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    South Australia - Communications

    Wireless and Radio

    "Earliest Wireless in the State" is in the Advertiser,
    23 April 1932, page 9g.

    "How Wireless Has Developed Since [1882]" is in The Mail,
    21 March 1936, page 28e.

    "Wireless" is in the Advertiser,
    3 May 1899, page 4g;
    also see 21 September 1899, page 9b.

    "The Wonderful Wireless" is in the Register,
    18 January 1906, page 4c,
    "Wireless Telegraphy - Adelaide to Sydney" is in the Register,
    13 July 1907, page 13e.

    "Wireless" is in the Advertiser,
    2 August 1910, page 6c,

    "Wireless in Adelaide" in the Register,
    4 August 1911, page 4d,
    12 December 1911, page 8g,
    "Wireless Telegraphy" on 13 February 1912, page 8c,
    "Wireless in Australia" on 2 May 1912, page 8g.

    "Wireless - Port Adelaide Station Ready" is in theObserver,
    28 September 1912, page 51d.

    "Empire Wireless" is in the Advertiser,
    30 March 1922, page 6e,
    "Wonders of Wireless" on 22 and 24 July 1922, pages 11c and 9g.

    "Broadcasting - An Association Formed" is in the Advertiser,
    29 May 1923, page 12c;
    also see 2 and 6 June 1923, pages 16f and 12a,
    3 and 26 July 1923, pages 13b and 9c.

    A photograph of "music by wireless" is in the Observer,
    7 July 1923, page 27,
    of an exhibition on 26 December 1925, page 32,
    of station 5CL on 26 January 1929, page 37.

    "5GB Here - Mr Harry Kuiper's Wireless Set" is in the Register on 6 June 1923, page 9f,
    "The Perils of Wireless Broadcasting" on 27 July 1923, page 8d,
    4 August 1923, page 7c;
    also see 12 and 21 May 1924, pages 8e and 8c.

    "Wireless Concerts" is in the Register,
    4 September 1923, page 13b.

    "Free Wireless Concerts" is in the Register,
    3 and 4 September 1923, pages 8f and 13b.
    "Experiments at the University" is in the Register,
    14 November 1923, page 13f,
    11 September 1923, page 15a;
    also see 29 May 1924, page 12a,
    2 June 1924, page 11f.

    "Broadcasting - A Station for Adelaide" is in the Advertiser,
    24 October 1923, page 12b;
    also see 22 January 1924, page 17g,
    19 and 20 June 1924, pages 10c and 14b.

    "Boon for Outback" is in the Observer,
    27 October 1923, page 38e.

    "Broadcasting in SA" is in the Register,
    15 December 1923, page 8h,
    8 January 1924, page 9g.

    "Government and Wireless" is in the Observer,
    17 May 1924, page 46c.

    "Wireless, Domestic and International" is in the Register on 21 July 1924, page 6c;
    wireless licences are discussed on 24 July 1924, page 8g;
    also see Advertiser,
    16 August 1924, page 14e.

    "Wireless Sets for Cars" is in The Mail,
    26 January 1924, page 25c.
    "Radio Sets in Motor Cars" is in The News,
    16 February 1934, page 6f.

    "Wireless, Domestic and International" is in the Register,
    21 July 1924, page 6c.

    "Music Through the Air - First Broadcast Concert" is in the Register,
    21 August 1924, page 9e.

    "First Broadcast Lecture" is in the Register,
    22 and 23 August 1924, pages 8i and 7a.
    "Teaching by Radio" is in The News,
    2 August 1933, page 3e,
    2 July 1934, page 4f.

    "Wireless for Adelaide" is in the Register,
    6 September 1924, page 9a.

    "On the Air - Pioneer Work by Mrs Hume" is in the Advertiser,
    24 February 1925, page 11c.

    "A Licence Granted" is in the Register,
    14 January 1925, page 11f,
    "Test Match by Wireless" on 17 January 1925, page 14g,
    "Broadcasting Scheme - A Full Week's Service" on 16 June 1925, page 9d.

