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    South Australia - Sport

    Fox Hunting

    "Hunting in South Australia" is in the South Australian Magazine, 1841-1842, page 477.

    "Adelaide Hunt Club - Its Inception and Birthplace" is in the Observer,
    29 September 1900, page 19b.

    "The First Hunt Club Meeting" is in the Advertiser,
    5 October 1927, page 11g,
    "Our First Hounds" on
    30 May 1935, page 17a.

    "Hunting - Old Memories" is in theRegister,
    2 June 1906, page 5h,
    13 August 1906, page 9b,
    3 and 24 September 1906, pages 8g and 5h.

    "Mr Hamilton's Hounds" is in the Southern Australian,
    6 and 9 July 1841, pages 3b and 3b;
    hunts are reported on
    22 July 1842, page 3c,
    9 June 1843, page 3a,
    20 October 1843, page 2d,
    21 November 1843, page 2d.

    A hunt at Dry Creek is described in Adelaide Miscellany,
    page 122; also see
    23 March 1844, page 5a.

    "Eight Days with the Northern Hounds" is in the SA Gazette & Mining Journal,
    12 August 1848, page 4b.

    "Kangaroos and Dingoes for the Adelaide Hunt Club" is in the Observer,
    10 July 1869, page 7c.

    Photographs of masters and secretaries of the Adelaide Hunt Club from 1869 to 1913 are in the Observer,
    10 May 1913, page 31.

    A sketch of "The Adelaide Hunt" is in The Lantern,
    7 July 1877.

    "A Day With the Adelaide Hounds" is in the Register,
    28 July 1884, page 7a.

    "Ladies Hunting" is in the Register,
    8 July 1893, page 7f.

    "A Sad Fatality in the Hunting Field" is in the Express,
    17 June 1895, page 3c.

    Fox hunting with hounds is discussed in the Register,
    6 June 1896, page 4f.

    Editorials on "The Hunt Club" are in the Advertiser,
    6 June 1896, page 4g,
    3 June 1899, page 4g,
    "Hunting and Huntsmen" on
    7 June 1897, page 4f,
    "Hound and Horn" on
    27 September 1897, page 4f.

    "Hunting and the Late Season" is in the Advertiser,
    26 September 1898, page 4e,
    "The Adelaide Hounds in Kennels" on
    10 June 1899, page 11b.

    "A Visit to the Kennels" is in the Observer,
    10 and 17 January 1899, pages 42d and 13c.

    "The Hunting Season" is in the Advertiser,
    9 June 1900, page 6d and
    "Point to Point" on
    30 July 1900, page 4d,
    "The Hunt Club Races" on
    24 September 1900, page 4e,
    "The City Huntsman" on
    5 October 1901, page 6d.

    "The Adelaide Hunt Club - Its Inception and Birthplace" is in the Register,
    22 September 1900, page 5e.

    A photograph of the opening of the hunt season is in the Chronicle,
    21 June 1902, page 40.

    "A Fox Hunt in the South-East" is in the Observer,
    14 February 1903, page 18a.

    "Old Memories" are in the Register,
    6 and 13 August 1906, pages 8a and 9b,
    3, 10, 17 and 24 September 1906, pages 8g, 8g, 9a and 5h.
    Reminiscences of the Adelaide Hunt Club appear on
    27 September 1913, page 13d; also see
    27 September 1919, page 8d,
    30 May 1925, page 8f,
    "Tally Ho!" on 5 June 1923, page 8c.

    Biographical details of E.M. Luxmoore, Master of the Hounds, are in the Register,
    3 April 1914, page 10a.

    "Horses, Hounds and Oddments" is in the Observer,
    25 June 1921, page 19d,
    16 July 1921, page 18a;
    also see Register,
    18 and 25 June 1921, pages 7f and 7d,
    2 July 1921, page 7b,
    23 July 1921, page 7f.

    An editorial on the sport is in the Advertiser,
    2 June 1923, page 12h.

    "Night Fox Hunting by Motor" is in The Mail,
    16 May 1925, page 1f; also see
    12 December 1925, page 42b.

    Spotlight hunting of foxes is discussed in The News,
    11 January 1926, page 4e,
    "In the Spotlight - Thrills of Fox-Hunting" is in The Mail,
    22 September 1928, page 18d.

    An obituary of R.A. Sanders is in the Observer,
    12 June 1926, page 39b.

    Historical information on the Adelaide Hunt Club is in The Mail,
    22 April 1933, page 15.

    The origin of the fox decoy whistle is discussed in the Advertiser,
    28 May 1934, page 16g,
    4 June 1934, page 10h.

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