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    South Australia - Sport


    "The Ancient Game of Polo" is in the Observer,
    26 April 1902, page 49.

    A history of the game in South Australia is told in a series of weekly articles in The Mail
    commencing on 6 September 1913, page 21a.

    The first inter-colonial match is reported in the Register,
    18 and 20 April 1881, pages 5b and 4f.

    A match played on the Old Adelaide Racecourse is reported in the Register,
    20 April 1881, page 4f and
    one on the East Parklands on
    6 November 1882 (supp.), page 1c; also see
    25 November 1882, page 6b,
    19 May 1883, page 16b,
    17 May 1884, page 6g.

    "First Polo Matches" is reminisced upon in the Advertiser,
    15 March 1934, page 10h.

    Polo at Lockleys is reported in the Advertiser,
    23 March 1885, page 6g and
    Adelaide Polo Club Races on
    11 May 1885, page 6g.
    An editorial on the sport appears on
    20 April 1895, page 4g.
    A sketch is in the Pictorial Australian in
    March 1885, page 53.

    A polo club race meeting is reported in the Express,
    16 May 1887, page 4a.
    "Racing Without Gambling" is in the Chronicle,
    28 April 1894, page 13a.

    An inter-colonial polo match is reported in the Observer,
    13 and 20 April 1895, pages 19e and 21a.

    "The Game of Polo" is in the Register,
    4 April 1896, page 4e-g.

    "Ponies and Horses" is in the Advertiser,
    14 April 1896, page 4g,
    "Modern Polo" on
    23 April 1898, page 4f,
    "Intercolonial Polo" on
    13 April 1900, page 4f,
    "Our Polo Tournament" on
    5 April 1901, page 3e.

    The sport is discussed in the Register,
    4 April 1896, page 4e-h,
    22 April 1899, page 4g,
    11 April 1901, page 4d,
    13 September 1901, page 8d (first polo club ball),
    27 October 1902, page 6g,
    4 April 1903, page 4d,
    27 November 1908, page 4e,
    13 January 1919, page 6g,
    31 March 1925, page 8d.

    A polo club ball is reported in the Express,
    13 September 1901, page 2b.

    Polo at Plympton is reported in the Chronicle,
    20 December 1902, page 26d.
    Photographs are in The Critic,
    29 November 1902, page 4.

    "Polo Gymkhana" is in the Register,
    23 November 1903, page 7g.

    A polo club's skating carnival is reported upon in the Register,
    7 May 1904, page 5h.

    Photographs of a Polo Gymkhana are in the Chronicle,
    5 March 1904, page 19d; also see
    16 March 1907, page 29,
    29 April 1907, page 27.

    Reminiscences on the game in South Australia are in the Register, on
    14 January 1911, page 12f,
    20 January 1919, page 6e,
    16 March 1928, page 12h.

    "Polo - A Fresh Start at Plympton" is in the Register,
    13 January 1919, page 6g,
    "Polo - Memories and Prospects" on 20 January 1919, page 6e.

    "Polo Week in Adelaide" is in the Observer,
    5 April 1924, page 50.

    "Polo Memories" is in the Advertiser,
    3 April 1935, page 21b.

    A photograph of a motor cycle polo match is in the Chronicle,
    1 November 1924, page 38.

    A meeting of a water polo club is reported in the Register,
    18 January 1883, page 5b; also see
    26 February 1883, page 6d.
    It would appear that this club changed its name to the Adelaide Athletic and Aquatic Club which held its first meeting on the Adelaide Oval - see Register,
    21 June 1883, page 5g; also see
    18 June 1914, page 6d.
    Information on water polo is in The News,
    9 and 15 May 1929, pages 2d and 3f.

    "Polo - A Little History" is in the Advertiser,
    6 April 1925, page 17c,
    "Gymkhana at Birkalla" on
    12 April 1926, page 14c.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    9 April 1927, page 33.

    "Injured at Polo - Death of Mr E.C. Carter" is in the Observer,
    17 April 1926, page 16b.

    A photograph of "polo on motor cycles" is in the Register,
    4 October 1926, page 5.

    "Polo - A Few Candid Thoughts" is in the Observer,
    11 February 1928, page 10e,
    "Polo Past and Present" on
    31 March 1928, page 20b.

    "The History of Polo" is in the Advertiser,
    13 May 1929, page 18e.

    "Polo Has Brighter Outlook in SA" is in The News,
    4 January 1934, page 8e,
    "Women and Polo" on
    13 February 1934, page 10d,
    "Practice by Polo Girls" on
    9 January 1936, page 14g.

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    A meeting called to consider forming a Quoit Club is reported in the Adelaide Times,
    13 April 1850, page 3f.

    Information on the game in South Australia is in the Express,
    20 August 1872, page 2c,
    14 October 1872, page 2e,
    17 December 1872, page 2c,
    26 August 1882, page 19e,
    1 December 1883, page 19a,
    15 September 1883, page 15b,
    19 October 1883, page 2c,
    2 April 1884, page 6g,
    14 May 1884, page 3e,
    26 August 1884, page 3e,
    27 August 1886, page 4b,
    3 December 1888, page 4c.

    A SA Quoit Association dinner is reported in the Register,
    15 February 1884, page 5c; see
    23 February 1884, page 7d for a report of a contest at "five pounds a side".

    "Interstate Quoits" is in the Observer,
    5 April 1902, page 21c.

    A report on local competition is in the Express,
    9 December 1915, page 4g.

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