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    Adelaide - Streets

    Streets by Name

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    Streets by Name

    A series of comprehensive articles on individual streets commences in the Observer,
    24 August 1929, page 30c.

    For further information on street nomenclature see Manning's Place Names of South Australia.


    Vaughan Place

    Formerly George Street. Named after one of the founders of the East End Market -
    see Register, 2 June 1908, page 6e and Markets.

    A banquet in R. Vaughan's honour is reported in the Register,
    18 May 1878, page 5d.

    Richard Vaughan's obituary is in the Observer,
    26 April 1884, page 28a.

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    Victoria Drive

    Its opening is reported in the Express,
    3 June 1887, page 3g.

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    Wakefield Street

    "Street Corner History" is in the Register,
    2 August 1929, page 5a.

    A fire in Wakefield Street at "The Barn", "probably the most ancient residence in South Adelaide...", is reported in the Register, 8 May 1857, page 3e.
    Also see Fires.

    The opening of the "Church of Scotland" is reported in the Register,
    14 February 1859, page 2h.

    A sketch of St Andrew's Church is in the Pictorial Australian in January 1876.

    Examinations at the German school are reported in the Express,
    11 April 1871, page 2d.
    Also see Education.

    The opening of the Christian Brothers' School is reported in the Chronicle,
    25 January 1879, page 10c and
    a jubilee in the Observer,
    27 July 1929, page 12e.
    Photographs of students are in the Chronicle,
    16 March 1933, page 32.
    Also see Education.

    A history of St Stephen's Lutheran Church is in the Register,
    21 and 23 September 1903, pages 6a and 3c.
    The laying of the foundation stone of the Lutheran Church is reported in ther Observer,
    21 October 1899, pages 14b-42a.

    A jubilee of the Unitarian Church is reported in the Register,
    9 October 1905, page 2i.

    A photograph of the nursing staff at Miss Hill's Nursing Home is in the Observer,
    29 February 1908, page 32.
    Also see SA - Nursing.

    Information on the proposed Central Picture Theatre is in the Register,
    14 October 1911, page 14d (includes a sketch);
    its opening is reported on
    12 July 1912, page 6i.
    Also see SA - Picture Theatres.

    The fate of Moreton Bay trees is discussed in the Advertiser,
    8 May 1936, page 22f.
    "Compromise on Wakefield Street Trees " is in the Advertiser,
    1 and 2 April 1937, pages 17d and 24d; also see
    The News,
    10 and 11 March 1937, pages 4f and 10d.

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    War Memorial Drive

    A proposed "Soldiers' Memorial Drive" is discussed in the Register,
    29 April 1919, page 4f,
    29 April 1919, page 6b;
    3 May 1919, page 13e;
    its opening is reported in the Register,
    31 October 1919, page 6d; also see
    The News,
    29 October 1925, page 7e,
    30 October 1925, page 12g.
    Photographs are in the The Critic,
    5 November 1919, page 9,
    8 November 1919, page 28,
    8 November 1919, page 28.
    Also see SA - War Memorials.

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    Waymouth Street

    School examinations are reported in the Register,
    22 June 1861, page 3g,
    28 November 1862, page 2g,
    20 June 1864, page 2h,
    17 December 1864, page 2g (supp.).
    Also see Education.

    Reminiscences of Waymouth Street in the early days, including circus sites and hotels, are in the Register,
    26 June 1919, page 5f.
    Also see Circuses and Hotels.

    The exploits of a wild bullock are reported in the Observer,
    7 March 1868, page 13e.

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    West Terrace

    The flour mill is described in the Southern Australian,
    28 March 1843, page 2c.
    Also see SA - Mills.

    The opening of a Catholic school room is reported in the Register,
    8 October 1845, page 1d.
    Also see Education.

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    Wilcox Street

    This street was once known as "Red Lane" - see Register,
    2 May 1894, page 5a.
    5 May 1894, page 14a.

    Biographical information on Mr Wilcox is in the Observer,
    24 October 1892, page 33a,
    15 May 1897, page 16d,
    26 January 1899, page 2c;
    an obituary is in the Advertiser,
    8 September 1921, page 9c.

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    Woodsons Lane

    Information on the firm is in the Advertiser,
    12 and 13 August 1896, pages 7c and 6c.
    An obituary of Gilbert Wood is in the Register,
    25 September 1886, page 5b.
    Also see Buildings.

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    Wright Street

    Information on the Deaf and Dumb Mission is in the Express,
    1 November 1895, page 4a,
    3 March 1896, page 4e,
    1 July 1891, page 5c,
    24 November 1897, page 6f,
    3 and 25 October 1898, pages 4e and 7a.

    A photograph of the Baby Welfare Society's activities is in the Chronicle,
    17 March 1928, page 41.

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    Wyatt Street

    "The Wyatt Trust" is discussed in the Register,
    27 March 1919, page 4d.

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