isaacs on 19 November 1913, page 14a,
    of Mrs Hannah Glover on 22 December 1913, page 8a,
    of Arthur Bristowe on 29 December 1913, page 8a.

    An obituary of Frederick Basey is in the Observer, 14 June 1913, page 41b,
    of Mrs Edward Dewhirst on 23 August 1913, page 41a,
    of Mrs E.J. Acraman on 30 August 1913, page 41a,
    of Robert W. Laughton, stock and station agent, on 4 October 1913, page 41a,
    of James James on 27 September 1913, page 41a,
    of R.J. Coombs, wool broker, on 1 November 1913, page 35b,
    of Mrs Hannah Glover on 27 December 1913, page 41a,
    of Walter Hackett, nurseryman, on 21 and 28 February 1914, pages 41a and 35d,
    of J.E.L. Sands, land agent, on 30 May 1914, page 41c,
    of Mrs Ellen Considine on 4 July 1914, page 39a,
    of Edward Laughton, stock salesman, on 11 July 1914, page 37b,
    of F.W. Bristowe, accountant, on 25 September 1915, page 46a,
    of Mrs Ellen J. Goldsack on 13 November 1915, page 32a.

    An obituary of Mrs W. Koop is in the Register, 4 February 1914, page 8a,
    of Mrs Martha Hocking on 12 February 1914, page 6b,
    of David Morris, optician, on 26 February 1914, page 8a,
    of Mrs John Davis on 4 June 1914, page 8a,
    of Samuel Ellis on 5 June 1914, page 10b,
    of Mrs Ellen Considine on 26 June 1914, page 10a,
    of Michael Monaghan, "a Crimean veteran", on 30 June 1914, page 6i.

    An obituary of David Nation is in the Register, 29 April 1915, page 4f,
    of W.T. Bednall on 26 July 1915, page 6g,
    of Alfred Dawkins on 28 July 1915, page 8h,
    of Mrs Emma Lean on 2 August 1915, page 6g,
    of Mrs Eliza Spencer on 13 August 1915, page 6f,
    of Francis W. Bristowe on 22 September 1915, page 6g,
    of G.H. C. Meyer on 24 September 1915, page 4f,
    of William Russell on 28 September 1915, page 4g,
    of Philip Messent on 4 October 1915, page 6g,
    of Richard G. Wilkinson on 27 October 1915, page 6h,
    of C.R. Giles on 10 November 1915, page 6h,
    of Richard Hounslow on 10 November 1915, page 6h,
    of Mrs Ellen J. Goldsack on 11 November 1915, page 4g,
    of Samuel Townsend on 11 December 1915, page 8i.

    An obituary of F.R. Bucknill is in the Register, 1 January 1916, page 6h,
    of Joseph Hancock on 10 February 1916, page 4g,
    of M.H. Madge on 2 March 1916, page 4h,
    of John W. Dickin on 16 May 1916, page 4g,
    of John Besley on 5 July 1916, page 4g,
    of S.A.F. Leane on 26 July 1916, page 6h,
    of John Porter on 29 July 1916, page 6h,
    of Andrew Carmichael on 14 August 1916, page 4g,
    of Mrs T.G. Wright on 14 August 1916, page 4g,
    of Miss Catherine Howard on 23 September 1916, page 8i,
    of Arthur Old on 1 November 1916, page 6i,
    of Frederick Herring on 13 and 14 November 1916, pages 4g and 4g,
    of Francesco Gargaro on 15 November 1916, page 4f,
    of William G. Delmont on 16 November 1916, page 4f,
    of Alfred J. Birks on 23 November 1916, page 4h,
    of Lino Gattorna on 13 December 1916, page 6i,
    of Henry Oliver on 15 December 1916, page 7a,
    of John Roach on 21 December 1916, page 4i.

    An obituary of M.H. Madge is in the Observer, 4 March 1916, page 28b,
    of William Gerard on 27 May 1916, page 33d,
    of John Besley on 8 July 1916, page 19b,
    of T.G. Wright on 19 August 1916, page 20c,
    of Andrew Carmichael on 19 August 1916, page 20d,
    of Arthur Old on 4 November 1916, page 14c,
    of A.J. Birks on 25 November 1916, page 21a,
    of William Hudd on 30 June 1917, page 19a,
    of Miss Charlotte Borrow on 18 August 1917, page 29b (also see 25 August 1917, page 18c),
    of Mrs Lucy Lovely on 6 October 1917, page 39c,
    of W.J. Wardle on 10 November 1917, page 40a,
    of John Maddern on 8 December 1917, page 30e,
    of Mrs E.C. Tidemann on 12 January 1918, page 20a,
    of Charles Eastick on 16 February 1918, page 31a,
    of J.H. Squire on 6 July 1918, page 20c,
    of Mrs Charles Hill on 7 September 1918, page 18a,
    of Hugh Sheridan on 9 November 1918, page 12a,
    of A.R. Creswick, dentist, on 30 November 1918, page 20c.

