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    Adelaide - City Council, Town Hall and Allied Matters

    The Town Hall Organ

    (Taken from Geoffrey H. Manning's A Colonial Experience)

    On 2 October 1877 the Adelaide Town Hall organ was played publicly for the first time, the occasion being the swearing in of the governor, Sir W.F.D. Jervois. Built by the famous London firm of William Hill & Sons, who were responsible for the organs now in Westminster Abbey and Queen's Hall, the instrument had, originally, but three manuals, with 38 speaking and nine mechanical stops.

    In 1885, the Adelaide firm of Finchem & Hobday added a fourth, or solar manual, of nine stops with additional mechanical aids. Since its installation the care of the organ has been in the able hands of Mr J.E. Dodd, to whose skilled attention its present good order is ascribable.

    Since 1877, however, not a few improvements in organ construction have taken place and, today, its need of modernisation is obvious. Brought up to date it would be possible for organ music, together with orchestral and pianoforte items judiciously arranged for 'the king of instruments', to be played effectively and without obtrusive clangour inseparable from obsolete mechanism.

    Without sacrificing existing charm, a skilful modernisation of the organ would enable talented players, of whom we have several in our living midst, to bring the best music to Adelaide folk assembled in our town hall. If at the same time, a reasonable stipend could be paid to the city organist, the best men would be attracted to compete for that proud position. With an up-to-date organ and a thoroughly capable organist, municipal music in Adelaide might well increase and flourish.

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