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    Adelaide - Entertainment and the Arts

    Organs and Organists

    Also see Adelaide - City Council, Twon Hall and Allied Matters - Town Hall Organ

    Information on the manufacture of organs by Mr S.C. Lohrmann is in the Express,
    20 August 1864, page 2d,
    of an organ imported from Germany on
    7 May 1867, page 2c.

    Information on an organ made by J.W. Wolff is in the Observer,
    3 December 1864, page 5h,
    20 November 1877, page 2d.

    An organ recital by W.R. Pybus is reported in the Register,
    26 April 1878, page 5c.

    "The King of Instruments - A Glance at the Organs of Adelaide" is in the Register,
    26 January 1899, page 7a.

    "An Adelaide Made Organ" is in the Observer,
    28 March 1885, page 38b.
    An organ made at Broad and Co's factory in Hanson Street is described in the Register,
    7 November 1885, page 5a.

    An obituary of Mr A. Wyatt, a prominent organist, is in the Chronicle,
    10 October 1896, page 19a.

    Biographical details of T.H. Jones, organist and choirmaster, are in the Register,
    1 September 1902, page 5a.

    Information on a blind organist, Mr A. Hollins, is in the Express,
    27 June 1904, page 1f.

    "A Musical City - Among the Church Organs" is in the Express,
    28 January 1899, page 7f.

    Information on the organist, W.R. Pybus, is in the Express,
    4 April 1903, page 4f.

    "A Veteran Organist {James Shakespeare]" is in the Register,
    27 January 1906, page 7b.
    An obituary of James Shakespeare, "a veteran organist", is in the Register,
    5 October 1912, page 17a,
    12 October 1912, page 53c.

    "An Artistic Organist - Mr Horace Weber is in The Mail,
    25 April 1914, page 9b.

    A lengthy series of articles on young South Australian organists, musicians, singers, etc, commence in The Mail on 21 April 1928, page 14c.

    J.E. Dodd's organ factory is discussed in the Register,
    8 August 1908, page 14e.

    A mouth organ band is reported upon in The News,
    12 September 1927, page 8e.

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