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    South Australia - Health


    (Taken from Geoffrey H. Manning's A Colonial Experience)

    This disease took the lives of many children in the nineteenth century and during the 1850s it was called 'diphtherite'; in 1859, a grieving mother set down the symptoms of this disease which proved fatal to her daughter within forty-eight hours:

    The Editor commented that 'as this disease has occasionally manifested itself in the colony before' he reproduced a letter which appeared originally in the London Times. It included an alleged cure:

    Dr H.T. Whittel, of Adelaide, cautioned readers and declared that 'prescriptions in newspapers are not generally of value.' He went on:

    The years rolled by and diphtheria continued to kill the children of South Australia and in 1885 another 'cure' was propounded; it was claimed that it issued from a doctor in Victoria, where it had been used 'with great success':

    Dr Whittel became Chairman of the Central Board of Health in the 1880s and was to report that in 1883 there had been 1,627 infant deaths, a rate of 145 deaths in the first year for every 1,000 live births.

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    "Should a Man's Life Be Saved Against His Will" is in the Register,
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    A comment on euthanasia under the heading "Is Killing Sometimes Kind" is in the Register, 18 March 1902, page 4d:

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