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    Adelaide - Public Nuisances


    For information on Abattoirs see Public Health.

    An editorial on slaughter-houses is in the South Australian,
    25 April 1848, page 2a and
    a cause for complaint in the Register,
    17 November 1849, page 4e:

    Also see Register,
    11 January 1855, page 3b,
    19 July 1855, page 2e,
    10 August 1855, page 2g,
    17 September 1856, page 2f,
    19 March 1857, page 2h,
    11 April 1857, page 3c,
    13, 15 and 17 November 1858, pages 2g, 3f and 3e,
    2 April 1859, page 2f,
    19 December 1859, page 2g,
    14 July 1860, page 2h.

    Under the heading "The City Butchers" the editor of the Register says on 25 September 1856, page 2d:

    "A Threatened Nuisance" is in the Observer, 20 November 1858, page 1d (supp.):

    "The Deodourizing Establishment" is in the Observer,
    2 and 16 April 1859, pages 1b (supp.) and 7g,
    24 March 1860, page 5d; also see
    4 August 1860, page 3g.

    "Slaughtering Within the City" is in the Register,
    14 October 1858, page 2g,
    10 October 1859, page 3b and the "fearful effluvia" created at the slaughterhouse is the cause for complaint on
    1 June 1861, page 2d.

    The nuisance of private slaughterhouses is discussed in the Register,
    10 March 1862, page 3c.

    An objection to dead carcasses despoiling the environment is made in the Register, 15 November 1852, page 3d:

    Information on the deodorizing establishment at the slaughterhouse is in the Observer,
    21 July 1860, page 2f.

    "Mr Conrad's Slaughterhouse" is in the Express,
    12 February 1875, page 3d; also see
    1 February 1889, page 7f.

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