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    Adelaide - Reminiscences

    The 1839 reminiscences of Mrs Christine Lankenau (nee Moritz) are in the Advertiser,
    18 August 1923, page 17f;
    her obituary appears on
    15 October 1923, page 14b.

    "Adelaide in 1850" is in the Register,
    23 July 1926, page 11h.

    Humorous reminiscences are in the Register,
    8 November 1869, page 2f.
    Reminiscences of early Adelaide appear on
    14 July 1906, page 9f and
    under "Primitive Adelaide - Recollections and Impressions" on
    27 and 28 December 1906, pages 6c and 6a.

    "Our City - Facts Worth Remembering" is in the Observer,
    1 May 1915, page 25b.

    "Memories of Early Days" is in the Observer,
    25 November 1916, page 48.

    "A New [Theological] College for Adelaide [Way College]" is in the Register,
    5, 8 and 9 February 1887, pages 5g, 7b and 7a.
    Also see Place Names - Wayville

    "Adelaide in the Forties", the reminiscences of Mrs M.J. Pickering, is in the Advertiser,
    29 April 1924, page 17b.

    "The Good Old Days - When Adelaide's Streets Were Mudholes", the reminiscences of Robert Thomson, is in the Advertiser, 14 March 1907, page 6d.

    The reminiscences of John Ottaway are in the Register,
    19 June 1908, page 6e and
    of Adelaide in the 1850s by Rev T.E. Keen on
    29 December 1908, page 6f.

    "The Plains Beyond Adelaide - Old Time Reminiscences" is in the Advertiser,
    27 June 1908, page 8h.

    Biographical details of Clement Giles are in the Register,
    4 August 1909, page 6h.
    The reminiscences of Clement Giles are in the Advertiser,
    28 July 1926, page 19g.

    The reminiscences of J. Chittleborough are in the Register,
    29 December 1910, page 4h,
    of Ernst Siekmann on
    5 July 1911, page 6f,
    of W.B. Bradshaw (ex Katherine Stewart Forbes) on
    7 January 1913, page 8a and
    those of Mr and Mrs Thomas Thorpe on
    6 February 1913, page 9d,
    Robert Knowles on
    8 August 1913, page 7c,
    (obit. - Observer,
    2 June 1917, page 17d),
    Mrs Charles Bowden on
    16 August 1913, page 16e.

    F. Manson Bailey's reminiscences are in the Register,
    30 December 1910, page 5e and
    6, 8, 12, 17 and 25 June 1914, pages 17d, 9d, 9a, 13a and 6g, Thomas Day on
    21 June 1916, page 7c,
    E.J. Heath on
    9 August 1916, page 9b,
    James Morcom on
    16 December 1916, page 5d,
    Mrs Robert Sutton on
    18 April 1918, page 7a,
    John Ottaway (ex Eden) on
    29 April 1918, page 5c,
    Mrs Henry Hussey on
    5 February 1919, page 8,
    Jane C. Finlayson on
    14 February 1919, page 8b,
    H.H. Mildred on
    16 August 1919, page 9e.

    Reminiscences of Mrs Foreman (ex Duchess of Northumberland, 1839) are in the Register,
    11 and 20 February 1922, pages 7d and 9d,
    Mr C.W. Mathews on
    7 September 1923, page 9e,
    Mrs Christine Lankenau on
    26 September 1923, page 10d,
    Clement Giles on
    8 April 1924, page 9g,
    C. Andrews on
    6 June 1924, page 9h,
    George Smith on
    2 August 1924, page 7e,
    J.J. Sharp on
    2 October 1924, page 9c,
    W.B. Wilkinson on
    6 June 1925, pages 7e-11b,
    Mrs G.N. Birks on
    29 August 1925, page 13d,
    William Hill on
    20 and 24 January 1927, pages 11c and 7e,
    T.W. Chalk on
    31 March 1927, page 11e,
    C.S. Burnard on
    21 July 1928, page 7e.

    The reminiscences of Mrs T. Staude, edited by Rev John Blacket, are in the Advertiser,
    6 November 1929, page 17d:

    The reminiscences of the dentist, H. Hayes Norman, are in The Mail,
    22 July 1916, page 10f.
    South Australia - Health - Dentistry.

    "A Few West Adelaide Memories" is in the Register,
    27 June 1916, page 4e, See Place Names - West Adelaide
    "Memories of the Early Days" on
    18 November 1916, page 12c (includes many hotels).

    Reminiscences of early transport, hotels and churches are in the Register,
    20 March 1918, page 5c.

    "Pioneers of 1836", which includes information on housing and life in early Adelaide, is in the Register,
    2 January 1919, page 5c.

    "Early Day Memories" is in the Register,
    14, 21 and 28 August 1919, pages 5c, 5b and 5c,
    4, 11, 18 and 25 September 1919, pages 5c, 5c, 5c and 5a,
    9 and 16 October 1919, pages 4d and 5f,
    "Old Time Reminiscences" on
    26 December 1921, page 7a,
    "Eliza Davies and Infant Adelaide" on
    28 January 1925, page 13f,
    "A Diary of 1851 - Life in and About Adelaide" on
    23 March 1925, page 11f.

    The reminiscences of Jacob Hooper are in The News,
    6 September 1923, page 5e.

    "Some Old Local History - Interesting Names Recalled" is in the Register,
    20 and 22 August 1925, pages 12f and 13e.

    "Impressions of Adelaide Sixty Years Ago" is in the Register,
    22 and 28 May 1926, pages 5c and 11a,
    5 and 21 June 1926, pages 5h and 11c,
    3 and 10 July 1926, pages 10a and 5g.