    An obituary of R.R. Hunt is in the Register, 24 and 25 January 1917, pages 6h and 4g,
    of Arthur Haste, merchant, on 21 March 1917, page 6g,
    of Benjamin Brookman on 12 June 1917, page 7f,
    of E.H. Tilley, photographer, on 23 July 1917, page 4e,
    of W.F. Gardner, piano tuner, on 16 July 1917, page 4f,
    of J.W.B. Croft on 25 July 1917, page 6g,
    of W.H. Finlayson on 28 July 1917, page 6f, 8 August 1917, page 6g,
    of Mrs Catherine Crowley on 10 August 1917, page 4e ,
    of Solomon Isaacs on 31 August 1917, page 6e,
    of Mrs Ann Dowie on 12 September 1917, page 6h,
    of Mrs Lucy Lovely on 3 October 1917, page 6g,
    of Tom M. Young on 16 October 1917, page 4e,
    of W.J. Wardle on 6 November 1917, page 4f,
    of John Maddern on 6 December 1917, page 4g.

    An obituary of Mrs E.C. Tidemann is in the Register, 9 January 1918, page 6g,
    of J. Featherstone on 15 January 1918, page 4f,
    of John Clayton on 18 February 1918, page 4h,
    of E.A Rischbieth on 27 March 1918, page 6g,
    of John H. Squire on 28 June 1918, page 6h,
    of Frank Wilkinson on 16 July 1918, page 4f,
    of Mrs Sarah Williams on 23 August 19q8, page 4h,
    of Mrs Charles Hill on 2 September 1918, page 4g,
    of W.G. Stokes, bootmaker, on 6 September 1918, page 6g,
    of A.H. Burt on 8 October 1918, page 4g,
    of Hugh Sheridan on 4 November 1918, page 4f.

    An obituary of Mrs F. Moreton is in the Register, 11 March 1919, page 4g,
    of John H. Knabe on 19 March 1919, page 6h,
    of Miss Rachel Luxmoore on 10 April 1919, page 6h,
    of J.J. Benham on 25 April 1919, page 6h,
    of George W. Bagot on 4 July 1919, page 6h,
    of E.C. Murrell, optician, on 18 August 1919, page 6g,
    of W. Sketheway on 30 August 1919, page 9a,
    of Mrs Elizabeth Spiller on 2 September 1919, page 4g,
    of William Cornell on 2 October 1919, page 7a,
    of B.A. Moulden on 20 October 1919, page 4g,
    of Thomas Dawson on 11 November 1919, page 7a.

    An obituary of Andrew Dowie is in the Observer, 22 March 1919, page 13e,
    of John H. Knabe, undertaker, on 22 March 1919, page 13e,
    of W.D. Thomas, baker, on 12 July 1919, page 30e,
    of G.W. Bagot on 12 July 1919, page 42a,
    of E.C. Murrell, optician, on 23 August 1919, page 14c,
    of Mrs Elizabeth Spiller on 6 September 1919, page 14a,
    of W. Sketheway on 6 September 1919, page 14b,
    of Mrs John F. Mellor on 11 October 1919, page 30d,
    of Mephan Ferguson, contractor, on 8 November 1919, page 23b.

    An obituary of Mrs Annie Wallis is in the Register, 23 January 1920, page 6h,
    of Edgar C. May on 9 February 1920, page 6g,
    of James N. Taylor, merchant, on 22 May 1920, page 9b,
    of J.F. Conigrave on 2 July 1920, page 6h,
    of William A. Waples on 31 July 1920, page 7a,
    of Mrs Warburton (nee Taylor) on 3 August 1920, page 5b,
    of Mrs Ellen Wisdom on 21 August 1920, page 7d,
    of Melville Maughan on 18 September 1920, page 8i,
    of V.O. Cheek on 18 September 1920, page 8i,
    of Mrs E. Illman on 29 October 1920, page 8h,
    of Dr J.C.G. Jurs, veterinary surgeon, on 12 November 1920, page 8b,
    of J.H. Kaines on 25 December 1920, page 4g.

    An obituary of Edgar C. May, commercial artist, is in the Observer, 14 February 1920, page 45b,
    of Benjamin Fisher, stock and station agent, on 13 March 1920, page 30a,
    of J.N. Taylor, merchant, on 29 May 1920, page 12b,
    of James Crocker on 19 June 1920, page 19a,
    of Mrs J.H. Kaines on 1 January 1921, page 19b,
    of Ebenezer Barlow on 8 January 1921, page 31d,
    of H. Teesdale Smith on 5 March 1921, page 31d,
    of L.F. Prevost on 14 May 1921, page 34a,
    of T.A. Doman on 14 May 1921, page 34b,
    of A.M. Drummond, merchant, on 13 August 1921, page 34a,
    of G.G. Mayo on 20 August 1921, page 34a,
    of C.J.S. Shuttleworth on 17 September 1921, page 38b,
    of Mrs Amy E. Davis on 12 November 1921, page 20b.

