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    South Australia - Education


    The appointment of inspectors is discussed in the Register,
    16 January 1874, page 3g.

    Instructions for the guidance of inspectors are in the Advertiser,
    20 March 1874, page 2b; also see
    28 March 1874, page 12d.

    A criticism of inspectors by a teacher is made in the Express,
    2 December 1874, page 3d,
    2 December 1874, page 3c,
    25 March 1875, page 3b; also see
    31 March 1875, page 2f,
    1 April 1875, page 2h.

    A satirical letter on an inspector's report is in the Observer,
    18 July 1874, page 15a; also see
    25 July 1874, page 15a.

    "School Inspectors' Reports" is in the Observer,
    18 July 1874, page 13d,
    15 August 1874, pages 10a-13b.
    "Inspector Hosking's Report on the Public Schools in the Northern Districts" is in The Irish Harp,
    13 August 1874, pages 4b-6b; also see
    9 April 1875, page 4d.

    A presentation to Inspector Dewhirst is reported in the Express,
    14 March 1881, page 3b;also see
    11 February 1882, page 6e,
    10 August 1891, page 6f.

    "Reports on the Schools" is in the Register,
    9 June 1883, page 4f.

    An obituary of James Hosking, school inspector, is in the Register,
    30 July 1888, page 5b.

    Biographical details of J.T. Smyth are in the Register,
    19 October 1888, page 5a.
    "Aggrieved School Inspector - Resignation of Mr J.T. Smyth" is in the Register,
    17 September 1913, page 13a.

    "Women School Inspectors" is in the Register,
    11 September 1888, page 7h,
    6, 9, 11, 13 and 16 September 1916, pages 9b, 7f, 7f, 10h and 13c.

    "A Lady Inspector of Schools - Divided Opinions" is in the Register,
    21 January 1897, page 6f;
    23 January 1897, pager 28e.
    An appointment is reported on
    16 March 1897, page 5c and
    her death on
    25 April 1900, page 4f; also see
    6 June 1900, page 4f.
    Her first report is reproduced in the Advertiser,
    20 May 1898, page 3i;
    an editorial on the subject appears on
    6 June 1900, page 4h.
    A photograph and other information on Miss Blanche McNamara are in the Weekly Herald,
    28 April 1900, page 3; also see
    5 May 1900, page 29a;
    2 August 1900, page 2b.

    "The Inspectors" is in the Register,
    20 January 1903, page 5a,
    18 February 1903, page 4i.

    Biographical information on L.W. Stanton and C.L. Whitham are in the Observer,
    21 November 1896, page 16a,
    26 June 1916, page 5c,
    on M.M. Maughan in the Observer,
    22 December 1900, page 30a
    (obit. 24 December 1921, page 31b).

    "Schools and Inspectors" is in the Advertiser,
    13 July 1897, page 4e,
    Register on
    5 and 16 February 1900, pages 4d and 4e,
    "The Education Department - The Inspectorial Staff" on
    18 February 1903, page 4i.

    An obituary of Alexander Clark is in the Observer,
    26 June 1897, page 16a,
    biographical details of C.B. Whillas, on
    14 October 1899, page 30a,
    an obituary of Edward Dewhirst on
    13 February 1904, page 34a,
    of "Inspector Plummer" on
    30 September 1905, page 38d,
    of C.L. Whitham on
    4 July 1908, page 40b.

    Biographical details of J.S. Gold, inspector, are in the Register,
    28 July 1898, page 4g,
    of Allan Martin, inspector, on
    17 January 1900, pasge 5b.

    "Schools and Inspectors" is in the Register,
    5 and 16 February 1900, pages 4d and 4e.

    An obituary of Blanche McNamara, inspector, is in the Register,
    24 April 1900, page 5d; also see
    25 April 1900, page 4f,
    6 June 1900, page 4f.

    "The Lady School Inspector [Mrs Alice Hills]" is in the Register,
    2 August 1900, page 4d,
    18 September 1900, page 6g; also see
    15 August 1902, page 5a.

