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    Place Names of South Australia - O

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing

    Osmanli Reef


    On Kangaroo Island, named after a steamer which was wrecked there on 25 November 1853.

    General Notes

    The ship is described in the Register,
    31 August 1853, page 3b and
    the wreck is reported in the same newspaper on
    30 November 1853, page 2d and
    5 December 1853, page 3c.
    Bars of gold were reported missing from the ship - see Register,
    6, 12 and 14 December 1853, pages 3b, 3d and 3c respectively and
    5, 21 and 23 January 1854, pages 3b, 3d and 3d.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Osmond, Mount


    Named after Osmond Gilles. (See Place Names - Glen Osmond..)

    General Notes

    A "New Garden Suburb" is described in the Register, 29 October 1925, page 11a.

    Information on the golf links is in the Advertiser,
    29 October 1925,
    25 August 1926, page 11h,
    "A Country Club" appears on
    30 June 1927, page 12a; also see
    The Mail,
    2 July 1927, page 11c.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    23 July 1927, page 31,
    12 June 1930, page 31.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Golf.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    On 27 October 1851, George Dale obtained the land grant of section 1160, Hundred of Port Adelaide which he sold to Thomas Ottaway, licensed victualler, in 1853. Upon his death his executors sold the land to Seth Ferry and Robert T. Moore, who laid out the suburb in 1883 and suggested that to the labouring man 'the possession of one or two allotments would probably be the nucleus of a moderate competency and perhaps ultimately lead to a fortune'. It would appear that Messrs Ferry and Moore erred when they instructed the surveyor to head the plan 'Ottoway'.

    General Notes

    The 50th wedding anniversary of Mr & Mrs John Ottaway is reported in the Register,
    5 January 1901, page 5c,
    Observer, 12 January 1901, page 29b.

    A photograph of four generations of the Ottaway family is in the Observer,
    27 June 1908, page 32; also see
    19 November 1910, page 29A.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    The name was first applied by P. Levi, A.A., H.L. and P.B. Sprigg to pastoral lease no. 558 in 1857. Aboriginal for 'good water'.

    General Notes

    A sketch of the woolshed is in the Illustrated Adelaide Post,
    9 August 1871, page 15.

    The run is described in the Observer,
    7 August 1897, page 3b,
    20 August 1884, page 5h and
    12 July 1890, page 6a,
    25 July 1890, page 6a,
    20 July 1897, page 5i,
    17 September 1907, page 6e;
    a discovery of silver on it by J. Treloar on
    14 July 1885, page 5e,
    a gold find on
    21 November 1885, page 4e and
    5 December 1885, page 5e and
    a slate discovery is reported on
    12 July 1890, page 5e.
    Also see South Australia - Mining - Sport.

    "Oulnina Mineral Country" is in the Observer,
    31 August 1889, page 36d.

    "Important Discovery of Slate" is in the Register,
    12 July 1890, page 5f.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Building Stone.

    The Oulnina Spring is described in the Register,
    28 April 1892, page 7c,
    4 May 1892, page 6f.

    Also see South Australia - Northern Lands Development and Allied Matters - Water, Artesian Wells and Springs.

    The sale of the property is reported in the Register,
    18 January 1907, page 4e.

    The breaking up of the property into smaller holdings is reported in the Register,
    21 March 1911, page 4e,
    25 March 1911, page 15g.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    A railway station 66 km NNE of Yunta took its name from a pastoral lease taken up by W. and J. Jacob on 15 June 1855 (lease no. 402). Aboriginal for 'water in the gap'.

    General Notes

    An account of bushrangers in the district is in the Register,
    9, 16 and 17 July 1868, pages 2f, 2e and 2g,
    while the station is described on
    21 and 22 November 1887, pages 6d and 6b,
    2 August 1890, page 6b,
    17 September 1907, page 6e.

    "Gold from Outalpa" is in the Observer,
    21 June 1879, page 14b.
    Information on a local gold mine is in the Chronicle,
    2 August 1902, page 13d.
    "Is it Radium" is in the Register,
    5, 8, 11 and 16 May 1906, pages 7c, 4g, 5c and 5f.
    Also see South Australia - Mining - Gold.

    "Charitable Entertainment at Outalpa" is in the Register,
    3 October 1884, page 5a.

    The pastoral station is described in the Advertiser,
    21 July 1887, page 7b,
    and its sale in the Observer,
    4 September 1897, page 14b; also see
    9 September 1907, page 8d.

