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    South Australia - Health

    General Health Matters


    "Mortality of Adelaide and the Province" is in the South Australian,
    23 July 1850, page 2b.

    "Proportionate Mortality of the Two Sexes" is in the Observer,
    6 February 1858, page 5d,
    "Statistics of Mortality in 1857" on
    20 February 1858, page 6d.

    "Mortality of the Colony" is in the Observer,
    7 May 1864, page 6f.

    "The Mortality of England and South Australia" is in the Register,
    9 April 1866, page 2e; also see
    19, 24, 25 and 26 April 1866, pages 3h, 2d, 3a and 2e,
    5 May 1866, page 3a.

    "Mortality in the Agricultural Districts" is in the Observer,
    28 April 1866, page 3b (supp.),
    12 May 1866, page 1d (supp.),
    19 and 25 April 1866, pages 3h and 3a,
    5 May 1866, page 3a.

    "Effects of the Heat - Mortality Among Elderly People" is in the Advertiser,
    31 December 1897, page 6d.

    "Births, Deaths and Marriages" is in the Observer,
    30 July 1898, page 31a; also see
    26 November 1898, page 15e under "The Health of Unley".

    "From Cradle to Tomb" is in the Observer,
    5 August 1899, page 41a,
    "South Australia's Mortality Record" is in the Advertiser,
    18 August 1899, page 4d.

    "A Social Problem [Falling Birthrate]" is in the Observer,
    14 October 1899, page 41a,
    24 November 1900, pages 25b-29e.

    Statistics of births, deaths and marriages are in the Observer,
    14 September 1901, page 44a.

    "The Ages of People - Interesting Census Facts" is in the Observer,
    24 May 1902, page 34a.

    "Tragedy of Maternal Mortality" is in the Advertiser,
    26, 29, 30 and 31 July 1935, pages 14g, 14g, 18g and 8e,
    "Reduction of Maternal Mortality" on
    5, 8, 9 and 19 March 1935, pages 14c, 20f, 19c and 14e.

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