    "School Teachers and Inspectors" is in the Advertiser,
    21 July 1903, page 4c,
    11 March 1912, page 11c,
    23, 25 and 30 April 1912, pages 15d, 13e and 11e,
    2 May 1912, page 15h.

    Biographical details of W.L. Neale are in the Register,
    26 April 1904, page 4h,
    14 December 1906, page 5a,
    of Charles Charlton on
    14 December 1906, page 5a.

    "The Inspector-General and the Schools" is in the Register
    , 6 April 1905, page 4c.

    Information on W.J. McBride is in the Register,
    30 June 1905, page 5c,
    1 July 1905, page 10d,
    29 November 1922, page 6h.

    An obituary of Inspector I.A. Plummer is in the Register,
    28 and 30 September 1905, pages 5a and 7b; also see
    2 November 1905, page 5b,
    27 March 1906, page 4h.

    Biographical details of J. Fairweather are in the Observer,
    25 December 1912, page 37a,
    of A.H. Neale on
    16 January 1915, page 42b,
    of Charles Charlton on
    6 February 1915, page 33a,
    of B.S. Roach on
    6 February 1915, page 44c.

    "Appointment of Inspectors" is in the Advertiser,
    9 September 1913, page 7a.
    A photograph is in the Chronicle,
    11 February 1928, page 52.

    Biographical details of W.A. West and S.H. Warren are in the Observer,
    27 February 1915, page 44c,
    of L.W. Stanton on
    12 June 1915, page 45b,
    of J.C. Noack and A.T. Darke on
    1 January 1916, page 32e,
    of L.W. Stanton on
    1 July 1916, page 32c,
    of Hubert Moss on
    6 September 1919, page 14a,
    of W.J. Adey on
    17 July 1920, page 29b,
    of W.H. Hand (obit.
    8 March 1924, page 45a).

    Biographical details of B.S. Roach are in the Register,
    29 January 1915, page 5a,
    of Charles Charlton on
    5 February 1915, page 5h,
    of J.C. Noack and A.T. Darke on
    24 December 1915, page 4g.

    "Women Inspectors" is in the Register,
    9 and 11 September 1916, pages 7f and 7f.

    The appointment of Miss Lydia Longmore as an inspector is reported in the Advertiser,
    16 February 1917, page 6h; also see
    24 February 1917, page 30d.

    Biographical details of L.H. Jefferies and W.T. Martin are in the Register,
    8 January 1920, page 7a,
    of A.W. Pitt on
    14 December 1922, page 11c.

    Biographical details of A.W. Pitt are in the Observer,
    16 December 1922, page 50c,
    of W.J. McBride on
    2 December 1922, page 32b,
    of T.H.S. Nicolle and J.H. Williams on
    22 December 1923, page 16c,
    of Miss Adelaide Miethke on
    8 November 1924, page 48e,
    of E. Allen on
    29 November 1924, page 36b,
    of R. Sutton on
    15 August 1925, page 19c,
    of John Fairweather on
    10 December 1927, page 59b,
    of H.E. Flint and P.J. Rofe on
    3 March 1928, page 21e,
    of A.G. Edquist on
    1 September 1928, page 44c,
    of Miss Ellie Campbell, Inspector of Domestic Arts, on
    8 September 1928, page 45c.

    The obituary of Mr W.A. West, Chief Inspector of Schools, is in the Advertiser,
    0 November 1922, page 11e,
    11 and 18 November 1922, pages 35b and 35a,
    of A.T. Darke on
    18 August 1923, page 39a,
    of L.W. Stanton on
    22 August 1925, page 43a,
    of S.H. Warren on
    3 March 1928, page 46e.

    Biographical details of T.H.S. Nicolle and J.H. Williams are in the Register,
    13 December 1923, page 9g,
    of Herbert C. Hosking on
    8 May 1924, page 8h,
    of V.J. Pavia on
    14 march 1925, page 8g,
    of W.V. Leach on
    17 December 1926, page 8h,
    of John Fairweather on
    6 December 1927, page 12e.

    An obituary of W.H. Hand is in the Register,
    29 February 1924, page 9f.

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