    An obituary of John H.M. Davidson is in the Register, 17 January 1921, page 8e,
    of T.E.L. Moncreiff on 19 January 1921, page 6h,
    of Frank Johnson, auctioneer, on 26 April 1921, page 4g,
    of William T. Stacy on 23 June 1921, page 9a,
    of A.H.C. Jensen on 7 July 1921, page 8c,
    of Thomas Goode on 15 July 1921, page 6i,
    of A.M. Drummond on 5 August 1921, page 8f,
    of Joseph Woodman on 6 August 1921, page 10d,
    of George Thompson on 17 September 1921, page 9c,
    of John W. Partridge on 9 November 1921, page 8f,
    of G.P. Hoatten on 25 November 1921, page 6i.

    1 An obituary of Thomas Clarkson is in the Register, 24 January 1922, page 6h,
    of Mrs Elixabeth J. Bice on 14 March 1922, page 4g,
    of C.H. Nitschke on 17 May 1922, page 7h,
    of John P. Megaw, auctioneer, on 25 May 1922, page 8h,
    of John W. Lyall on 29 May 1922, page 6g,
    of H.A. Gerny on 9 June 1922, page 6h,
    of Frederick J. Burton on 4 July 1922, page 6g,
    of Mrs J.H. Flannagan on 11 September 1922, page 8h.

    An obituary of Alfred Wilkinson, merchant is in the Observer, 28 January 1922, page 19b,
    of J.P. Megaw on 27 May 1922, page 31c,
    of A.E. Tolley on 10 June 1922, page 34b,
    of H.A. Gerny on 17 June 1922, page 19a,
    of Miss Sarah Moule, inspectress of "Foster Mother's Branch", on 29 July 1922, page 20a,
    of W.A. Clutterbuck on 9 September 1922, page 52e,
    of Alfred Thomas, baker, on 23 September 1922, page 35a,
    of Richard Newell on 17 March 1923, page 35c,
    of Owen Crompton on 24 March 1923, page 24e,
    of Mrs H. Taylor on 14 April 1923, page 35c,
    of R.F.C. Sullivan on 26 May 1923, page 35b,
    of Edward Mason, wood engraver, on 9 June 1923, page 25a,
    of Richard Gwynne on 23 June 1923, page 35c,
    of James Collins on 30 June 1923, page 35c,
    of J.S. Colquhoun on 7 July 1923, page 35b,
    of E.A.D. Opie on 21 July 1923, page 35a,
    of L.P. Laurence on 18 August 1923, page 39d,
    of Rudolph Buring, tobacconist, on 25 August 1923, page 39a,
    of Juno J. Walsh on 1 September 1923, page 39b.

    An obituary of Frank E. Whittle is in the Register, 12 February 1923, page 6f,
    of Mrs Gladys Bruer on 10 February 1923, page 6g,
    of Mrs H. Taylor on 12 April 1923, page 8h,
    of William Blair on 21 May 1923, page 6h,
    of Mrs Ellen Hodge on 23 May 1923, page 8h,
    of Edward Mason, wood engraver, on 9 June 1923, page 12b,
    of Mrs Olive Heath Jones on 8 August 1923, page 11e,
    of Juno J. Walsh on 28 August 1923, page 8d,
    of LT-Cdr K. Argent, RAN, on 3 November 1923, page 10a,
    of Alexander Rankine on 19 December 1923, page 8h.

    An obituary of William G. Newman is in the Register, 23 January 1924, page 8h,
    of Carl A. Unbehaun on 7 February 1924, page 6g,
    of Arthur L. Chapman on 26 July 1924, page 11f,
    of Cecil J. Sharp on 1 and 4 August 1924, pages 10h and 8h,
    of Albert Thomas on 8 September 1924, page 8h,
    of Mrs Ellen L. Diamond on 15 October 1924, page 11h,
    of H.H. Tipscott on 13 November 1924, page 13f.

    An obituary of F.V. Davey, miller, is in the Observer, 14 June 1924, page 38b,
    of Edward Potter, FGS, on 9 August 1924, page 38a,
    of James McGrath on 23 August 1924, page 38c,
    of E.R. Morgan on 6 September 1924, page 39a,
    of William King, timber merchant, on 8 November 1924, page 39a,
    of Thomas Coombe on 7 March 1925, page 35a,
    of K.L. Gellert, grain merchant, on 30 May 1925, page 46a,
    of Ernest Tolley, distiller, on 6 June 1925, page 29b,
    f Charles Cawthorne on 4 July 1925, page 44e,
    of William S. Bailey, aerated water manufacturer, on 4 July 1925, page 45c.

