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    Port Adelaide - Port Road

    The commencement of a road to the New Port is reported in the Southern Australian,
    29 May 1839 (supp.).
    for the reminiscences of Francis Dutton see Register,
    20 November 1911, page 6g.

    "The Last Tollgate - How the Port Road Was Made" is in the Register,
    10 January 1903, page 10a,
    17 January 1903, page 4c,
    11 October 1909, page 4f,
    16 January 1925, page 11d.

    A description of a trip to Adelaide in a "Port Cart" is in Adelaide Miscellany, pages 90-92.
    The reminiscences of D.H. Weir are in the Observer,
    30 April 1910, page 41d.

    The trials and tribulations of a Port Road driver are recounted in the Observer,
    13 January 1849, page 2b.

    An interesting letter headed "The Port and the Port Road" is in the Register,
    25 April 1849, page 2e,
    14 April 1849, page 2d,
    3 July 1850.

    A complaint about the condition of the road is in the South Australian,
    10 July 1849, page 2d.

    "Traffic Returns to Adelaide and the Port" is in the Adelaide Times,
    8 November 1849, page 4a.

    A complaint about traffic control is aired in the Register,
    5 December 1849 (supp.), page 1d and a fine was suggested to be levied upon:

    An accident is reported in the Adelaide Times, 13 April 1850, page 3e:

    "Man Traps" is in the Register,
    8 November 1850, page 2c.

    Some of the tribulations of "The Port Carrier" are discussed in the Register,
    28 June 1854, page 3c,
    2 May 1868, page 9f.

    A new omnibus is described in the Observer,
    8 July 1854, page 3f.
    Also see Port Adelaide - Transport - Miscellany

    "Repairs of the Port Road" is in the Observer,
    2 August 1856, page 1g (supp.).

    A public meeting called to discuss the poor condition of the road is reported in the Register,
    9 September 1857, page 3f,
    12 September 1857, page 4h (supp.).

    A complaint is made in the Register,
    3 May 1858, page 3d:

    "Port Road and the People" is in the Register,
    5 April 1859, page 3b.

    A public meeting called to "decide on the steps to be taken to keep it passable through the winter" is reported in the Register,
    10 May 1860, page 3d; also see
    15 May 1860, page 3g,
    29 June 1863, page 3e.

    "How the Port Road was Made" is in the Register,
    10 January 1903, page 10a; also see
    21 November 1911, page 6g,
    4 October 1913, page 19a.

    Parliamentary Paper 64/1863 has a petition from residents complaining about the condition of the "centre-strip" of the Port Road:

    "The Port Road" is in the Chronicle,
    10 February 1866, page 1d (supp.),
    "The Port Road and Port Carriers" in the Observer,
    2 May 1868, page 9f,
    "The Port Road and the Port Corporation" on
    15 August 1868, page 5b,
    "The Old Port Road" on
    23 July 1870, page 6c,
    23 July 1870, page 3d.

    One traveller on the road offered the following humorous suggestion for the negotiation of the highway in winter:

    Information on the Port Road is in the Observer,
    8 March 1873, page 4a,
    29 August 1874, page 12e.

    "Port Road Conveyances" is in the Register,
    10 March 1874, page 6e.
    Also see Port Adelaide - Transport - Miscellany

    On 23 February 1875, page 5c a regular user of the road opines:

    A few months later another disgruntled citizen proclaims:

    "Great Fight with a Cart on the Port Road" is in the Advertiser,
    19 June 1875, page 3h.

    On 23 January 1877 at page 5g the Register reported that "the Port Road in its relation to the Road Board always, to my mind, stands in a position of Oliver Twist ""asking for more""..." A poem follows which reads in part:

    "The dangerous practice of teamsters fastening their teams up at public houses and allowing them to sprawl across the road" is recounted in the Register,
    9 March 1877, page 4g; also see
    4 April 1877, page 6c.

    The Port Road is described in the Register,
    17 March 1877, page 5b.

    The road "is a disgrace to the colony" proclaims a correspondent to the Register,
    15 and 20 June 1878, pages 7c and 7a:

    In the Register of 5 December 1883 (supp.), page 1f is a reference to a "number of pigs, geese, ducks, etc floundering about in many stagnant pools of water" on the road.

    The reserve is discussed in the Observer,
    29 July 1882, page 32b.
    Tree plantations on the Port Road are described in the Register,
    9 April 1885, page 5g; also see
    25 April 1885, page 11b.

    Information on the Port Road reserves is in the Advertiser,
    1 April 1912, page 8g,

    A letter deploring the working conditions of drivers on the Port Road appears in the Register,
    21 April 1885, page 7d.

    "The State of the Port Road" is in the Advertiser,
    23 March 1888, page 7a.

    "The Port Carriers" is in the Observer,
    18 January 1890, page 32b.

    Information on the Port Road Drivers' Association is in the Register,
    22 and 24 February 1893, pages 7f and 7g.

    "The Port Road - Conference of Councils" is in the Register,
    25 August 1908, page 8i.

    "The Port Road" is in the Register,
    11 November 1909, page 7b.

    "The Port Road - Steel Track Tried" is in the Register,
    12 and 13 April 1910, pages 11a and 5e,
    12 November 1910, page 12i; also see
    3 and 24 April 1912, pages 2e and 4b.

    It is still the same dusty old thoroughfare, a stretch of blinding white fallow that links the metropolis to the chief sea port.
    11 February 1915, page 4d; also see
    19 June 1915, page 9a.)

    An article on the Port Road is in The Mail,
    3 January 1914, page 19c.

    "Muddle and Mud" is a derogatory heading of a discussion of the Port Road in the Register,
    2 September 1916, page 12a,
    14 February 1917, page 9a.

    A Fine Road - Woodblocking to Port Adelaide" on
    17 November 1917, page 6h; also see
    26 July 1923, page 8e,
    2 July 1924, page 8f.

    A proposal for a duplication of the Port road is reported on
    15 June 1926, page 8e;
    photographs are in the Observer,
    30 October 1926, page 31.
    A photograph of wood blocks ready to be sold as firewood is in the Chronicle,
    8 February 1934, page 34.

    "A Fearfully Bad Track"is in the Advertiser,
    26 January 1914, page 10f.

    "Gumeracha Wood Blocks [for the Port Road]" is in the Register,
    26 October 1914, page 7a; also see
    27 November 1914, page 8c.

    "A Deplorable Condition" is in the Express,
    5 September 1922, page 4g.

    "Port Road Congestion" is in The News,
    15 February 1924, page 1f,
    "New Track Along Port Road" on
    14 January 1926, page 11a.

    A photograph of flooding is in the Chronicle,
    15 November 1934, page 35.

    "Revival of Project to Improve Port Road" is in The News,
    28 September 1935, page 4d.