    The obituary of Henry Foote, a one-time lessee of the station, is in the Register,
    16 September 1893, page 5a,
    of Samuel Hayes in the Register, 3 February 1897, page 5c, Observer,
    6 February 1897, page 29d.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    On sections 1961-62, Hundred of Clare laid out by the Royal Mining Company circa 1862. The plan is headed 'Outawurta-Jacob Springs-Emu Flat'.

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Mining - Gold.

    For an editorial on the Royal Mining Co at Emu Flats, etc, see Register,
    9, 11 and 12 July 1850, pages 3a, 2c and 3a. It is apparent that the Company fell upon hard times for the Register of 4 March 1854 has a plaintive letter from a disgruntled shareholder:

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Outer Harbor


    A descriptive name applied to differentiate it from the inner harbor, ie., Port Adelaide.

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Maritime Affairs.

    A letter setting out the need for "A Port for the Colony" is in the Register,
    7 November 1864, page 3b.

    "Port Harbour Improvements" is in the Register,
    12 January 1870, page 7b.

    Parliamentary Paper 113/1876 is concerned with "Forming an Outer Harbor"; also see
    27 October 1875, page 3a,
    3, 8 and 10 November 1875, pages 5a-g, 6f and 6g,
    11, 14, 18, 20 (supp.), 25 (supp.) 27 (supp.) and
    30 September 1876, pages 6b, 4e, 6g, 2e-f, 2b-c, 2e and 7d,
    3 October 1876, pages 5f-6g,
    17 and 24 January 1877, pages 7c and 5f,
    10, 17, 21 and 26 February 1877, pages 5f, 7a, 4f and 4d.

    "Acommodation for Ocean Steamers at or Near Port Adelaide" is in the Register,
    26 February 1877, page 5.

    "The Outer Harbour Question" is in the Observer,
    3 March 1877, page 1 (supp.).

    Also see Advertiser,
    3 March 1877, page 1 (supp.),
    1, 7, 9, 16 and 22 March 1877, pages 6b, 5e-f, 6b, 5e and 6a,
    19 June 1877, pages 5a-6e,
    25 and 30 March (supp.) 1878, pages 6e and 1c,
    27 August 1878, page 6d,
    20 September 1878, page 4g,
    23 October 1878, page 6b,
    27 November 1878, page 5a,
    5 and 17 (supp.) July 1879, pages 6e and 2g,
    16 and 18 September 1879, pages 6c and 6f,
    1, 14 and 21 October 1879, pages 4e-5g, 4c and 4f,
    6 November 1880, page 6g.

    "The Inner and Outer Harbours" is in the Register,
    14 April 1880, pages 4d-1f (supp.).

    A "New Outer Harbour Scheme" is discussed in the Register,
    1 January 1881, page 6b -
    for subsequent debate and comment see
    4, 5, and 11 February 1881, pages 6f, 4e and 7a,
    1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 12 and 16 March 1881, pages 6d, 1f (supp.), 1f (supp.), 7c, 7c, 7c and 7b,
    2 April 1881, page 6d,
    4 June 1881 (supp.), page 1g,
    26 July 1881 (supp.), page 1g,
    6, 12 and 28 October 1881, pages 4d-g, 6e and 6c.

    "The Proposed Ocean Dock" is in the Chronicle,
    8 July 1882, page 7a,
    26 August 1882, page 2e.

    Also see Register,
    8 and 28 May 1883, pages 4d and 6d,
    2 June 1884, page 4e,
    19 January 1885, page 4h,
    20 and 23 April 1885, pages 4g and 5a,
    20 August 1885, page 4h,
    2 and 4 September 1885, pages 4e and 7h,
    6 October 1886, pages 4f-7b,
    15 August 1888, page 6d,
    20, 21 and 24 November 1888, pages 4g, 5b and 6e,
    29 July 1889, page 6g,
    1 and 15 August 1889, pages 4f and 4g,
    26 November 1890, page 4g,
    20 March 1893, page 5h.

    An editorial on Outer Harbor is in the Observer,
    14 September 1878, page 10e.

    A proposed ocean dock is discussed in the Register,
    20 June 1882, page 48-4g,
    3 and 6 July 1882, pages 5e and 4g,
    4 August 1882, page 4d; also see
    9 October 1884, page pages 4c-f,
    8 November 1884, page 4f,
    1 and 6 December 1884, pages 5f and 4h,
    15 June 1885, pages 4g-5c,
    19 August 1898, page 7b,
    27 August 1898, page 11b (sketch).

