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    Place Names of South Australia - E

    Eurilpa - Eyre Peninsula



    A corruption of the Aboriginal jurilpa, meaning either 'paired ears' or'sharp pointed hills'.

    General Notes

    A sports event held on Messrs Kerr's paddock is reported in the Register,
    3 January 1884, page 7d; also see
    5 November 1887, page 22e,
    3 January 1891, page 3f,
    5 January 1893, page 7b:

    Its school opened in 1888 and closed in 1908.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    It, no doubt, has some association with the steamer Eurimbla which was built at Osborne in 1921.

    General Notes

    The launching of the Eurimbla is reported in the Register,
    19 April 1921, page 4f:

    Also see Register,
    17 and 19 November 1921, pages 8d and 8e.
    Photographs are in the Chronicle,
    30 April 1921, page 25; also see
    26 November 1921, pages 29-42a,
    26 November 1921, page 23,
    The Critic,
    27 April 1921, page 14.

    A report in the Advertiser, on 14 August 1922, page 14e says:

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Euro Bluff

    Information on the pastoral property is in the Observer, 12 January 1924, page 16c:

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    Derived from the Aboriginal yurro-mina - 'place of the lizard's eye'.

    General Notes

    The Euromina School opened in 1915 and closed in 1950.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Euromudla Hill

    South-East of Lake Torrens. Aboriginal for kangaroo head; the hill is supposed to resemble the head of this animal; euro - "kangaroo" and mudla - "head".

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    In the early 1860s William Bakewell purchased portion of section 279, Hundred of Adelaide and subdivided it into one to twenty-acre blocks suitable for vineyards, calling it 'Bakewell Town'. On 1 January 1861 Henry Goss registered the purchase of lot 50 of the subdivision comprising 12 acres and on it he built a house calling it 'Evandale'. (By 1880 hard times had befallen Henry Goss and in 1885 his 'Evandale House' was offered for sale by the mortgagee.)

    In 1876 Francis Opie subdivided lot 36 and called it Evendale (sic) while in December 1881 Henry Woodcock created Evandale out of lots 37, 38 and 39; this subdivision lay between Bakewell Rd. and Jones St. and was bisected by Belinda, Morris (see Place Names - Saint Morris ) and Elizabeth Streets.

    The name was also given to a subdivision of fourteen sections in the Hundred of Jellicoe into large rural blocks by Frederick L. and Mary A. Evans in 1914. He was a great-grandson of George Fife Angas whose daughter Sarah married Henry Evans who, in February 1851, described his property as Evandale on the Rhine.

    General Notes

    A letter from Mr Evans is in the Observer,
    23 November 1844, page 4c.

    Mr Evans' winemaking is discussed in the Register,
    21 February 1860, page 3d;
    his vineyards are described in the Advertiser,
    29 January 1862, page 2e.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Viticulture

    A presentation to Henry Evans is reported in the Register,
    8 January 1867, page 2e.
    A notice of the death of Henry Evans is in the Register,
    16 April 1868, page 3e;
    also see Place Names - North Rhine.
    A memorial is described on
    26 August 1868, page 2f:

    The opening of a new Independent Chapel is reported in the Chronicle,
    18 November 1865,
    20 November 1865, page 3e.

    The diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs F.L. Gericke is reported in the Register,
    30 October 1907, page 4h;
    his obituary is in the Register,
    28 April 1915, page 6g,
    1 May 1915, page 45b.

    A report of the laying of the foundation stone of a new Congregational Church within the Adelaide suburb is reported in the Register,
    13 February 1928, page 6e.

    Evandale - Obituaries

    An obituary of Sarah Lindsay Evans is in the Register,
    8 and 10 June 1898, pages 4i and 7g.
    An obituary of Henry A. Evans is in the Register, 5 September 1901, page 5b,
    Observer, 7 September 1901;
    also see 27 December 1902, page 33e.
    An obituary of Samuel Ellis is in the Observer,
    18 February 1899, page 15b,
    of Mrs Frances Morris, hotelier, on 26 December 1903, page 33a,
    of Andrew Logan on 8 May 1909, page 38a,
    of Frederick Buder on 25 April 1914, page 39a,
    of Mrs W. Lapthorne on 13 November 1915, page 46a.

    An obituary of Elijah Bowen is in the Register,
    21 May 1928, page 11f,
    of Mrs Angas Evans on 16 October 1928, page 13f.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Everard Park


    Also see Place Names - Ashford.

    Dr Charles G. Everard arrived in South Australia in 1836 and farmed land in the Unley district from 1838 until his death in 1876.

    The name commemorates the Everard family, who held sections 43 and 44 for over seventy years.

    General Notes

    An 1837 letter written by Dr C.G. Everard is reproduced in the Register,
    30 December 1901, page 6f.

    An obituary of C.J. Everard is in the Observer, 30 July 1892, page 34c;
    also see 3 September 1892, page 29d,
    of Ralph Everard on 19 September 1908, page 42a,
    of C.E. Everard on 16 January 1915, page 42a,
    of W.F. Everard on 20 February 1915, page 42a.

