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    Port Adelaide - Education

    "Early Port Adelaide School Days" is in the Register,
    7 August 1902, page 4g,
    "Old-Time Education" on
    10 May 1920, page 8e.

    Information on Mr & Mrs Leith's school is in the Register,
    16 January 1855, page 3e.

    "Annual Recitations and Distribution of Rewards" at the Commercial School is in the Register,
    4 December 1860, page 3f,
    30 December 1863, page 2d,
    24 December 1864, page 7g,
    2 January 1864, page 7h,
    24 December 1867, page 3c; also see
    10 December 1861, page 2h,
    26 December 1868, page 12d.

    The formation of the Port Adelaide Educational Association is reported in the Register,
    15 February 1862, page 3c,
    25 April 1862, page 2g; also see
    10 November 1862, page 2h.

    A proposal to open a Grammar School is reported in the Register,
    11 March 1862, page 3h; also see
    5 January 1866, page 2h.
    Examinations at the Grammar School are reported in the Express,
    29 June 1874, page 3g,
    19 June 1876, page 6g; also see
    21 March 1924, page 4f,
    29 March 1924, page 43b.

    A presentation to Mr A. Martin of the Model School is reported in the Express,
    17 January 1881, page 3e.
    Information on the school is in the Express,
    18 August 1883, page 2g,
    12 August 1886, page 2d; also see
    23 July 1887, page 2e.
    25 March 1885, page 5b.
    Biographical details of Allen Martin, headmaster, are in the Observer,
    25 September 1897, page 16a,
    8 January 1916, pages 32c-52b (reminiscences).
    An obituary of Allen Martin, teacher, is in the Observer,
    19 July 1924, page 44d.
    A memorial tablet in his honour is discussed in the Register on
    12 December 1925, page 12g.

    Letters in respect of a proposed "Ragged" school are in the Register,
    1 and 2 November 1869, pages 3g and 4a; also see
    the Express,
    5 January 1870, page 2g,
    7 July 1870, page 3d for a reference to similar schools in England;
    the local proposal is discussed on
    26 August 1870, page 5b; also see
    2 and 30 November 1869, pages 3g and 3a,
    10 January 1870, page 3c and Adelaide - Destitution.

    A report on "The Free Industrial School" is in the Advertiser,
    28 November 1870, page 3c,
    28 November 1870, page 6b,
    29 November 1871, page 3a.
    2 December 1871, page 15a,
    5 December 1871, page 13e,
    10 December 1873, page 3d.
    The history of this school and other matters are to be found in the Register,
    15 December 1873, page 7a.

    Examinations at Mr McLaughlin's School are reported in the Register,
    26 December 1870, page 5c.

    "School Accommodation at Port Adelaide" is in the Register,
    18 January 1876, page 6f.

    "Government School for Port Adelaide" is in the Register,
    5 June 1877, page 5c,
    9 June 1877, page 20e;
    its opening is reported on
    26 January 1878, page 10e,
    15 October 1878, page 2b (supp.)

    A proposal for savings banks in schools is discussed in the Advertiser,
    14 June 1886, page 6c,
    17 and 20 July 1886, pages 6g and 5b.

    An obituary of Thomas Dalleson is in the Express,
    19 December 1888, page 2c.

    Information on the School of Design is in the Register,
    28 February 1889, page 7e,
    28 February 1889, page 3e,
    13 and 20 February 1890, pages 4b and 2b,
    22 September 1891, page 4c,
    8 October 1892, page 5d.

    "An Insanitary Public School" is in the Advertiser,
    10 January 1896, page 6a.

    Information on a Marist Brothers' school is in the Express,
    16 August 1897, page 4c.
    5 February 1898, page 12b.

    The opening of a new Catholic girls' school is reported in the Register,
    24 February 1902, page 6g.

    "Defective Classrooms" is in the Express,
    12 August 1904, page 4d.

    Information on Howard's Commercial College is in the Register,
    13 April 1906, page 6f.

    Arbor Day is reported in the Register,
    18 August 1906, page 11f,
    16 August 1907, page 1e,
    Also see South Australia - Education - Arbor Days.
    the opening of a kindergarten on in the Register,
    27 January 1926, page 12e and
    Also see South Australia - Education - Kindergartens,
    of an infant school on
    9 July 1926, page 14i.

    "An Improved School" is in the Register,
    13 November 1909, page 13a.

    "School Closed - Measles Epidemic Responsible" is in the Register,
    11 July 1911, page 7a.
    Also see South Australia - Health - Fevers - Miscellany,

    "Port Adelaide Schools" is in the Register,
    19 September 1919, page 8e,
    23 January 1920, page 5f,
    15 March 1920, page 8f.

    The laying of the foundation stone of Mt Carmel Boys' School is reported in the Advertiser,
    28 June 1926, page 7d.

    Information on the State School Mothers' Club is in The News,
    22 November 1928, page 13a.