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    South Australia - Banking and Finance

    General Finance

    Sharebroking and the Stock Exchange

    A new stock exchange is mooted in the Register,
    31 March 1847, page 2e.
    A history is in the Register,
    10 November 1928, page 10h.

    "The Monetary Crisis" is in the South Australian,
    17 March 1848, page 2b.

    Under the heading "Brokers" a correspondent to the Register on 12 November 1860, page 3d says:

    "A Legal Incident in Sharebroking" is in the Observer,
    27 February 1869, page 11a,
    "The Protection of Shareholders" on 8 May 1869, page 13c.

    "The Perils of Sharebroking" is in the Register,
    23 April 1869, page 3a,
    "Mining Speculators and Its Champions" on
    20 July 1869, page 2d.

    A proposal to licence sharebrokers is in the Advertiser,
    26 December 1872, page 2c.

    "A Lament from the Share Market" is in the Observer,
    16 May 1874, page 13c.

    The collapse of a "bubble" company, The Golden Reef, is reported in the Advertiser,
    18 and 19 November 1874, pages 2b and 3e.

    "Sharebrokers and Their Doings" is in the Register,
    11 February 1875, page 4d.

    "Meeting of Brokers" is in the Express,
    17 June 1879, page 3d,
    "The Sharebrokers' Bill" is in the Register,
    24 June 1879, page 4d,
    15 August 1879, page 4f,
    23 August 1879, page 1a (supp.).

    "New Exchange in Adelaide" is in the Register,
    24 July 1879, page 5f,
    "The Adelaide Exchange" is in the Observer,
    7 August 1880, page 208e.
    Also see under Adelaide - Buildings.

    Editorials on mining speculation are in the Express,
    7 July 1881, page 2d,
    12 May 1888, page 4f,
    2 and 22 June 1888, pages 4e and 4e,
    "A Mining Bubble" in the Observer,
    9 November 1889, page 4d.

    Abuses in sharebroking is the subject of an editorial in the Advertiser,
    17 October 1882, page 4d.
    "The Stockbrokers' Association" is in the Register,
    7 September 1882, pages 4f-5c,
    21 October 1882, page 5b,
    4, 5 and 7 May 1883, pages 6f, 2a (supp.) and 7g.

    "Sharebrokers and Sharedealers" is in the Register,
    4 May 1883, pages 4c-5e; also see
    5 and 7 May 1883, pages 2a (supp.) and 7g,
    "The Share Broker" is in the Observer,
    5 January 1884, page 42a.

    "Men About Town - The Share Broker" is in the Register,
    28 December 1883, page 6a.

    "The Liabilities of Sharebrokers" is in the Register,
    5 September 1885, page 4h.

    The floating of mining ventures is discussed in the Advertiser,
    20 October 1885, page 6d.

    "Two Clever Sharebrokers" is in the Register,
    8 May 1886, page 4h.

    A poem titled "The Broker" is in The Lantern,
    12 February 1887, page 19;
    a cartoon on share speculation on
    1 October 1887, page 1; also see
    19 and 26 January 1889, pages 4 and 21 under "Corner Lays".

    "The New Stock Exchange" is in the Chronicle,
    5 November 1887, page 5e.

    "Syndicates and Shares" is in the Observer,
    3 March 1888, page 25a.

    "Brokers and Shares" is in the Register,
    12 May 1888, page 4e,
    "The State of the Share Market" on
    24 May 1888, page 6b.

    "Mining Shares and Shareholders" is in the Register,
    4 June 1891, page 4g,
    "Mining Shares and Mining Speculators" on
    4 February 1896, page 4f,
    "Mining Shares, Brokers and Directors" on
    10 May 1897, page 4e.

    "The Story of a Syndicate" is in the Observer,
    22 October 1898, page 15a,
    "Brokers and Benevolence" on
    7 April 1900, page 24e.

    "Another Scrip Forgery" is in the Observer,
    13 May 1899, page 31b.

    "Mining and the Share Market" is in the Register,
    14 July 1899, page 4f and
    "To Faint-Hearted Mining Speculators" on
    26 July 1899, page 4h,
    "Boom and Collapse" on
    13 January 1903, page 4c,
    "Stock Exchange and Mining" on
    11 April 1912, page 4c.

    A letter concerning "Bears and the Share Market" is in the Register,
    28 June 1900, page 6e; also see
    9 August 1904, page 6c.

    "Our Stock Exchange and Others" is in the Register,
    8 August 1901, page 4d,
    "The Stock Exchange of Adelaide - A Historical Sketch" on
    6 September 1901, page 5g; also see
    7 September 1901, page 9c,
    21 September 1901, page 9c.

    A photograph of members of the stock exchange is in the The Critic,
    21 September 1901, page 16,
    27 June 1903, page 41,
    1 August 1903, pages 24-25.

    "The Sharebrokers' Walk" is in the Observer,
    1 August 1903, page 24.
    Photographs are in The Critic,
    4 July 1903, pages 28 and 29,
    1 August 1903, pages 7, 10, 16 and 18.

    "Talks on Gambling - Remarks Regarding the Stock Exchange" is in the Register on
    24 September 1906, page 6a,
    "Speculative Fever" on
    26 and 27 October 1910, pages 6g and 7d.

    "Options and Futures" is discussed in the Advertiser,
    10 February 1908, page 6c,
    18 May 1910, page 8d.

    The Stock Exchange's 21st anniversary is reported in the Observer,
    10 October 1908, page 51d.