    An obituary of Mrs H. Judd is in the Register, 5 February 1925, page 8g,
    of Henry Carleton Pollitt on 5 May 1925, page 8g,
    of Mrs James Ferrier on 14 May 1925, page 8g,
    of Richard Troy on 23 May 1925, page 11c,
    of Miss Elizabeth J. Nicholls on 7 August 1925, page 11c,
    of Miss Mary E. Pank on 2 October 1925, page 11g,
    of Arthur C. Kaines on 12 November 1925, page 10e,
    of D.L. Doolette on 3 December 1925, page 10a,
    of Frederick C. Staer on 18 and 21 December 1925, pages 8f and 8h.

    An obituary of Mrs Margaret M. Swan is in the Register, 21 and 22 January 1926, pages 8h and 8g,
    of Norman F. Bickford on 30 January 1926, page 11h,
    of Mrs William Neill on 22 February 1926, page 6f,
    of Victor M.M. Cohen on 22 March 1926, page 8g,
    of Mrs H.A. Junge on 12 April 1926, page 9b,
    of Mrs A. Scholz on 23 April 1926, page 10g,
    of Reuben Lazarus on 10 June 1926, page 8h,
    of Edwin C. Thomas on 6 July 1926, page 8h,
    of Mrs George Ware on 30 July 1926, page 11d,
    of Clement Wells on 3 August 1926, page 10f,
    of Mrs Angela Jones on 14 August 1926, page 13h,
    of W. Creasy Harris on 22 August 1926, page 10g,
    of Frederick W. Vasey on 23 and 24 August 1926, pages 8g and 8h,
    of Victor Mantegani on 25 August 1926, page 8g,
    of Eliza J. Dreyer on 27 September 1926, page 11b,
    of Sidney H. Rowe on 6 October 1926, page 21c,
    of Edwin S. Hughes on 23 October 1926, page 11a,
    of William H. Brown on 1 November 1926, page 10e,
    of Mrs May V. Rayner, author, on 8 November 1926, page 11e.

    An obituary of J.C. Cairns, land agent, is in the Observer, 6 February 1926, page 43e,
    of Daniel Jones on 23 October 1926, page 41c,
    of Daniel Kennelly on 18 December 1926, page 30e,
    of W.W. Wilkinson on 22 January 1927, page 44a,
    of H.M. Hardy on 26 March 1927, page 43e,
    of George Green, tanner, on 30 April 1927, page 10a,
    of George Tucker, florist, on 6 August 1927, page 42c,
    of Walter Fewster on 12 November 1927, page 46a,
    of H.W. Waterhouse on 21 January 1928, page 61e.

    An obituary of Mrs Elizabeth Ryan is in the Register, 12 January 1927, page 13e,
    of Mrs Elizabeth Forrester on 15 January 1927, page 13c,
    of Mrs T. Duffield on 29 March 1927, page 10g,
    of Edward F. Gryst on 21 May 1927, page 14a,
    of Allen F. Lindsay on 28 May 1927, page 11b,
    of Francis B. Keogh on 11 July 1927, page 8g,
    of J.B. Siddall on 19 July 1927, page 11f,
    of William A. Robinson on 25 July 1927, page 13c,
    of Edward Williamson, biscuit maker, on 28 July 1927, page 8f,
    of Abraham Hearnshaw on 29 July 1927, page 8g,
    of George Tucker, builder, on 4 August 1927, page 8h,
    of John Hollow on 16 August 1927, page 13e,
    of Michael J.O. Engelhardt on 24 August 1927, page 13d,
    of George Owens on 30 August 1927, page 13c,
    of H.A Datson on 13 September 1927, page 6h,
    of W.W. Hoare on 26 October 1927, page 12d,
    of Norman E. Brice on 5 December 1927, page 8g,
    of Mrs Nathaniel Oldham on 5 December 1927, page 13f,
    of William S. Esau on 29 December 1927, page 8f.

    An obituary of Frederick Bourne is in the Register, 16 January 1928, page 9f,
    of William Wadey on 8 February 1928, page 8g,
    of George V. Connell on 10 February 1928, page 8g,
    of Mrs E.B. Carmichael on 23 February 1928, page 12g,
    of Mrs Alice Stuckey on 28 February 1928, page 12e,
    of Thomas Tuckey on 11 April 1928, page 13f,
    of S. Benson on 8 August 1928, page 10a,
    of Mrs Kate M.A. Rosenhain on 18 August 1928, page 15b.