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    Place Names of South Australia - B

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton

    Brinkley, Hundred of


    Captain M. Brinkley, clerk of the Executive Council.

    General Notes

    A school of this name was opened in 1911 and closed in 1947.

    An obituary of A.R. Martin is in the Register,
    26 July 1928, page 11h.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names



    Section 392, on which the town stands in the Hundred of Hart was first granted to James White in 1866. By 1892 part of this section was owned by Frederick Belling and Peter Brinkworth (1842-1907) as executors of George Brinkworth, and they subdivided it in 1892.

    An article in the Chronicle of 20 October 1932 says: 'It consists of one main street about half a mile long, set in the centre of a vast wheat plain. I am certain it will be a big place one day.'

    General Notes

    An obituary of Thomas Brinkworth is in the Register, 5 March 1892, page 5a:

    The school opened in 1895.
    A photograph is in the Chronicle,
    28 March 1914, page 31.

    The laying of the foundation stone of a public hall is reported in the Observer,
    1 September 1900, page 14a.

    A coursing event is reported in the Observer,
    25 July 1896, page 20a,
    1 July 1905, page 24a;
    a photograph is in the Observer,
    28 July 1906, page 30.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Coursing.

    A photograph of residents of the town is in the Observer,
    24 August 1907, page 32,
    of wheat stacks in the Chronicle,
    21 January 1905, page 28,
    of bringing in the hay on
    29 December 1923, page 23,
    of a football team on
    12 September 1935, page 37,
    21 November 1935, page 32,
    of a tennis team on
    16 April 1936, page 33.

    A history of the town and photographs are in the Chronicle,
    20 October 1932, page 33.
    The town is described in the Observer,
    15 December 1894, page 15d,
    13 August 1904, page 8c,
    4 and 7 August 1909, pages 9e-g and 12b,
    1 February 1910, page 9b,
    2 September 1911, page 15a,
    24 March 1921, page 9f.

    "A Prosperous Northern Town" is in the Advertiser, 5 August 1909, page 7b:

    See Observer of
    7 August 1909, page 44a-d for "Facts That Show Progress" of the town.
    Photographs of the town are in the same paper on
    14 August 1909, page 30.

    "Brinkworth Railway Station" is in the Register,
    19 and 21 November 1907, pages 6c and 7a.
    Also see South Australia Transport - Railways - Miscellany.

    A photograph of a new post office is in the Chronicle,
    14 August 1909, page 29; also see
    9 March 1927, page 12c,
    of the Catholic Church in the Observer,
    6 August 1910, page 29,
    of entraining wheat on
    25 January 1913, page 32.

    The laying of the foundation stone of a Lutheran church is reported in the Register,
    17 April 1909, page 11e and
    its opening in the Observer,
    23 October 1909, page 18b.

    Biographical details of A.L. McEwin are in the Observer,
    25 April 1925, page 10e.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Heinrich F.R. Hoepner is reported in the Register,
    5 September 1927, page 8g.

    A photograph of a football team is in the Chronicle,
    28 October 1937, page 35.

    Brinkworth - Obituaries

    An obituary of Herbert Cornish is in the Observer,
    22 September 1917, page 43c,
    of Benjamin Horne on 26 April 1919, page 38a,
    of T.H. Coombe on 3 March 1928, page 43b.

    An obituary of John F. Everett is in the Register,
    20 March 1925, page 11h,
    of John H. Wright on 19 August 1925, page 11h, 2 September 1925, page 8i,
    of Mrs S.A. Graham on 26 September 1925, page 8h,
    of Thomas H. Coombe on 1 March 1928, page 8h.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names

    Britten-Jones Creek


    Enters South Australia from the Northern Territory, near Cave Hill. Edward Britten-Jones, who carried out triangulation surveys in the area about 1888. Born at Glenelg in 1858 he died in 1933.

    General Notes

    The reminiscences of E. Britten-Jones are in the Register,
    9 February 1914, page 8g.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names



    A railway station in the Elizabeth District. Prior to 1960 it was 'Elizabeth North'.

    General Notes

    The school opened in 1960.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names



    The Adelaide suburb was laid out by C.H. Angas and K.D. Bowman in 1915 on six sections in the Hundred of Yatala. Later housing development has all but obliterated the once panoramic views.

    General Notes

    This school on Eyre Peninsula opened in 1928 and closed in 1941.

    "The Broadview Sale [in Adelaide]" is in the Register,
    27 May 1918, page 4e.