    "New Radio Station - Country People to Benefit" is in The Mail,
    29 August 1925, page 2d,
    "New Radio Studio" on 19 December 1925, page 11c.

    "Wireless Programmes" is in the Advertiser,
    24 October 1925, page 16g.

    "Radio Exhibition - Progress in Adelaide" is in the Register
    on 14 December 1925, page 10a,
    "Wireless and the State" on 17 April 1926, page 8f,
    "Modern Wireless - Adelaide Exhibition Opened" on 6 April 1927, page 10d;
    also see Chronicle,
    26 June 1926, page 55.

    "Injunction Against 5CL - A Demand from Churches" is in the Register,
    21 and 22 July 1926, pages 12e and 15c.

    "Illegal Wireless - Forestville Amateur Fined" is in the Register,
    24 September 1926, page 10d.

    "The Radio Show" is in the Advertiser,
    23 June 1926, page 12d,
    6 April 1927, page 19d.

    "Wireless and a New World" is in the Register,
    12 April 1927, page 8c,
    "Wireless in Hospital" on 25 June 1928, page 10a,
    6 August 1928, page 10h,
    8 and 10 December 1928, pages 10a and 10a.

    "Historic Broadcasting - Canberra to Adelaide" is in the Register,
    10 May 1927, page 9h.

    "Wireless to Ships - Rosewater Station" is in The News,
    7 July 1927, page 11b.

    Photographs of the replacement of "tall aerial masts" are in the Chronicle,
    30 May 1929, page 50.

    A wireless "stunt" is reported in the Advertiser,
    1, 2 and 15 July 1927, pages 13a, 23f and 19d.

    "Broadcasting Football" is in The Mail,
    23 July 1927, page 1a.

    "Wireless and Gambling" is in The Mail,
    10 September 1927, page 1c.

    "5CL and the Twinkler" is in the Register,
    28 and 29 February 1928, pages 11c and 14c,
    1 March 1928, page 12a.

    "Pioneer of Broadcasting - E.J. Hume's Work" is in the Register,
    22 March 1928, page 12c,
    19 January 1929, page 11d (obit.).

    "Work of Aunty Peggy [Miss Linda Whittle]" is in the Register,
    22 March 1928, page 12a.

    "New Microphones - An Adelaide Design" is in the Register,
    29 March 1928, page 12c.

    Biographical details of Athol Lykke of 5CL are in the Register,
    12 April 1928, page 12b.

    "Monopoly of Broadcasting" is in the Observer,
    19 May 1928, page 39a.

    Biographical details of Ernest Hume are in the Register,
    19 April 1928, page 12b
    and an obituary of E.J. Hume in the Observer,
    26 January 1929, page 57e.

    "Assisting Pioneers in Trackless North" is in The Mail,
    15 June 1929, page 28c
    and reports on the invention of a "portable telephone transmitter" by Mr A.H. Traeger.

    Information on station 5WS, owned by Mr Vic Coombe, is in the Advertiser,
    13 July 1929, page 9c;
    also see The Mail,
    18 May 1935, page 1a.

    "Radio to Aid Musical Education" is in The News,
    19 August 1929, page 8c,
    "Radio in Education" on 17 October 1931, page 4e.

    "Boom in Radio" is in the Register,
    19 September 1929, page 16c.

    The opening of 5AD is reported in the Chronicle,
    31 July 1930, page 41e.

    "Mystery SA Station Broadcasts Obscenity" is in The News,
    30 May 1932, page 1b.

    "Wireless Aids the Sly Bookmaker" is in The News,
    14 September 1932, page 6d.
    Also see Gambling - Horse Racing

    "Wireless Licence Fee" is in the Advertiser,
    22 July 1937, page 20c.

    "Broadcast from Plane" is in the Advertiser,
    4 December 1937, page 21c.
    Also see Transport - Aeroplanes

    "Radios' Part in Test Cricket Games" is in The Mail,
    9 January 1937, page 10b.
    Also see Sport - Cricket

    A history of station 5KA is in The News,
    21 October 1929, page 8c,
    11 August 1937, pages 8 and 9.

    For information on "Television" see Entertainment.

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