    "Outer Harbour Schemes" is in the Register,
    17 February 1898, page 6i.

    "An Outer Harbour - Past Prospects and How They Have Failed" is in the Register,
    20 April 1901, page 7i; also see
    23 April 1901, page 7g,
    31 May 1901, page 5c,
    19 June 1901, page 4e,
    13, 17 and 18 July 1901, pages 8g, 4e and 8a,
    3 August 1901, page 3g,
    26 September 1901, page 10a,
    5 and 29 November 1901, pages 8g and 4d.

    "The Outer Harbour Railway" is in the Register,
    6 January 1903, page 8e,
    30 April 1903, page 6g,
    14 May 1903, page 4f,
    14 May 1904, page 8g.
    Photographs of the railway are in the Chronicle,
    21 March 1903, page 41 and
    of the harbor construction on
    8 August 1903, page 43; also see
    30 July 1904, page 41,
    23 May 1908, page 30,
    25 January 1908, page 31.

    Also see Register,
    3 and 12 February 1902, pages 4f and 4d-6c,
    5, 6 and 23 December 1902, pages 5d, 7b and 4f,
    6 January 1903, page 8e,
    14 March 1903, page 4a,
    6 and 30 April 1903, pages 6f and 6g,
    17 June 1903, page 4e,
    11 August 1903, page 4g,
    30 September 1903, page 8d,
    7 November 1903, page 9f,
    13 January 1904, page 5a,
    6 February 1904, page 4g,
    14 May 1904, page 8g,
    16 July 1904, page 5h,
    21 March 1905, page 4e,
    17 January 1906, page 5c.

    "Largs Bay versus Light's Passage" is in the Register,
    7 June 1902, page 8g; also see
    12 and 16 June 1902, pages 6h and 3h,
    3 September 1902, page 4c.

    A historical sketch of the harbor is in the Register,
    18 July 1904, page 6e; also see
    20 and 21 July 1904, pages 9h and 3e,
    18 January 1906, page 4h,
    13 and 17 February 1906, pages 4c and 6d,
    26 March 1906, page 5c,
    24 April 1906, page 6e,
    10 November 1906, page 8e.

    Photographs are in The Critic,
    21 March 1903, page 6,
    5 December 1903, page 16,
    27 July 1904, page 16,
    23 January 1907, page 16,
    22 January 1908, page 15.

    "The Outer Harbor - A Peep Into History" is in the Register,
    15 January 1908, page 6d;
    its opening ceremony is reported on
    17 January 1908, page 7a; also see
    3 March 1908, page 6d,
    25 November 1909, page 7c,
    24 February 1910, page 9i,
    13 February 1913, page 9e.

    A field naturalists excursion is reported in the Register,
    18 February 1908, page 9f,
    13 April 1926, page 5e,
    10 August 1926, page 10g,
    24 January 1928, page 6h.

    The opening of a Tourist Bureau office is reported in the Register,
    14 September 1909, page 10a,
    25 November 1909, page 7c;
    a photograph is in the Observer,
    17 July 1909, page 30.

    A photograph of the YMCA hut is in the Observer,
    21 June 1919, page 27.

    The opening of a Seaman's Institute is reported in the Register,
    31 March 1919, page 6d,
    5 April 1919, page 13b,
    The Critic,
    2 April 1919, page 16 (photographs).

    "Rest Room for Women" is in the Register,
    29 September 1919, page 5g.

    A history of the harbour is in the Register,
    23 February 1923, page 10c.

    A photograph of a new police station is in the Chronicle,
    12 September 1925, page 40;
    of the harbor on
    12 March 1927, page 38.

    Information on a branch of the Tourist Bureau is in the Register,
    28 June 1927, page 9h.

    Information on a new Mission to Seamen is in the Register,
    6 and 16 April 1928, pages 10 and 11g.
    A photograph of the laying of the foundation stone of a mission home for seamen is in the Observer,
    21 April 1928, page 35,
    of the Lakeman Institute in the Chronicle,
    24 October 1929, page 49.

    "The State's Front Door - How Vessels Enter It" is in the Observer,
    28 July 1928, page 52c.

    Propose centenary improvements are traversed in the Advertiser,
    23 and 27 October 1934, pages 14g and 19h.

    "Three Decades of Outer Harbour" is inThe News,
    11 March 1937, page 10f.

