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    Place Names of South Australia - M



    Industrial School


    The suburb of Magill was originally laidout as Makgill Estate by Robert Cock and William Ferguson in 1838, on section 285, Hundred of Adelaide. According to Rodney Cockburn it was named after Sir Maitland Makgill, a trustee of Robert Cock's wife. The reason for the dropping of the 'k' in the name cannot be explained. Of interest is the fact that Maghull (pronounced Magill and meaning 'mayweed meadow') is a suburb of Liverpool from which many ships sailed to South Australia. A Lieut. J.N. Magill of the 96th Regiment is recorded as being in the colony in its early days.

    General Notes

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Government Orphanage and Industrial School is reported in the Register,
    22 October 1867, page 3d; also see
    6 January 1868, page 3d,
    15 December 1868, page 2e,
    2 and 17 June 1869, pages 2d and 2c,
    29 July 1869, page 3a,
    9 July 1870, page 4f,
    28 March 1878, page 4e,
    27 March 1871, page 5a.
    A sketch is in the Pictorial Australian in
    March 1885, page 48.

    Information on the government orphanage is in the Express,
    28 May 1868, page 2c,
    29 April 1869, page 2a,
    2 June 1869, page 3b,
    29 July 1869, page 3b.
    "Employment for the Orphans" is in the Chronicle,
    1 May 1869, page 8c;
    the orphanage garden is described on
    31 July 1869, page 6g; also see
    7 September 1872, page 2c.

    Comprehensive feature articles on the school commence in the Observer,
    21 and 28 February 1880, pages 329e and 378c,
    6 March 1880, page 418a.

    Also see Register,
    30 June 1881, page 5a,
    12, 22 and 31 March 1883, pages 4e-7b, 2b (supp.) and 5a-6f,
    23 December 1890, page 6g,
    15 February 1883, page 3b,
    14 April 1883, page 39d,
    18 and 21 May 1883, pages 5c and 7d,
    21 October 1885, page 7c,
    23 and 31 December 1890, pages 7g and 5b,
    14 and 16 June 1884, pages 3e and 3f,
    7 August 1884, page 2b,
    18 February 1891, page 5b,
    10 December 1892, page 9f,
    4 August 1893, page 7e,
    27 August 1894, page 3c,
    31 December 1892, page 5e,
    15 August 1913, page 3f.

    "Ophthalmia Cases at the Industrial School" is in the Register,
    7 August 1884, page 7e.

    "The Reform School - Juvenile Depravity" is in the Express,
    21 May 1897, page 3e.

    A sketch of the school and historical information is in the Chronicle,
    21 February 1891, page 8.

    An obituary of Lt-Colonel W.D. Claxton is in the Register,
    7 February 1898, page 4g.

    A proposal to disband the boys' reformatory are discussed in the Register,
    11 January 1911, page 6h.

    The lack of educational facilities at the reformatory is discussed in the Register on
    28 and 29 March 1913, pages 9h and 18d,
    7 and 11 April 1913, pages 5h and 9h; also see
    4 September 1928, page 12b.
    "Christmas Cheer at Magill" is in the Advertiser,
    27 December 1922, page 12d.

    "New Methods Introduced" at the reformatory is in the Advertiser,
    26 July 1918, page 6h; also see
    The News,
    18 September 1923, page 9f.

    "Vermin-Infested Beds and Rooms" is in the Advertiser,
    1 June 1926, page 14c; also see
    3,12 and 19 June 1926, pages 7a, 16a and 19e,
    21 May 1926, page 13a,
    1, 3 and 12 June 1926, pages 11a, 10h and 10a,
    19 June 1926, page 18c.

    "Mulberry, Silkworm and Sunflower Culture" at the reformatory is in the Register,
    3 May 1869, page 3g,
    25 November 1969, page 2g.

    Mabel Creek - Maitland
    Place Names



    Information on its nomenclature is in the Register,
    3 March 1919, page 3f.

    "Old Time Memories - Beautiful Magill" is in the Register,
    29 July 1903, page 6a,
    8 August 1903, page 5b.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Magill Library is reported in the Register on 8 July 1857, page 3c.

    A horse race meeting is reported in the Chronicle,
    31 December 1859, page 3b,
    27 December 1860, page 3d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    Local vineyards are described in the Advertiser,
    2 April 1862, page 2d.
    A visit to the Grange Vineyards is reported in the Register,
    8 December 1886, page 7b,
    1 April 1887, page 7b,
    11 June 1907, page 8h.
    Penfold's winery is discussed in the Observer,
    3 October 1908, page 57a.
    An obituary of Mrs C.W. Penfold is in the Register,
    4 January 1896, page 5a.
    An obituary of Thomas Francis Hyland is in the Register,
    2 March 1920, page 6h.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Viticulture.