    Biographical details of W.J. Bock are in the Observer,
    29 October 1910, page 40d.

    "Stocks and Shares in 1910" is in the Register,
    29 December 1910, page 8b,
    7 January 1911, page 43c.

    "A Sharebroker's Insolvency" is in the Express,
    25 April 1911, page 1h.

    Biographical details of W.J. Back are in the Register,
    24 November 1911, page 7a.

    "Stock Exchange and Mining" is in the Register,
    11 April 1912, page 4c.

    A photograph of a stock exchange cricket team is in The Critic,
    2 April 1913, page 3.

    "The Share Market in 1912" is in the Register,
    24 December 1912, page 9a,
    "Shares in 1913 - A Year of Uncertainty" on
    25 December 1913, page 6h,
    "Shares in 1916" on
    23 December 1916, page 11g,
    "Shares in 1917" on
    22 December 1917, page 7e,
    "Shares in 1918" on
    23 December 1918, page 7c,
    "Shares in 1919" on
    23 December 1919, page 7g.

    Photographs of members of the exchange, etc, are in the Chronicle,
    19 April 1913, page 29,
    of a sharebrokers' cricket team in the Observer,
    26 April 1924, page 34,
    14 April 1928, page 36.

    Biographical details of W.B. Carr are in the Register,
    7 April 1922, page 6i,
    of William Brindal on
    29 March 1923, page 6c,
    of S.E. Beach on
    17 April 1923, page 4f,
    of H.W. Hodgetts on
    27 April 1923, page 9f.

    "The Royal Exchange Building - Some Old-Time Identities and Personalities" is in the Observer,
    4 October 1924, page 16c.

    "Stock Exchange and the Public" is in the Observer,
    6 December 1924, page 47d.

    "Fortunes in Cold Blood - Stock Exchange Tales" is in The Mail,
    24 July 1926, page 1a.

    "Work of Brokers on Adelaide Stock Exchange" is in The News,
    2 February 1928, page 12c.

    Biographical details of Alfred J. Roberts are in the Register,
    1 March 1928, page 10c.

    "Gentle Grafter - Share Hawker's Wiles" is in the Advertiser,
    14 August 1931, page 21h.

    "Selling Gold Shares in the Streets" is in The News,
    24 May 1932, page 6d.

    "Highlights on 'Change" is in The News,
    19 October 1933, page 8e.

    "Romance of the Stock Exchange" is in the Advertiser,
    8 January 1936, page 27g; also see
    The News,
    20 March 1936, page 6f.

    "Doings on 'Change When Shares are Sold" is in The News,
    9 November 1936, page 4g.

    SA - Finance - Sharebrokers - Obituaries

    An obituary of James Bellingham is in theRegister,
    16 September 1889, page 5c,
    of Edward Ward on 31 March 1892, page 5b
    of W. Mitchell on 6 July 1892, page 5a,
    of J.J. Laffan on 25 July 1892, page 5a,
    of Daniel Kekwick on 2 December 1895, page 5b,
    of Edwin Saint in the Observer, 8 May 1897, page 30b,
    of A.T. Williamson on 12 November 1898, page 30b,
    of R.B. Farrar on 20 May 1899, page 31d.

    An obituary of H. Karlbaum, sharebroker, is in the Register,
    5 August 1896, page 5b,
    of Edwin Saint on 6 May 1897, page 5b.

    An obituary of W.G.P. Joyner is in the Observer,
    5 January 1901, page 31e,
    of Clive Smith on 16 September 1905, page 38c,
    of William J.S. Stacy on 8 December 1906, page 34e,
    of W.J. Bowman on 25 May 1907, page 40d,
    of Charles R. Hawkes on 29 June 1907, page 40d,
    of H.A. Morey on 24 August 1907, page 40d,
    of W.C. Cutten on 14 September 1907, page 40d,
    of M. Moseley Jenkins on 23 May 1908, page 40b.

    An obituary of A.S. Fotheringham is in the Observer,
    9 July 1910, page 40a,
    of Henry Strother on 12 November 1910, page 41a,
    of James Dick on 20 May 1911, page 39a,
    of G.S. Aldridge on 26 August 1911, page 39d,
    of James Harvey on 4 December 1915, page 23a,
    of W.J. Buck on 23 September 1916, page 35a,
    of John Roach on 23 December 1916, page 20e,
    of R.E. Gooden on 25 March 1922, page 31d,
    of S. Wills on 20 May 1922, page 31b,
    of F.H. M. Good on 1 November 1924, page 39b,
    of Karl Timcke on 6 December 1924, page 38a.

    An obituary of the sharebroker, G.B. Aldridge, is in the Observer,
    26 August 1911, page 39d,
    of G.A.W. Alexander on 24 June 1916, page 20b,
    of G.H. Wallman on 13 July 1918, page 19b,
    of Gavin F. Gardner on 29 March 1919, page 40c (also see 13 April 1918, page 28d) and
    of David Fotheringham on 16 July 1921, page 19d,
    of E.C. Longson on 19 April 1919, page 38c,
    of W.H. Hussey on 20 December 1919, page 24b,
    of Thomas Creer on 26 January 1924, page 43d,
    of Richard Sholl on 14 January 1928, page 43c,
    of J.B. Laurie on 7 July 1928, page 49b,
    of W.C. Horrocks on 14 July 1928, page 49b,
    of Harry Taylor on 3 November 1928, page 50b.

    An obituary of Harry Taylor is in the Register,
    30 October 1928, page 14f.

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