    A photograph of "Everard Estate, Forestville" is in The Critic,
    3 February 1909, page 12.

    An obituary of Mrs Charlotte Everard is in the Register,
    12 January 1915, page 4h.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Everard, Hundred of


    William Everard, MP (1865-1872).

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Politics

    A school of this name was opened in 1882 and closed in 1903;
    Everard Central School opened in 1910 and had its name changed to "Everard East" in 1915;
    closed in 1937.
    Everard West School operated from 1901 until 1943;
    Lake Everard Rural School opened in 1968 and closed in 1969.

    William Everard's obituary is in the Register,
    26 August 1889, page 5h.
    "Pioneering Work of Dr Everard" is in the Chronicle,
    21 November 1935, page 50.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names


    The Observer of 22 August 1857, page 1g (supp.) reports a ploughing match at this place within the Tinpot Special Survey:

    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Ploughing Matches

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    A school in the Hundred of Light; opened in 1864 it closed in 1869.

    General Notes

    An anniversary of the Eversden Primitive Methodist Church is reported in the Register,
    30 December 1867, page 2f.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Ewen Hill

    A proposed post office at this place for the residents of the Hundreds of Mann and Hawker is discussed in the Observer, 10 April 1886, page 31.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Ewens Creek (or Ponds)


    East of Port MacDonnell. Prior to July 1939 it was named 'Eight Mile Creek', its present name being adopted at the behest of the local district council. Thomas Charles Ewens held section 355, Hundred of MacDonnell and one day in the 1870s while out shooting he heard the honking of wild geese and, attempting to locate them, found the ponds. A Mortlock Library note says:

    General Notes

    Thomas Ewens Springs Ponds are described in Parliamentary Paper 112/1878.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    On 18 May 1850, Philip Levi purchased sections 1104-1107, Hundred of Port Adelaide. By April 1851 section 1106 was owned by John Lapthorne, who subdivided it sometime before January 1854, but the name of Exeter doesn't appear on official documents until 1882 when William Wells cut up part of section 1106. John Lapthorne arrived in South Australia in the Orissa in 1840. He was born at Exeter, Devonshire in 1807 and died at Exeter, Adelaide in 1889.

    General Notes

    A report on larrikinism is in the Register, 20 February 1885, page 5b:

    Mr Peel's vineyard is described in the Register,
    23 January 1892, page 5b.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Viticulture

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Thomas Todd is reported in the Register,
    24 December 1904, page 7a.

    Biographical details of George W. Purvis are in the Observer,
    27 May 1911, page 33b.

    "Burglars at Exeter" is in the Register,
    26 June 1911, page 7b.

    "Trains and Trams at Exeter" is in the Register, 30 May 1917, page 6d:

    Also see Adelaide - Transport - Railways

    Information on Oldfield's Bakery is in the Register,
    15 December 1927, page 9f;
    a fire is reported on
    24 July 1928, page 10f.
    A schoolgirl's essay is in the Register,
    8 August 1929, page 9a.

    Biographical details of Mrs M.A. Phillips are in the Register,
    4 February 1930, page 23b.

    Exeter - Obituaries

    An obituary of John Lawder is in the Register, 18 November 1887, page 5d,
    of Samuel Pearce on 29 November 1893, page 5c,
    of R. Woolnough in the Chronicle, 26 October 1895, page 21d.

    An obituary of William Goldsworthy is in the Register, 6 March 1899, page 5a,
    of William Barrett on 11 December 1899, page 5d,
    of Paul Badcock on 30 July 1900, page 4h,
    of Mrs William Barrett on 21 May 1901, page 5b,
    of George Shand on 29 July 1902, page 4i,
    of Mrs Jane G. Heslop on 15 September 1902, page 4h,
    of Thomas Matthew on 24 January 1903, page 7c,
    of John Glover on 1 June 1904, page 6h,
    of C.C.B. Silby on 3 August 1907, page 7a,
    of Captain A.J. Hayward on 6 September 1907, page 7a.

    An obituary of James Rendall is in the Observer, 15 December 1906, page 34d,
    of Thomas Todd on 14 September 1912, page 41a,
    of Mrs Margaret Corston on 18 January 1913, page 41a,
    of Mrs E. Oldfield on 20 January 1917, page 20a,
    of Mrs Mary P. Smith (nee Buck) on 10 August 1918, page 19a,
    of Mrs Ellen Frank on 1 May 1920, page 13d,
    of M.J. Curtin on 18 June 1921, page 34b,
    of James H. Cranna on 26 February 1927, page 43c.

    An obituary of Edward Parker is in the Register, 28 February 1907, page 5a,
    of T.H. Parker on 9 October 1912, page 13c,
    of George Hounslow on 3 February 1914, page 8a,
    of Mrs Ellen Frank on 23 April 1920, page 7b,
    of M.J. Curtis on 14 June 1921, page 4i,
    of Mrs Jane Matthew on 9 November 1921, page 8f,
    of Mrs Edith D. Joss on 17 December 1926, page 10f.

