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    South Australia - Water Conservation

    A history of waterworks in South Australia is in the Observer,
    27 December 1924, page 6a,
    3 January 1925, page 16a.

    Information on excavating reservoirs and damming creeks is in the Register,
    27 March 1861, page 3b.

    "Water Reserves" is in the Chronicle,
    29 April 1865, page 4b.

    A process for turning salt water into fresh is discussed in the Observer,
    18 July 1868, page 4b.

    "Digging Up the Past - Waterworks in SA" is in the Register,
    5 and 23 December 1924, pages 11d and 11a.

    "Artesian Wells" is in the Observer,
    20 January 1877, page 9a.

    "The Government and the Water Supply" is in the Observer,
    15 February 1879, page 3b,
    "Overground Clay Tanks" on
    22 May 1880, page 834e.

    Water in the Bush in Australia" is in the Register,
    3 May 1879, page 1b (supp.).

    "The Water Supply for Country Districts" is in the Chronicle,
    5 June 1880, page 5b.

    "Water and its Waste" is in the Register,
    4 April 1882, page 6b; also see
    25 October 1883, page 6d,
    15 June 1886, page 4d.

    "Water Conservation in the North" is in the Observer,
    24 February 1883, page 37d.

    "Water Conservation and Development" is in the Register,
    1 and 4 June 1883, pages 7a and 4f.

    "The Water Conservation Bill" is in the Observer,
    11 August 1883, page 24d.

    "The Far North Mound Springs" is in the Advertiser,
    25 October 1883, page 6c,
    "Water Supply in the North-East" on
    4 March 1884, page 6e,
    "Development of Artesian Wells" on
    20 July 1898, page 4f.

    "Water Conservation" is in the Chronicle,
    27 October 1883, page 9c,
    "Water Conservation Works" in the Express,
    31 December 1884, page 3d.

    An obituary of J.W. Jenkinson is in the Register,
    17 April 1885, page 5a.

    "The Utilisation of Water in South Australia" is in the Advertiser,
    23 August 1886, page 6a; also see
    15 June 1886, page 4d.

    "Scheme for Conserving Fresh Water in Lake Alexandrina" is in the Observer,
    19 February 1887, page 13b.

    The Peak waterworks on the Blyth Plains are discussed in the Observer,
    27 August 1887, page 30c.

    A comprehensive state-wide survey of water conservation is in the Register,
    10 and 16 July 1889, pages 6b and 5f,
    "Pollution of Water Supply" on
    22 October 1896, page 5a.

    "Water Conservation - Thirty-One Schemes" is in the Observer,
    7 and 14 August 1897, pages 29a and 16c.

    "Our Waterworks" is in the Advertiser,
    23 January 1900, page 4e.

    "Waterworks in SA" is in the Observer,
    24 November 1894, page 18c.

    "The Mineral Springs of SA" is in the Observer,
    27 March 1897, page 33c.

    "Water Conservation - What Has Been Done" is in the Chronicle,
    10 and 17 January 1903, pages 35a and 33a.

    A photograph of the Barossa reservoir is in The Critic,
    24 February 1904, page 6.

    "The State's Lines of Supply" is in the Register,
    20 November 1907, page 8f.

    Biographical details of Thomas A. Hicks are in the Register,
    26 September 1910, page 4g,
    of Arthur J. Green on 18 October 1910, page 4h,
    21 August 1925, page 8g,
    of J.W. Murrell on 11 September 1925, page 13f.

    An obituary of William Goss is in the Register,
    7 February 1914, page 16a,
    14 February 1914, page 41a,
    of C.F. O'Loghlin and George Smith on 28 April 1917, page 13d.

    "Our Water Systems" is in the Register,
    1 June 1908, page 9a,
    "Saving Water" on
    17 November 1922, page 7c,
    "Water Supplies" on
    26 April 1923, page 6c.

    A photograph of "an ingenious water carting device" is in the Observer,
    12 December 1914, page 8 (supp.),
    "Waterworks in the South" are in the Chronicle,
    1 May 1915, page 30,
    of the Warren Reservoir on
    21 August 1915, page 28.

    "A Great Engineer - Death of Mr C.A. Bayer" is in the Advertiser,
    13 September 1924, page 16e.

    An obituary of M.M. Middleton is in the Observer,
    14 August 1926, page 40b.

    Biographical details of John Gow are in the Register,
    9 July 1927, page 11d,
    of W.J. Carter on 13 August 1928, page 12d.

    "Water Supplies - Many Methods Used in Reticulation" is in The Mail,
    7 July 1928, page 10a.

    "Dew Ponds - A Misnomer" is in the Advertiser,
    2 July 1927, page 23g,
    "Water Purification" on
    16 August 1928, page 8g,
    "Water Catchments - New Scheme Proposed" on
    11 September 1929, page 16d.

    Biographical details of J.H.O. Eaton are in the Observer,
    2 November 1929, page 40a.

    "Water Supplies" is in the Advertiser,
    24 February 1937, page 22d,
    24 September 1937, page 31d.

    "Algae Causes Trouble" is in the Advertiser,
    14 December 1937, page 25b;
    cartoons are in The News,
    9 and 17 December 1937, pages 12 and 6.

    "Inquiry Into Tapping of Murray" is in The News,
    16 February 1937, page 6d.