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    South Australia - Flora and Fauna


    "The Bunyip" is in the South Australian,
    16 February 1847, page 8b,
    23 April 1847, page 4d,
    "A Real Bunyip" on
    24 November 1848, page 2f.

    Information on the sighting of "interstate" bunyips is in the Register,
    23 December 1856, page 2d and
    SA Gazette & Mining Journal,
    12 August 1848, page 4c.

    An account of a Mount Gambier bunyip is in the Register,
    30 December 1852, page 3a:

    The presence of a bunyip in a lagoon near Melrose is reported in the Register, 28 November 1853, page 3f:

    "The Bunyip" is in the Observer,
    27 December 1856, page 6h.

    A report and description of a bunyip sighted in a small salt water lake between Robe and Beachport are in the Register,
    20 August 1881, page 5d.

    The "Koolunga Bunyip" was the cause for concern in the early 1880s and the Register of 21 February 1883 at page 6c carries a lengthy report on the monster:

    The capture of a "bunyip" near Dublin by Mr W.H. Cornish and subsequent events is reported in the Register,
    19 August 1884, page 5b.

    A report of a bunyip in Warra Warra Waterhole near Crystal Brook is in the Register, 31 January 1889, page 5b:

    "The Bunyip of the South-East" is in the Register,
    6 October 1893, page 5c,
    7 October 1893, page 31e.

    The Register of 27 August 1895, page 5b makes mention of a bunyip lurking in Umpherston Cave, near Mount Gambier.

    "Berri's Mystery Creature" is in The News,
    19 December 1932, page 8a.

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