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    South Australia - Crime, Law and Punishment


    Recollections of Incarceration

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    Adelaide - Gaols
    Reformatories and the Law
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    "The Daily Life of a Convict" is in the Register,
    12 January 1866, page 2c.

    "A Night in a Lock-Up" is in the Register,
    4 May 1866, page 2h.

    Stick-ups are discussed in the Observer,
    12 May 1866, pages 4h-6d,
    16 June 1866, page 6d.

    "The Stockade and Its Evils" is in the Express,
    13 April 1869, page 2e,
    "A Victim of the Stockade" in the Chronicle,
    22 May 1869, pages 8d-12a.

    "Prison Dietary" is in the Register,
    3 June 1869, page 2e.

    An editorial on female inmates of gaols is in the Advertiser,
    25 October 1875, page 4e.

    "Four Days on Remand" is in the Observer,
    11 December 1875, page 8a.

    "Two Days in the Watchhouse" is in the Chronicle,
    8 February 1879, page 1b (supp.).

    "Committed for Trial - By a Sufferer" is in the Observer,
    3 May 1879, page 19d.

    "A Night in the City Watch House" is in the Chronicle,
    17 January 1885, page 8e.

    "An Experienced and Entertaining Prisoner" is in the Observer,
    6 August 1887, page 29a.

    "In the Stockade" is in the Chronicle,
    24 November 1888, page 5b.

    The reminiscences of a prison chaplain are in the Express,
    28 October 1890, page 3f,
    8 November 1890, page 7d.

    "Prison Life" is commented upon in the Advertiser,
    30 June 1904, page 4d.

    "From Theatre to Gaol - Twenty-Four Hours Behind Bars" is in the Advertiser,
    17 March 1905, page 5h.

    "Gaols and Their Inmates - A Chat on Prison Life" is in the Advertiser,
    14 June 1913, page 6d.

    "The Convict - Has He Any Hope?" is in The Mail,
    9 February 1918, page 2g; also see
    11 May 1918, page 2g.

    "Life in Yatala Described" is in The News,
    8 and 12 September 1923, pages 7a and 8f.

    "Behind the Scenes at Yatala - The Story of an Ex-Prisoner" is in the Register,
    17 July 1926, page 9h.

    "Life in Yatala - Former Prisoner's Story" is in the Advertiser,
    7 January 1932, page 8d.

    "Amazing Escapes from Prison" is in The Mail,
    1 July 1933, page 19.

    Also see Adelaide - Gaols, Reformatories and the Law.

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