    "A Model Vineyard" is described in the Register on
    28 January 1911, page 8; also see
    28 June 1915, page 4e,
    18 August 1915, page 12 and
    The Mail,
    5 June 1915, page 19.
    "Penfold's Call for British Justice" is in the Register,
    18 and 30 August 1915, pages 12 and 4f,
    16 Sseptember 1915, page 3g; also see
    2 November 1915, page 7e,
    11 December 1915, pages 8c-11g,
    23 February 1916, page 6g,
    6 March 1916, page 4e,
    8 May 1916, page 7f,
    5 June 1917, page 6.
    A photograph is in the Observer,
    2 February 1929, page 35,
    21 March 1935, page 35.
    The death of C.R. Penfold Hyland is reported in the Register,
    24 July 1926, page 9a.

    A "Rural Fete" at Stradbroke Park at the residence of Mr R. Beetson is reported in the Register,
    29 December 1869, page 3g.
    Also see Place Names - Stradbroke Estate

    The Magill Road is described at length in the Register,
    24 April 1873, page 6b; also see
    30 April 1873, page 5e,
    2 and 28 May 1873, pages 5f and 5d.

    A report on its water supply is in Parliamentary Paper 240/1874; also see
    27 January 1874, page 6f,
    23 May 1874, page 14a,
    11 July 1874, page 10d,
    10 July 1875, page 8d,
    7 September 1876, page 2b,
    20 October 1877, page 5d and
    Parliamentary Paper 46/1875,
    23 September 1876, page 3e,
    23 September 1876, page 12b,
    30 May 1883, page 6d,
    13 February 1899, page 4f,
    13 February 1899, page 4c,
    16 March 1906, page 1i.
    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    Information on a proposed tramway is in the Express,
    28 November 1878, page 2e.
    30 November 1878, page 12f.
    A report of the opening of the electric tram service is in the Register,
    25 December 1911, page 12d.
    Also see Adelaide - Transport - Motor Buses.

    A pigeon match held opposite the World's End Hotel is reported in the Chronicle,
    3 January 1880, page 17d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Pigeon Racing and Shooting.

    Ross Reid's Stud Farm is described in the Register,
    6 July 1880, page 1c (supp.).

    "Public Buildings for Magill" is in the Register,
    23 and 30 March 1881, pages 6c and 3a (supp.).

    A proposed cricket club is discussed in the Express,
    17 October 1881, page 3d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Cricket - Miscellany.

    Blasting operations at a local quarry are reported upon in the Register,
    7 July 1882, page 5b.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Building Stone

    "Tragedy at Magill" is in the Express,
    12 July 1892, page 3d,
    19 August 1892, page 4a.

    A Japanese fair is reported upon in the Register,
    3 October 1896, page 9a.

    The opening of the pavilion at the recreation ground is reported in the Observer,
    9 September 1899, page 45a,
    Register on
    2 September 1899, page 10g and
    of the Institute on 2 September 1901, page 3h.
    "Magill Institute - Early History Recalled" is in the Advertiser,
    30 April 1928, page 14a; also see
    The News,
    29 September 1927, page 6c.

    "Early Days and Now - Beautiful Magill" is in the Register,
    29 July 1903, page 6a,
    "Memories of Magill" on
    29 January 1921, page 4f.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs William Longbottom is reported in the Register,
    5 May 1904, page 4i,
    of Mr & Mrs T.W. Wallace on 25 June 1909, page 5a.

    Biographical details of William Vincent are in the Register,
    10 July 1906, page 5a,
    of Robert Barr on 3 December 1914, page 4h,
    of Albert Buttfield on 18 September 1916, page 4g.

    "Torrent Down Magill Road" is in the Register,
    20 August 1909, page 5b.
    Also see South Australia - Natural Disasters - Floods.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Yeatman is reported in the Register,
    6 June 1912, page 6h.

    Information on the Central Methodist Mission building is in the Register,
    20 May 1912, page 10d.

    A proposed Old Folks' Home is reported upon in the Register,
    13 May 1914, page 8g; also see
    28 May 1914, page 5f,
    3 July 1914, page 6e,
    11 February 1915, page 6a,
    14 February 1916, page 4i,
    2 and 28 February 1917, pages 4i and 4f,
    3 January 1918, page 6c,
    The Critic,
    28 February 1917, page 12 (photographs),
    15 June 1915, page 3f.
    19 February 1916, page 7c,
    3 March 1917, page 34d (opening).
    "Stories of Magill Veterans" is in The News,
    1 November 1928, page 6c.

    Information on a home for the aged is in The News,
    3 May 1927, page 8f,
    The Mail,
    31 March 1934, page 2.
    Photographs and a report of its opening are in the Chronicle,
    3 March 1917, page 18a-30.
    Biographical details of its superintendent, R.J. Cavanagh, are in the Observer,
    25 August 1928, page 32b.

    The opening of the Methodist Boy's Home is reported in the Register
    , 8 November 1924, page 4d.
    A photograph of the Methodist Orphan Home is in the Observer,
    23 July 1921, page 26; also see
    29 October 1927, page 37.
    Information on the Methodist Children's Home is in the Register,
    3 March 1924, page 10g,
    The News,
    31 May 1929, page 9f.

    Information on a war memorial is in the Register,
    15 November 1920, page 3f.
    Also see South Australia - World War I - Memorials to the Fallen.

    The diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs W.B. Martin is reported in the Register,
    11 November 1920, page 6h.

    A photograph of the Magill Brass Band is in the Chronicle,
    6 December 1924, page 36.

