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    An Essay on the Dog Catcher

    (Taken from Geoffrey H. Manning's A Colonial Experience)

    From the time the first house was built and occupied in Norwood, 'man's best friend', the dog, became a prerequisite in sharing the home and hearth of many families. But there were others in the community who failed to appreciate their presence and, in 1848, a resident issued a note of warning to those that frequented local creeks:

    Local shopkeepers were also listed among the 'dog-hating' fraternity one of whom exclaimed:

    Another disgruntled citizen suggested to me an all-out campaign to purge the district by a concerted community effort:

    In the course of time the dog became, in number, of plague proportions despite the levying of licence fees; by 1907 the Corporation of Norwood had its local dog-catcher who roamed the streets snaring neglected and disowned dogs. A reporter has left us a first hand account of a day in the life of the catcher:

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