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    South Australia - Miscellany

    Male Miscellany

    "Climate and Dress" is in the Observer,
    16 February 1867, page 6e,
    "Clothes" on
    1 February 1882, page 24e,
    "Australian Dress and Diet" in the Observer,
    23 August 1890, page 34b,
    "What a Man Can Dress On" in the Express,
    29 May 1908, page 1g,
    "Fashions for Men - Some Monstrosities" on
    9 January 1914, page 3e.

    "Summer Dress for Men" is in the Advertiser,
    20 November 1925, page 17g,
    "Reform in Men's Dress" in The News,
    8 December 1926, page 8c,
    "Fashions for Men" on
    12 October 1927, page 12c,
    "Clothes for Men - Oxford Bags Passing" on
    21 May 1928, page 2d; also see
    11 February 1930, page 6c.

    "Men, Women and Clothes" is in The News,
    23 January 1932, page 4c,
    "Old and New in Men's Dress" on
    20 February 1934, page 4f,
    "Women Find Fault with Men's Attire" in The Mail,
    9 May 1936, page 9c,
    "Will Males Dress Sensibly in Coming Summer" in The News,
    14 November 1936, page 4d.

    "Veterinary Surgeons" is in the Advertiser,
    18 January 1872, page 2e.
    "Government Veterinary Department" in the Register,
    21 August 1909, page 6d,
    "Training Veterinary Surgeons" on
    16 July 1910, page 12e.

    An obituary of Nathaniel Hailes is in the Express,
    24 July 1879, page 2d.

    "The Ladies' Man" is in the Observer,
    13 March 1880, page 458e,
    "Young Men" on
    21 January 1882, page 20e,
    "About Hats" on
    20 October 1883, page 25d.

    "A South Australian Poet", Mr Chandler, is in the Express,
    28 September 1886, page 3e,
    "The Poetry and Poets of Australia" on
    4 May 1888, page 3e.

    "The Young Man of the Present day" is in the Observer,
    23 February 1895, page 40a.

    "Death of Mr Charles Drew - A Philanthropic Colonist" is in the Chronicle,
    10 October 1896, page 18d.

    The "Adventures of Sturt and Barker" is in the Register,
    21 October 1901, page 6a.
    Also see Place Names - Sturt and Place Names - Barker Knoll

    Information on Robert W. Goudie, a South Australian inventor, is in the Advertiser,
    24 October 1904, page 4h.

    A photograph of "South Australia's Knights" is in The Critic,
    26 December 1903, page 4.

    "Clothing and Comfort" is in the Register,
    27 November 1911, page 6d.

    "Fashions for Men" is in The Critic,
    14 May 1912, page 21.

    "The Bell Topper - Is it Disappearing?" is in the Advertiser,
    28 March 1914, page 21d.

    "Eminent South Australians", biographical details of Mortimer Mempes, Will Ashton, Otto Heggie, Percy Grainger,
    Professor T. Hudson Beare, J. Collett Moulden and L.R. Scammell, is in the Register,
    1 June 1918, page 6e.

    A plea for a "Fathers' Day" is in the Register,
    8 June 1920, page 8f.

    "Make a Note of It - Mr A.T. Saunders' Record" is in the Register,
    19 May 1921, page 9d,
    "Mr A.T. Saunders - Historian" in The Mail,
    12 September 1925, page 1d,
    "Adelaide Scribe - Written 7,000 letters" on
    5 October 1929, page 3f.

    "A South Australian Strong Man" is in the Chronicle,
    3 April 1920, page 19a.

    "The Ugliest Man Competition", won by Mr P.J. Flannagan, is reported in the Register,
    27 October 1921, page 7e.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    17 September 1921, page 27.

    "The Decline of Honesty" is discussed in the Register,
    15 April 1922, page 6c.

    Photographs of an automatic kettle invented by Mr W. Maggin of Kurralta Park are in the Chronicle,
    25 February 1922, page 30.

    "Does Modern Man Respect Women" is in the Express,
    22 September 1922, page 3d.

    "A Wizard of Real Things, H.R. Marston, South Australian" is in The News,
    6 September 1923, page 6d.

    "Hygiene of Hats - Cause of Baldness" is in The Mail,
    2 January 1926, page 2d.

    "How to Write Verse", by C.J. Dennis, is in The News,
    11 May 1927, page 5c.

    The work of a "Remarkable Inventive Genius", Mr Robert Perkins, is traversed in the Register,
    16 June 1927, page 12a; also see
    21 July 1927, page 16g.

    "Perfection Toothbrush - South Australian Invention" is in The News,
    6 June 1928, page 7d,
    "Inventors Are Busy in South Australia" on
    11 August 1932, page 8e.

    "Nomadic Workers - Stories of Construction Camps" is in The Mail,
    9 July 1927, page 1f.

    "Dentist and Novelist", information on Arthur Gask, is in The News,
    18 July 1928, page 8d.

    A proposal to celebrate Fathers' Day is in The News,
    13 May 1929, page 6c.

    Information on blacksmiths is in The Mail,
    16 November 1935, page 4.

    The letters of John Morphett are reproduced in the Advertiser,
    23 October 1936, page 32g.
    Also see Place Names - Morphett Vale

    Miscellany - Choose again