    The opening of Ellerslie, a Church of Christ school for girls, is reported in the Observer,
    10 February 1923, page 42e.
    A photograph of an Ellerslie College sports day in the Observer,
    4 September 1930, page 34.

    Biographical details of J.N.T. Smith are in the Register,
    4 January 1926, page 11g,
    of James Lillywhite in the Observer,
    16 January 1926, page 49c,
    of Miss Mary A. Ham on 19 June 1928, page 6e,
    of Charles Hewitt on 29 August 1928, page 8g.

    A protest against the establishment of a Consumptive Home is aired in the Register,
    18 February 1926, page 13f,
    3 March 1926, page 10h.
    Also see South Australia - Health - Consumption.

    Mabel Creek - Maitland
    Place Names


    Schools and Churches

    The laying of the foundation stone of Saint George's Church "in the Village of Woodforde" appears in the Register,
    20 January 1847, page 2e and
    a history of it on
    19 January 1924, page 10 and
    26 October 1928, page 15h.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the new Wesleyan Chapel is in the Register on
    4 October 1854, page 2h and
    of the Wesleyan Church on
    21 October 1874, page 5; also see
    14 April 1855, page 5h,
    15 January 1876, page 11c,
    3 October 1883, page 2d.

    The jubilee of the Methodist Church is reported in the Register,
    17 June 1905, page 3h.

    Information on a licensed school is in the Register,
    20 April 1854, page 2g.
    12 September 1857, page 1h (supp.).
    Examinations at Magill House School are reported on
    30 October 1858, page 2h,
    8 September 1857, page 3g.

    Information on the local school is in the Express,
    8 April 1880, page 2c,
    30 March 1881 (supp.), page 3a,
    7 and 26 April 1881, pages 1g (supp.) and 1d (supp.).
    Health arrangements at the school are discussed on
    24 May 1887, page 7e,
    9 February 1903, page 6f.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Baptist Chapel is reported in the Register,
    30 September 1863, page 3g. See
    27 April 1864, page 3g for its opening;
    its history appears on
    6 August 1908, page 5d and
    5 July 1924, page 4.
    Photographs of the opening of the Church of Christ Girls' School are in the Observer,
    10 February 1923, page 28.

    An obituary of a former headmaster, Joseph Mercer, is in the Observer,
    31 July 1897, page 29b.

    A jubilee of the Baptist Church is reported in the Register,
    6 August 1908, page 5d.



    An obituary of R.N. Gault, draper, is in the Register, 9 December 1889, page 5b,
    of Miss Inez K. Hyland on 13 January 1892, page 5a,
    of Joseph Mercer on 28 July 1897, page 5a.

    An obituary of Mrs Maria Skelton is in the Register, 12 November 1903, page 4h,
    of Mrs Henry Dunstan on 29 July 1912, page 6g,
    of John D. Mounsey on 21 July 1913, page 6h.

    An obituary of G.H. Styles is in the Observer, 8 and 15 June 1907, pages 40d and 40c,
    of George Hunt on 20 May 1911, page 39a,
    of R.J. Scott on 12 August 1911, page 41a,
    of Sampson Hall on 17 February 1912, page 39c,
    of Mrs Henry Dunstan, "the first girl born in Port Adelaide", on 3 August 1912, page 41a,
    of Henry Dunstan on 29 May 1915, page 45a.

    An obituary of John Dunstan is in the Register, 3 April 1914, page 10a,
    of Owen Payne on 3 October 1916, page 4f,
    of Mrs John Mercer on 17 April 1918, page 6f,
    of Thomas Brooks on 4 July 1918, page 6h,
    of Mrs Mary M. Malin on 6 September 1918, page 6g,
    of Charles Bennett on 3 September 1919, page 6h,
    of Denis O'Dea on 20 Septermber 1920, page 5a,
    of Robert Woolnough on 9 April 1923, page 4g.

    An obituary of Edwin S.G. Nation is in the Observer, 13 October 1917, page 13e,
    of Charles Bennett on 6 September 1919, page 14c,
    of George Channing on 10 February 1923, page 35b,
    of Robert Woolnough on 14 April 1923, page 35b,
    of Albert Buttfield on 1 March 1924, page 38e,
    of Mrs Henry French on 22 August 1925, page 43c,
    of Mrs J.N.T. Smith on 14 August 1926, page 11b,
    of James Lillywhite on 10 December 1927, page 66c.

    An obituary of Albert Buttfield is in the Register, 27 February 1924, page 9h,
    of Thomas R. Tippett on 24 October 1924, page 8g,
    of Henry Frenche on 18 August 1925, page 8g,
    of Robert Barr on 25 April 1927, page 8g, 11 May 1927, page 10b,
    of Joseph Gillard on 23 May 1927, page 8g,
    of Mrs Harriet Guidi on 9 November 1927, page 19h,
    of James Lillywhite on 5 and 10 December 1927, pages 13f and 7c.

    An obituary of Thomas Broom is in the Register, 4 October 1928, page 3h,
    of William D. Cosgrove on 7 August 1929, page 5b.

    Mabel Creek - Maitland