    See Largs.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Overland Corner


    Eight kilometres north of Kingston OM. In the early days of the colony Overland Corner had a great significance for the drovers of sheep and cattle, for the well grassed river flats provided a good resting place where stock could recuperate. The inter-colonial stock route also became a mail route and in 1859 it was of sufficient importance to warrant an accommodation house, so a hotel was built there by William and George Brand on behalf of John Chambers who, with his brother James, held the Cobdogla Run.

    In the early days of the 20th century it housed the local post office, through the transition from horse coaching to a motorised service in 1913. On completion of the Adelaide-New South Wales telegraph line an overland weekly mail service was inaugurated, the mail being sorted at Overland Corner and conveyed thence to Adelaide by packhorse. The National Trust purchased the property in 1965. The 'Overland Corner Run' was established by J. Scadding in 1875.

    General Notes

    A horse race meeting is reported in the Register,
    21 April 1864, page 3d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    Wild bull hunting is described in the Register,
    19 September 1864, page 3a.

    The district is described in the Register,
    16 August 1887, page 3g,
    23 August 1909, page 5h.
    Photographs are in the Chronicle,
    22 August 1929, page 20.

    A coach trip from Morgan is described in the Chronicle,
    7 June 1902, page 35b.
    Also see South Australia - Transport - Horse Coaches.

    Its school opened in 1914 and closed in 1934.

    Photographs of the hotel are in the Observer,
    17 March 1923, page 28,
    of the lock under construction in the Chronicle,
    9 February 1924, page 36.

    "Overland Corner's Early Importance" is in the Chronicle,
    1 July 1937, page 49a.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    John Whinham was born in 1803 at Sharperton, Northumberland, England and in later years was a schoolteacher at Ovingham, near Newcastle-on-Tyne. He arrived in South Australia in 1852 and founded Whinham College, through which passed thousands of youths, many of whom won fame as lawyers and journalists. Upon his retirement the school was conducted by his son, Robert, who met an untimely death in 1884, aged 37, when he fell from a horse. The suburb was laid out in 1875 on sections 113 and 2081, Hundred of Yatala by his son William Whinham (1842-1925).

    General Notes

    A need for a railway station is discussed in the Register,
    24 January 1881, page 5b; also see
    16 February 1881, page 6b,
    27 June 1881, page 6f,
    22 November 1890, page 7d.

    A proposed Wesleyan Church is discussed in the Express,
    10 September 1881, page 2e,
    "Police Wanted at Ovingham" on
    14 September 1881, page 2f.

    Impurities in the local water supply were reported by a resident in the Register,
    25 April 1881, page 5c - "[He] got more than was desired in the shape of a centipede five inches long..."

    Also see Adelaide - Water Supply.

    Information on a hotel is in The Lantern,
    27 August 1881, page 15.

    A tramway is discussed in the Register,
    21 April 1882, page 5b, 30 May 1883, page 5b,
    7 September 1883, page 6f; also see
    25 September 1883, page 5a,
    11 December 1883, page 6e.
    Also see Adelaide - Transport - Tramways.

    "Mr Robert Whinham's Case" is in the Register,
    14 June 1866, page 3e-h.
    A sketch of Robert Whinham is in The Lantern,
    18 October 1884.
    An obituary of Mrs John Whinham is in the Register,
    5 September 1891, page 4h,
    of Mrs J.W. Parsons (nee Whinham) in the Observer,
    18 January 1908, page 40d.

    An obituary of A.A. Cox is in the Register,
    21 January 1904, page 4h,
    of Joseph M. Thomas on 13 July 1910, page 6g,
    of John H. Dixon on 16 June 1916, page 4g,
    of John Barker on 21 August 1923, page 8h,
    of George A. Formby on 23 June 1927, page 8h.

    "Among the Blockers" is in the Chronicle,
    14 September 1889, page 14b.
    Also see Place Names - Cotton, Hundred of.

    A photograph of members of a Methodist church tennis club is in The Critic,
    9 June 1915, page 16.

    A photograph of the opening of a Methodist hall and kindergarten is in the Observer,
    15 October 1927, page 37.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Owen Island


    East of Louth Bay. Probably Henry Walker Owen (1836-1898), who arrived in the Buffalo and took up pastoral lease no. 2479 in 1875 over Taylor, Grindall and Williams Islands.

