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    South Australia - World War I

    Comment on the War

    "University Students and Enlistment" is in the Register,
    17 and 19 September 1914, pages 6e and 11b.

    "The Kaiser - Life History of the War Lord" is in the Register on
    28 September 1914, page 8g,
    "The Great War - Some of its Causes" on
    21 November 1914, page 12c,
    "War as a Moral Tonic" on
    30 November 1914, page 4d,
    "1914 - A Tragic Year" on
    31 December 1914, page 4b.

    "Alcohol and the War" is in the Register,
    4 January 1915, page 7e,
    "Soldiers and Shouting" on
    29 and 30 January 1915, pages 4c and 11d,
    1 February 1915, page 11b,
    "Soldiers and Drink" on
    27 August 1915, page 5g,
    1 September 1915, page 12d,
    7 October 1915, page 4b.

    "On the Track of Sedition" is in the Register,
    6 February 1915, page 11c,
    "Patriotic School Teachers" on
    8 February 1915, page 4b,
    "The Duty to Give" on
    27 February 1915, page 8d.

    "Conquering Heroes - Our Marines Entertained" is in the Observer,
    13 March 1915, page 46a.

    "Pipes, Beer and Language - Complaints Against Soldiers" is in the Observer,
    13 March 1915, page 49a.

    "True Patriotism - Men Enlisting to Avenge the Fallen" is in the Register,
    8 May 1915, page 10h,
    "Our United Empire" on
    22 May 1915, page 8c,
    "Censors and Sorrowers" on
    7 June 1915, page 6c,
    "On to Constantinople" on
    6 May 1915, page 6c.

    "White Feathers" is the subject of comment in the Register,
    18 May 1915, pages 6d and 11f,
    3 July 1915, page 14f,
    10 August 1915, page 6f,
    10 and 16 August 1915, pages 4e and 4c,
    22 September 1915, page 10g,
    17 November 1915, page 10e.

    "State Legislators and Enlistment" is in the Register,
    29 June 1915, page 4g.

    "Wireless and War" is in the Register on
    2 October 1915, page 8b,
    "Sham Fight in the Hills" on
    6 October 1915, page 6h,
    "The Low Cost of Dying" on
    9 October 1915, page 8d.

    "Soldiers and the Racecourses" is in the Register,
    13 October 1915, page 6g.

    "Soldiers and Police" is in the Register,
    15, 20 and 30 October 1915, pages 4h, 6g and 12d.
    Soldiers, Police and Publicans" on 22 January 1916, page 8d.

    "Ammunition Making in South Australia" is in the Advertiser,
    9 November 1915, page 8d.

    "War and Savagery" is in the Register,
    3 January 1916, page 4b,
    "Larrikins in Khaki" on
    4 January 1916, page 4d.

    "A Child's Appeal" is in the Register, 4 January 1916, page 6f. The first and last verses read:

    "Patriotic Doctors" is in the Register on
    25 January 1916, page 4c-h,
    "Conscription of Doctors - Patriotic Action of Medical Association" on
    30 May 1917, page 7b,
    "Married Men and Enlistment" on
    17 February 1916, page 4d.

    "Newspapers and the War" is in the Register,
    28 February 1916, page 4b
    "Future of the Empire" on
    18 March 1916, page 8c,
    "The War at Home" on
    13 June 1916, page 4b,
    "How the War Will End - Logical Prophecy" on
    4 August 1916, page 5c,
    "The Tide Has Turned" on
    31 August 1916, page 5c.

    "The Recruiting Train" is in the Observer,
    1 April 1916, page 18a, 6 May 1916, page 20a.

    "Wealth and the War" is in the Register,
    6 September 1916, page 6c,
    "Australia Needs Awakening" on
    23 November 1916, page 6d,
    "Australia and the War" on
    14 March 1917, page 6b,
    "Soldiers and Politics" on
    5 April 1917, page 6b.
    "Soldiers and Socialists" on 2 April 1921, page 6e.

    "Wine is Responsible for the Health of Our Troops",
    a Penfold's advertisement (including a photograph), is in the Register,
    9 February 1917, page 6.

    "The Men Who Won't - Some Excuses for Non-Enlistment" is in the Register,
    15 February 1917, page 7d.

    "Recruiting Stories" is in the Advertiser,
    3 May 1917, page 6i,
    "The Women's Recruiting Appeal" on
    25 July 1917, page 4f,
    "Patriotic School Children" on
    29 November 1917, page 4f,
    7 February 1918, page 4d.

    A poem "At Britain's Call" is in the Register, 5 July 1917, page 8f; the first verse reads:

    "Children and the War" is in the Register,
    13 July 1918, page 6c,
    "Profiteers, Shirkers and Honesty" on
    4 May 1918, page 6c.

    "The Peace Day Disturbances" is in the Observer,
    23 November 1918, page 31c.

    "Aboriginal Soldiers - How They are Welcomed Home" is discussed in the Register,
    2 August 1919, page 10d,
    "Honour to an Aborigine" on
    26 January 1920, page 6g,
    "Welfare of Aborigines" on
    11 September 1920, page 9a.

    Cartoon on "The Profiteer's Dream" are in The Critic,
    3 September 1919, page 3,
    24 September 1919, page 3,
    29 October 1919, page 3.

    "War Trophies - South Australia's Share" is in the Advertiser,
    26 March 1920, page 7b,
    "Historic Guns in Adelaide" in the Observer,
    8 January 1921, page 31e.

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