    An obituary of Mrs Mary Silva is in the Register, 16 June 1927, page 8g,
    of Captain George Tainsh on 24 April 1928, page 15h.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names



    The name of Edward John Eyre, overlander and explorer, is commemorated by many features of South Australia.

    General Notes

    A letter from E.J. Eyre in respect of his overlanding from NSW is in the Southern Australian,
    21 July 1838, page 4b; also see
    13 February 1871, page 2e.

    "Mr Kingsley's Charges Against South Australia" is in the Register,
    23 February 1866, page 2d.

    "Mr Eyre in England" is in the Register,
    13 December 1866, page 2d.

    "Relics of Eyre's Expedition" to Western Australia are commented upon in the Observer,
    24 March 1883, page 29d,
    8 February 1882, page 5g and
    16 November 1887, page 7f,
    8 and 22 January 1902, pages 6e and 7i,
    25 January 1902, page 29b,
    15 February 1902, page 22c.

    A feature article on John Cole(s), a member of both Captain Grey's and E.J. Eyre's expeditions, is in the Register, 1 May 1886, page 6a. His nephew, Joseph Stear Cole, was prominent in Auburn and Watervale affairs.

    "Mr Eyre's Search for Mr Dutton" is in the Observer,
    19 January 1901, page 33b.

    "The Adventures of Eyre" is in the Register,
    20 and 21 November 1901, pages 8f and 8f;
    his obituary appears on
    4 December 1901, pages 4e-6d; also see
    7 December 1901, page 4d,
    8 and 22 January 1902, pages 6e and 7i.
    "Centenary of Edward John Eyre" is celebrated on
    6 August 1915, page 9a.

    "Eyre's Travelling Companion - A Sketch of E.B. Scott" is in the Register,
    28 December 1905, page 6c.

    "The Story of Eyre" is in The Mail,
    14 August 1915, page 2d.

    Information on his letters to Edward Bate Scott is in the Advertiser,
    29 August 1931, page 5g.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Eyre Flat

    The laying of the foundation stone of a Bible Christian Chapel at Eyre Flat West is reported in the Observer,
    17 November 1860, pages 3c-d:

    Its opening is reported in the Register,
    2 February 1861, page 2h,
    7 March 1862, page 3b.

    Eurilpa - Eyre, Lake
    Place Names

    Eyre, Lake


    It was discovered on 14 August 1840 from a high bank, now called Eyre Lookout. Governor MacDonnell named the lake in October 1860 after G.W. Goyder and his survey team had 'clearly delineated the northern end of Lake Torrens and the southern portion of the big lake beyond'. In 1877, it was found to be two lakes connected by a channel. (SeePlace Names - Babbage, Mount.)

    A chronological history of the naming of the lake is in the Register, 12 July 1902, pages 3- 10b; it commences:

    General Notes

    Informative editorials appear in the Register,
    27 January 1860, page 2h and
    19 November 1860, page 2g; also see
    28 January 1860, page 3b for a dissenting letter from B.H. Babbage in respect of the former. Also see
    16 July 1864, page 1e (supp.).

    A letter from W.D. Kekwick is in the Register,
    14 July 1864, page 2d.

    An editorial entitled "Exploration of Lake Eyre" is in the Observer,
    3 October 1874, page 13d,
    19 June 1875, page 4f; also see
    20 February 1882, page 4f and
    2 March 1882 (supp.), page 2b,
    12 December 1892, page 4e.

    "A Trip to the Country North of Lake Eyre" is in the Register,
    8 November 1880 and
    an account of fossil hunting on
    24 January 1902, page 3g.

    "The Lake Eyre Canal" is in the Register,
    24 April 1883, page 5b.

    "The Artesian Water Supply - Lake Eyre Basin" is in the Observer,
    18 July 1896, page 41d.
    Also see South Australia - Northern Lands Development and Allied Matters - Water, Artesian Wells and Springs

    "Expedition to Lake Eyre" is in the Register,
    14 November 1901, page 4e.
    "Geological Expedition to Lake Eyre" on
    21 December 1901, page 33a; also see
    12 July 1902, page 38,
    22 March 1902, page 35a.

    "Fossil Hunting at Lake Eyre" is in the Register,
    24 January 1902, page 3g,
    1 February 1902, page 33a.

    "The Lake Eyre Basin - Flooding From the Sea" is in the Advertiser,
    7 July 1902, page 6d,
    "Flooding the Interior" on
    18 May 1905, pages 4d-5i; also see
    20 June 1922, page 9a.

    An account of Mr Halligan's flight over the lake is in the Register,
    28 June 1922, page 8f.
    Also see Place Names - Halligan Bay

    Information on R.T. Madigan's exploration is in the Register,
    26 December 1929, page 3a.
    Also see Place Names - Madigan Gulf

    Eurilpa - Eyre Peninsula