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    South Australia - Sport


    Boxing and Wrestling

    An Essay on Boxing and Wrestling

    (Taken from an unpublished manuscript by Geoffrey H. Manning, From Tribal Land to Township - A History of Thebarton)

    By 1845 the public "houses of entertainment of the Port Road [were] literally crammed with the knowing ones from ""rosy morn till dewy eye"" " heralding a colonial interest in prize-fighting and one which, according to a newspaper editor, should only be reported upon in a like manner to duels, robberies and murders, he being convinced that publicity, in a right-minded community, was always the best corrective for such atrocities.

    He suggested that a taste for prize fighting had long been the reproach of the populace of England and feared that it fondly lingered "amongst the degraded and polluted sections of the lower classes in the mother country" and hoped and prayed that the industrious and thriving labourers of South Australia would, one and all, "set their faces in flint against this horrible, this debasing vice.

    In December 1845 a Thebarton chairmaker, Charley Barnett "stood up" against Johnny White "at the back of Hindmarsh", the stakes being 20 a side - "Charley stood up admirably, but strength of arm and science were said to be too much for the chairmaker who was compelled, how ever reluctantly, to give in."

    To escape opprobrium in Adelaide boxing matches were conducted on Yorke Peninsula and, in 1863, the steamer Young Australian was chartered to convey contestants and fans across Saint Vincent Gulf to Surveyor's Point where they landed to witness a bout described as "undecided"; however, on the trip home two intoxicated would-be "pugs" had a set-to on the deck. A return match for the two professionals took place a few weeks later at the foothills where they belaboured one another until one of them "felt or feigned an indisposition" to continue the contest.

    Apparently unaware of the past history of Thebarton in the realm of pugilism, an interesting three-cornered "contest" between the Corporation, a boxing promoter and venue owner occurred in 1894 as indicated in the following newspaper report:

    Mrs Coveney then refused permission for the use of the hall but the concerned citizens feared that other owners of prospective venues might be less scrupulous and, accordingly, asked the Corporation to formulate a by-law outlawing such events.

    Councillors were unanimous in their support of the request and Councillor Boland said he would be sorry to see "anything of the kind obtain a footing in Thebarton, as he was sure that a lowering of the tone of the town would result' and moved a motion to ban such contests within the town which was carried without dissent.

    To Thebarton goes the honour of being the venue for the first wrestling match in South Australia for in January 1848 an event took place on the Thebarton Racecourse when a reporter proclaimed that:

    General Notes

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