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    The Rabbit Pest


    An account of Governor Phillip's voyage to Australia in 1787-88 says that five rabbits accompanied him, while in 1836 "the harmony of the little settlement [of Melbourne] was disturbed by a dispute between Henry Batman and John P. Fawkner in connection with the destruction of rabbits". In December 1859 the clipper Lightning sailed into Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, with a consignment of hares, partridges and 24 wild rabbits destined for Mr Thomas Austin of Barwon Park; it is believed that these were the ancestors of the pest which now overuns much of Australia.

    The Rabbit in South Australia

    Apparently, the first mention of the presence of rabbits in the colony was on 4 October 1840 when the vessel Governor Gawler, under the command of Captain Emanuel Underwood, arrived at Port Adelaide from Encounter Bay with '30 trusses of hay, a cask of oil, seven whalers' chests and 16 rabbits [their place of origin was not stated].' Later, on 15 January 1841, the Southern Australian had an advertisement of M. Evans, Launceston Hotel, Adelaide, 'For sale - 100 rabbits, bucks and does, young and old.'

    A few hares were liberated and acclimatised at the Reedbeds in 1862 and an editor of the local press opined:

    In the early history of the colony the domesticated rabbit was a rarity but, by 1864, they had increased to such an extent that complaints about all sorts of depredations in settlers' gardens were abroad. Samuel Tomkinson, in a letter to the Register in July 1871 told of the introduction of the rabbit into the ranges and issued a warning:

    As to the eradication of the pest a concerned citizen suggested that:

    In 1875 a Bill to provide for the suppression of the rabbit nuisance was introduced into the South Australian Parliament and, in 1887, both the Victorian and South Australian governments collaborated in building a rabbit proof fence extending for 290 miles. 'Cost and maintenance was considerable and the fence did not do what was expected of it. Gates were left open, and drift vegetation and sand made the netting useless.' To give some idea of the rabbit population, statistics show that in 1932 three quarters of a million carcases were exported to the United Kingdom from South Australia alone and in the same time 380,000 lbs of rabbit skins were sold at Adelaide skin sales. It took about seven or eight skins to make a pound, so the weight sold represented about 3,000,000 rabbits.

    In 1876 the first report of a provincial meeting concerned with the 'rabbit nuisance' was reported in the Adelaide press; this culminated in a deputation to the responsible Minister attended by representatives from the Hundreds of Julia Creek, Neales and English. On the Anlaby Estate from July 1875 until December 1876 139,680 scalps were paid for and 100 expended in digging out burrows.

    Following the enactment of the Vermin Destruction Act of 1879 official government parties were employed throughout the infested areas of the colony under the command of inspectors. The main method of eradication was the use of bisulphide of carbon which was pumped into warrens; traps, dogs and snares were also resorted to, together with arsenicised sandalwood leaves and phosphorised grain.

    During the period from September to April the eradication parties worked upon Crown and leasehold land from 5 to 11 am, rested until 3 pm and worked again from that hour until it was dark, excepting on Saturdays when the hours were from 5 am until 1 pm. By this arrangement the men were employed during the time that the rabbits came out to feed; from May 1 until August 31 the hours were 7 am until 5 pm. At the same time the inspectors in charge were instructed to induce local farmers to institute simultaneous action for the destruction of the rabbits and burrows existing upon their land. Later, the Jamestown Review of 30 October 1879 was pleased to report that in surrounding Hundreds - 'The rabbit nuisance is being rapidly abated... they cannot withstand the overpowering influence of the deadly bisulphide...'

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    General Notes

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    Also see Place Names - Compton.

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    One pastoralist was bent upon ridding his property of the pest and the Register of
    2 May 1884, page 7g has a report on the importation of 100 mongoose for the purpose.
    21 July 1860, page 3b for an account of their importation to SA and Register,
    2 May 1884, page 7g,
    28 August 1886, page 7g.

    A trip through a "Vermin District" is described in the Register,
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    See Place Names - Colton for a comprehensive series of letters on the plague and:
    Place Names - Yednalue
    Place Names - Wonna
    Place Names - South-East - Miscellany
    Place Names - Orroroo.

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