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    South Australia - Sport

    Pigeon Racing and Shooting

    A Brief Essay on Pigeon Shooting

    This blood sport originated in England about 1790 and before long it became a profitable venture for publicans who "gave a fat pig, a silver watch or a second hand gun to be mpeted for [by people] who were too blind to see that the entrance, the profit on the birds, and the dinner ticket... and the consumption of coarse liquors, left a wide margin of profit for the liberal Boniface."

    "With such gatherings, and the prospect of gambling in a small way, there sprung up professed pigeon-shots who travelled the country, and made a profit of their expertness if they won, or probably brought matters to a wrangle if they could not. It was part of their education - the height of their ambition - to learn old tricks and to invent new ones. "They bribed the ""trapper"" to pull slowly, to select large and conspicuously coloured birds from the hamper for them, to abstract one or two wing feathers so as to retard its flight, or to squeeze it as he placed it in the trap... This trap or box was so arranged as to throw the birds on one side when the string was pulled, and ensured a side shot favourable to the cheat's practise or position."

    Clubs were established in the early 1800s and matches took place for large sums "which staggered the propriety of the more experienced and sober of their own class..." Pigeon shooting came to South Australia with the first emigrants and by the early 1850s matches were reported at Thebarton as being conducted by Mr Barnett of the Wheatsheaf Tavern. In the first event in 1853 a fowling-piece valued at 12 was shot for in sweepstakes between eleven shooters "at six birds each".

    In 1854 a series of matches was conducted and a "party of crack shots... agreed to patronise the ""spread"" " which consisted of five matches for stakes ranging from one to twenty pounds a side. There was a tie between three shooters in the final event for they killed the whole of their birds and as there were no more birds to shoot at the stakes were divided equally.

    A spectator of one of these so-called sporting events has left a description of the needless slaughter:

    The shooting of birds on a Sunday, including pigeon matches, was considered by some to be a desecration of the Sabbath and in 1848 a Walkerville resident aired his opinion:

    General Notes

    According to the Register of 15 August 1885 at page 5d the first pigeon match in South Australia was held on Mrs W.A. Barnes' property at Bowden.

    Live pigeon shooting at the Kangaroo Hotel on the South Road is reported in the Register,
    6 and 12 December 1853, pages 3c and 3e;
    at the Cremorne Hotel, Unley on
    13 December 1856, page 2f; also see
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    7 December 1905, page 4f,
    9 September 1921, page 10e and Place Names - Thebarton.

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    "Pigeon Shooting" on
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    A meeting of the SA Gun Club is reported in the Observer,
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    A carrier pigeon contest is reported in the Express,
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    A Grand National Handicap at Morphettville is reported in the Chronicle,
    26 August 1899, page 31e.

    The first annual dinner of the SA Homing Pigeon Association is reported in the Chronicle,
    18 April 1903, page 31e; also see
    5 May 1904, page 4b.

    A parliamentary debate on pigeon shooting is reported in the Advertiser,
    7 and 12 December 1905, pages 8h and 6e.
    A photograph is in the Observer,
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    Information on Mr Baulderstone, the champion of the world in pigeon shooting, is in The News,
    11 July 1928, page 4c.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    22 May 1930, page 32,
    29 May 1930, page 17.

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