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    Explanatory Notes

    Entries marked with a stardo not have a cross reference in Manning's Place Names of South Australia. For an interpretation of abbreviations see that work.

    Information concerning schools has, in the main, been obtained from loose leaf indices in the Department of Education; however, a computer print-out supplied by the Department of Education to the Department of Lands contains conflicting information, while some local histories and newspaper reports have information in contradiction to both of those sources. Accordingly, I have endeavoured to "glean the wheat from the chaff" but in so doing have some qualms as to whether I have deduced the truth.

    The dates of closure of schools are not recorded in an uniform sequence in official records, eg, if a school closed at the end of the school year of 1944, it could be recorded as either 1944 or 1945. Accordingly, no attempt has been made to correct same.

    In respect of "Nomenclature" notes throughout the data base, additional information is available in Manning's Place Names of South Australia.