    A photograph of the Adelaide suburb's basketball team is in the Chronicle,
    19 September 1935, page 40.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names

    Brockman Reef

    In Kangaroo Island waters. It was discovered by Captain John Brockman in 1834. See Register, 4 September 1920, page 3e:

    Another source says - "John Brockman, voyaging from Van Diemen's Land to Swan River, found and named Brockman Reef in 1831 (sic). "

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names


    This town (now "Newland") was named by Gov Jervois and proclaimed on 11 December 1879.
    He probably had in mind John Brodrick (1765-1842) who was an army general and governor of the island of Martinique from 10 June 1809.
    (See Burke's Peerage 1970 (London) and London Times, 12 June 1809, page 2d.)
    Coicidentally, or otherwise, the town was proclaimed one week before that of "Chapmanton";
    Sir Stephen Remnant Chapman was governor of Bermuda from 23 April 1831.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names

    Brooker, Hundred of


    T.H. Brooker, MP (1890-1905). Born in London in 1850 he came to Adelaide with his parents in the Caroline in 1855. He spent the greater part of his life in the West Torrens District and for fifteen years worked for Thomas Hardy, vigneron at Bankside, subsequently conducting his own wood merchant business at Ridleyton. In 1891 he was Mayor of Hindmarsh and in parliament was Liberal Government Whip and Minister of Education and Industry. He died in 1927 and is buried at Hindmarsh.

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Politics.

    This school opened in 1912 and closed in 1947;
    the Brooker School existed from 1958 until 1966.

    Thomas H. Brooker's obituary is in the Register, 12 July 1927, pages 8e-10h:

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names


    The City of Port Adelaide's Mayor's Report of 1944/45 shows it as a subdivision of sections 1157 and 1158, Hundred of Port Adelaide; now included in Ottoway, while Deposited Plan 1778 (unnamed) and certificate of title volume 826 folio 125 in the Department of Lands show it being laid out by George Howell, Robert Sellar and Henry Peel in 1910.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names

    Brooklyn Park


    The first subdivision to bear this name was created by Oscar Gorger and Edward Lipsett on part sections 99, 161-2 and 2062 in 1881.
    See Place Names - Bismar(c)k
    The suburb is now bordered by Henley Beach Road, May Tce, Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Clifford St, Keswick Creek Drain (Lyons St) and Marion Rd. Incorporated within this area were several former suburbs. (See Brooklyn Park Extension, Meldreth Park, Bismarck, Bullington, Welwyn, Weeroopa and Garfield.). It has been suggested that the name may have related to Brooklyn in USA., where it is the English form of the Dutch word breukelyn meaning 'broken ground' or 'a marsh' and, coincidentally or otherwise, the 'Adelaide' Brooklyn Park at the time of its subdivision would have aptly fitted this description.

    However, recent research has revealed that one of Lipsett's sons was named 'Beecher Brooklyn', while Lipsett used other family names (Clifford, Gertrude and Lipsett) as street names in the subdivision. Oscar and Gorger were also street names, Gorger later being renamed Lewis.

    General Notes

    Information on a reformatory is in the Express,
    5 September 1898, page 2c,
    6 September 1898, page 7d,
    20 May 1909, page 7c:

    An obituary of Nathaniel Prettejohn is in the Register,
    24 March 1905, page 5a.

    Information on Barker Brothers' saleyards is in the Register,
    23 August 1911, page 8d.

    A photograph of the erection of a broadcasting tower is in the Chronicle,
    15 August 1925, page 40.
    Also see South Australia - Communications - Wireless and Radio.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names

    Brothers Islands

    In Coffin Bay "about half a mile from Horse Peninsula" - "This place has every appearance of having been at one time a cave... fossil bones are in a good state of preservation... bones of the giant kangaroo have been obtained" - see Record of the Mines of South Australia (fourth edition) page 343.

    Information on phosphate deposits is in the Register, 25 April 1902, page 3c:

    Also see South Australia - Mining - Miscellany.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton
    Place Names



    The River Broughton was named after Rev William G. Broughton by Edward J. Eyre in 1839. Eyre spent some time in New South Wales in the 1830s and was associated with Broughton who, from 1836 to 1847, was Bishop of Australia, the only man to hold that office and title.

    General Notes

    "The Broughton Area" is in the Express,
    11 August 1871, page 3a.

    The laying of the foundation stone of a Primitive Methodist Chapel is reported in the Chronicle,
    24 October 1874, page 1a (supp.).

    A race meeting is reported in the Chronicle,
    14 November 1874, page 7b.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    The names of those who purchased town allotments are in the Observer,
    9 August 1879, page 5e.

    The reminiscences of Nat Stephens are in the Observer,
    7 July 1928, page 57c.

    Brinkley, Hundred of - Broughton