    General Notes

    Its former name was "Rabbit Island" - see Government Gazette,
    10 September 1964, page 575.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names



    Governor Jervois named this town 16 km north-west of Hamley Bridge which was proclaimed on 1 May 1879 and with his inclination to glorify family and friends, (see, for example, Place Names - Cradock, Place Names - Paskeville and Place Names - Penneshaw.), together with his military background, there would appear to be little doubt that he named it after Henry Charles Cunliffe-Owen (1821-1867), a Lieut-Colonel in the Royal Engineers who passed out from the Royal Military Academy in 1839, the same year that Governor Jervois went into the Academy at Woolwich. He fought in the Crimean War, lost a leg and was invalided home.

    Another candidate for its nomenclature is mentioned in the Register, 24 February 1881, page 6b where it is reported that "His Excellency the Governor [Jervois] kindly promised to telegraph to Sir Philip Cunliffe-Owen, London..."; he was a younger brother of Henry Charles Cunliffe-Owen. Of interest is the fact that a Brigadier-General Owen was the Commandant of SA defence forces in the 1880s and one of his officers was a Major Jervois (no doubt the son of Gov Jervois) - see Register, 31 July 1885, page 7h.

    General Notes

    A sale of town allotments is reported in the Chronicle,
    18 June 1881, page 12d.

    Its school opened in 1883.
    An Arbor Day is reported in the Chronicle,
    8 September 1894, page 12g, (See South Australia - Education - Arbor Days)
    a school picnic on
    15 September 1894, page 12f,
    11 October 1902, page 13a and
    an Arbor Day on
    24 August 1895, page 12a.
    1 February 1909, page 7d,
    6 February 1909, page 16a.

    A photograph of the school's picnic committee is in the Chronicle,
    30 September 1911, page 35; also see
    28 September 1912, page 31,
    23 September 1912, page 6e.

    A mullenizing match on Mr Greenshield's paddock is reported in the Register,
    18 October 1883 (supp.), page 2c.

    A sports day is reported in the Advertiser,
    26 August 1886, page 3e and
    a cricket match in the Express,
    25 September 1886, page 3b.

    The town is described in the Register,
    23 January 1904, page 6a; also see
    8 June 1909, page 6e,
    26 February 1910, page 12g.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    15 February 1908, page 30,
    21 November 1908, page 32,
    12 December 1908, page 31.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Institute is reported in the Register,
    27 April 1906, page 3a,
    5 May 1906, page 40c; also see
    11 August 1906, page 46a.
    Information on the Institute is in the Observer,
    5 May 1906, page 40c.
    Information and photographs are in the Chronicle,
    11 August 1906, pages 27 and 40a.

    A photograph of the Methodist Church is in the Chronicle,
    4 July 1908, page 30,
    of a football team in the Observer,
    31 August 1912, page 32,
    12 September 1925, page 34,
    of a recruiting train in the Chronicle,
    8 April 1916, page 25.

    The opening of an Anglican church is reported in the Observer,
    5 March 1910, page 16d.

    Information on its water supply is in the Register,
    28 January 1911, page 15f,
    9 September 1911, page 17b,
    Register on
    30 January 1912, page 6g.
    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    Information on the Institute is in the Observer,
    5 May 1906, page 40c.
    Information and photographs are in the Chronicle,
    11 August 1906, pages 27 and 40a.

    Photographs of the golden and diamond wedding celebrations of Mr & Mrs William Hall are in the Observer,
    14 March 1914, page 32,
    Chronicle, 8 March 1924, page 38;
    an obituary of William Hall is in the Register,
    14 and 21 October 1926, pages 8g and 8h.
    Biographical details of Thomas W. Hall are in the Register,
    13 April 1928, page 10g.

    A photograph of a cricket team is in The Critic,
    15 February 1911, page 11.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Cricket - Miscellany.

    "Tractor School at Owen" is in the Observer,
    7 April 1928, page 46d.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Farming - Farm Implements.

    Owen - Obituaries

    An obituary of James McLachlan is in the Register, 7 October 1904, page 4g.

    An obituary of David Finlayson is in the Observer, 21 June 1913, page 41d,
    of Allan Young on 15 February 1919, page 38e,
    of Mrs Lucy J. Young on 28 June 1924, page 29c,
    of Joseph Shackley on 2 June 1928, page 45c.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Owienagin Gap


    Aboriginal for 'rock water lizard place'.

    General Notes

    Photographs of the district are in the Observer,
    26 February 1921, page 25.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing
    Place Names

    Oxford Landing


    The steamer City of Oxford sank there in 1909.

    General Notes

    The Oxford Landing School was opened in 1926 and closed in 1939.
    A photograph of the school's first annual picnic is in the Chronicle,
    4 October 1924, page 39.

    Osmanli Reef - Oxford Landing