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    Adelaide - Streets

    Streets by Name

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    Streets by Name

    A series of comprehensive articles on individual streets commences in the Observer,
    24 August 1929, page 30c.

    For further information on street nomenclature see Manning's Place Names of South Australia.


    Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue

    It was originally called "Cohen Ave" - see Register,
    14 July 1906, page 6g,
    2 August 1906, page 7d,
    The News,
    21 December 1927, page 16b.
    Photographs of its opening are in the Observer,
    11 August 1906, page 28.

    Biographical information on Mr Cohen is in the Observer,
    11 May 1889, page 33b.
    An interview with Mr Cohen is in The Mail,
    8 November 1913, page 8c; also see
    The Mail,
    26 August 1922, page 2d,
    14 April 1923, page 34c.
    "Mr Lewis Cohen Knighted" is in the Observer,
    5 January 1924, page 37c;
    an obituary is in the Advertiser,
    26 June 1933, page 15e.

    An Arbor Day is reported in the Express,
    29 July 1904, page 1e.
    Also see SA - Arbor Days.

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    South Terrace

    A photograph of a hostel for boys on South Terrace is in the Observer,
    10 July 1928, page 34.

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    Sturt Street

    "Street Corner History" is in the Register,
    10 September 1929, page 5a.

    A despondent resident wrote to the Advertiser on 11 July 1863, page 3b:

    "Nuisance in the West End" is in the Register,
    13 January 1883, page 6c,
    17 and 20 February 1883, pages 6d and 1d (supp.).

    The opening of the State school is reported in the Register,
    5 and 12 June 1883, pages 5b and 7b,
    16 June 1883, page 34b.
    An inspection of the Model School is reported in the Register,
    12 October 1886, page 7b; also see
    4 December 1888, page 5b,
    13 December 1890, page 6e,
    20 December 1890, page 23a,
    23 June 1903, page 5d,
    18 August 1905, page 1e.
    17 August 1907, page 13e.
    The reminiscences of Alexander Clark are in the Register,
    7 September 1912, page 17b and
    an obituary on
    17 and 18 March 1913, pages 7b and 8e.
    Also see Education.

    Reminiscences of the school by F.J. Mills appear on
    27 October 1913, page 9h.
    A photograph of children in Japanese costumes is in the Observer,
    11 April 1914, page 31,
    of Empire Day celebrations on
    2 June 1923, page 28.
    of its football team in the Register,
    5 August 1927, page 5.

    Information on the State school Mothers' Club is in The News,
    16 May 1929, page 11d.

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    Synagogue Place

    "The Naming of Synagogue Place" is in the Register,
    6 March 1919, page 4c.

    Photographs of the synagogue are in the Chronicle,
    6 April 1933, page 37.

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    Tavistock Lane

    Its nomenclature is possibly explained in the reminiscences of Samuel Mills, junior, which appear in the Register, 4 January 1913, page 6e:

    The Mail of 7 August 1926, page 17d says the name is "derived from the Tavistock Bank, in the town of Tavistock, owned by John Rundle, MP..."

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    Toms Court

    The Mail of 7 August 1926, page 17d says it was named after "George Toms, father of Samuel Toms, who once owned the property." On 14 August 1926, page 17 it is said it was nammed for Tom H. Atkinson by his parents, "the late Thomas and Sarah Atkinson, who owned the eastern side of the Court..."

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