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    Adelaide - Cafes and Restaurants

    Information on the Southern Cross Dining Rooms is in the Register,
    27 July 1866, page 2f.

    The opening of the Adelaide Wine Cellars is reported in the Register,
    4 October 1866, page 2d.

    Information on Mr Beach's restaurant in Hindley Street is in the Register,
    24 December 1866, page 2g,
    15 January 1867, page 3b,
    The Lantern,
    14 October 1876, page 6a.
    Biographical details of Fred Beach, cafe proprietor, are in the Observer,
    5 May 1928, page 34c.

    Lloyd's coffee house and restaurant is reported upon in the Register,
    24 May 1867, pages 1c-2e.
    Information on a street coffee stall is in the Register,
    3 November 1894, page 5b.
    Information on A.L. Calder's Tea and Coffee Rooms is in the Register,
    26 December 1894, page 6a,
    21 December 1898, page 9e.
    Also see Adelaide - Coffee Taverns and Palaces.

    B53560Information on Jackman's restaurant is in the Register,
    29 July 1876, page 5a,
    The Lantern,
    16 March 1878, page 4 (sketch).
    A sketch of Jackman's Dining Rooms is in Frearson's Weekly,
    6 March 1880, page 48.
    An obituary of Joseph Jackman, cafe proprietor, is in the Register,
    11 December 1914, page 4h,
    19 December 1914, page 42a.

    Information on E. Cohen's restaurant is in the Register,
    6 December 1877, page 5a.

    A poem on the Clarence Shades Restaurant is in The Lantern,
    17 August 1878, page 3.

    Information on the Adelaide Grillroom in Pirie Street is in the Register,
    21 May 1885, page 5b.

    The opening of the Pioneer Tea Gardens is reported in the Register,
    11 December 1893, page 5c.

    "A New Oyster and Dining Saloon" is in the Express,
    20 January 1894, page 6e.

    The opening of W.E. Teague's Central Ham and Pork Shop is reported in the Register,
    18 August 1894, page 5c.

    "An Eccentric Pieman" is in the Register,
    27 December 1881, page 5b.
    "The Piestall" is in the Express,
    5 May 1896, page 2d,
    "Pies and Pioneers - Adelaide's Caravan Cafes" is in the Advertiser,
    23 June 1934, page 9e.
    Their history is recalled in The Mail,
    6 August 1927, page 1f.
    Also see Adelaide - Shops.

    "A New Cafe [Bricknell's]" is in the Register,
    22 September 1900, page 11e.

    An obituary of J.L. Perfrix, cafe proprietor, is in the Register,
    4 July 1905, page 5a.

    "Licensing Restaurants and Fish Shops" is in the Register,
    12 and 13 December 1905, pages 4g and 4h.
    The licensing of restaurants is discussed in the Advertiser,
    30 January 1906, page 6e.

    "Hotel and Restaurant Employees - A Story of Drudgery" is in the Advertiser,
    1 February 1907, page 8a.
    Also see Adelaide - Hotels and Lodging Houses.

    W.H. Bishop & Sons "modern tearooms" are discussed in the Register,
    16 April 1908, page 3f.

    "Waitresses and Their Work" is in the Register,
    27 May 1909, page 6f.

    Information on Balfour's cafe in Rundle Street is in the Register,
    8 and 12 September 1910, pages 9h and 6b.

    "The Inner Man - Adelaide's Cheap Restaurants" is in the Register,
    31 January 1911, page 4f.

    The opening of the Bohemian Tea Rooms is reported in The Critic,
    5 November 1913, page 12.

    An obituary of C.H. Melville, cafe proprietor, is in the Observer,
    4 August 1928, page 32a.

    Photographs of the Covent Garden Cafe are in the Observer,
    20 December 1902, page 37,
    The Critic,
    6 December 1902, page 27; also see
    11 July 1914, page 48c.
    Information on the Arcadia Cafe is in the Register,
    14 February 1911, page 9h,
    The Critic,
    15 February 1911, page 21 (photograph),
    "A Peep at the Arcadia and Covent Garden" is in The Mail,
    28 February 1914, page 7g,
    Information on the Arcadia is in The Critic,
    15 December 1915, page 31,
    "Dinners and Diners - New Covent Garden Restaurant" is in the Advertiser,
    23 July 1918, page 6g.
    Information on the Arcadia is in The Mail,
    23 April 1921, page 12f.

    Information on the Maple Leaf Cafe is in the Register,
    23 November 1917, page 6g.

    An obituary of Edwin Ellis is in the Register,
    25 July 1925, page 11c,
    Ellis Cafe's annual picnic is reported upon in The News,
    1 February 1927, page 11e - it includes a history of Ellis Brothers.
    also see Register,
    1 February 1928, page 7b.
    An obituary of Frederick A. Ellis is in The News,
    21 November 1927, page 1g
    26 November 1927, page 11e.

    "Public Eating Houses" is in the Register,
    23 February 1918, page 6e.

    "Origin of Kindermann's Cafe" is in The Mail,
    21 December 1918, page 8f,
    "Farewell to Kindermann's" in The News,
    27 February 1934, page 4e;
    an obituary of Gustav Kindermann is in the Chronicle,
    12 October 1895, page 19b and
    information on his will on
    23 November 1895, page 19.
    Photographs of the cafe are in The Critic
    29 May 1907, page 25.
    Kindermann's "model bakehouse" is described in the Register,
    7 November 1896, page 5e.
    An obituary of C.J. Kindermann is in the Register,
    28 October 1915, page 4h.

    Information on the Rubeo Cafe in Ruthven Mansions is in the Register,
    21 August 1919, page 5g.

    Information on and photographs of a fire at Colley's restaurant are in the Chronicle,
    27 March 1920, pages 23 and 32b.

    "Commotion at [Comino's] Cafe" is in the Observer,
    12 January 1924, page 30c.

    The opening of the Squirrel Cafe is reported in The Mail,
    10 April 1926, page 18a; also see
    The News,
    14 and 21 April 1926, pages 5f and 9f.

    Information on the Paragon Cafe is in The News,
    1 April 1926, page 11a,
    4 June 1926, page 14g,
    The Mail,
    5 June 1926, page 14g,
    The News,
    8 October 1926, page 26.

    Information on the O.Keh Cafe is in The News,
    21 October 1926, page 7d,
    the Cafe de Shade on
    4 December 1926, page 2c,
    the Piccadilly Tea Rooms in the Advertiser,
    15 May 1931, page 5d.

    "Rainaud's [Cafe] Balcony Wrecked" is in the Register,
    15 December 1925, page 11d.

    "Our Cafe Girls" is in the Observer,
    7 August 1930, page 61b.

    Information on the Cabin Cafe is in The News,
    4 March 1931, page 5.

    Information on the Retreat Cafe in the basement of Richards building in Currie Street is in The News, 19 September 1935, page 24.