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    South Australia - Communications

    Mail and Postal

    Also see South Australia - Maritime Affairs - Steamships,

    "Adelaide's Postal History" is in The Mail,
    19 March 1927, page 1a; also see
    24 March 1928, page 2e,
    The News,
    1 November 1928, page 18f,
    26 October 1933, page 13e.

    "History of GPO - Interesting Records" is in The Mail,
    19 July 1924, page 16c.

    "Old Time Memories - Early English Mail Services" is in the Register,
    18 April 1916, page 7a.

    "Colonial Mails" is in the Observer,
    27 January 1844, page 4a.

    "Postal Problems in the Early Days of SA" is in The Mail,
    29 December 1934, page 4.

    "The Country Mails" is in the Observer,
    13 and 27 March 1852, pages 4e and 6a.

    Proposed new mail regulations are discussed in the Observer,
    25 September 1852, page 7a.

    "Postage Reform" is in the Observer,
    8 and 22 July 1854, pages 3b and 4c.

    "The Proposed New Mail Service" is in the Observer,
    26 April 1856, page 1d (supp.),
    10 May 1856, page 6f,
    "The Ocean Postal Service" on
    9 August 1856, page 5g,
    "The Steam Postal Question"
    20 and 27 June 1857, pages 3a and 4g; also see
    24 October 1857, page 6f,
    28 November 1857, page 6f,
    26 December 1857, page 6c,
    2 and 16 January 1858, pages 5c and 5c,
    6 February 1858, page 5f,
    5 and 19 June 1858, pages 6c and 6b,
    3 July 1858, page 5e,
    7 and 28 August 1858, pages 1b (supp.) and 7c,
    2 and 23 October 1858, pages 6c and 6e,
    5 March 1859, page 6d,
    21 July 1860, pages 5e-6a,
    10 and 31 May 1862, pages 6c and 5d.

    "The South Australian Mails" is in the Observer,
    30 April 1859, page 7h.

    "Mail Guards" is in the Observer,
    25 June 1859, page 7h.

    Captain Watts' retirement as Post-Master General is reported in the Observer,
    6 July 1861, page 3c.
    His comments on the post office, etc, appear on
    17 and 24 August 1861, pages 6d and 1h (supp.) and
    an obituary on
    5 April 1873, page 8a.

    The installation of "letter lamp-pillars" in Adelaide is discussed in the Observer,
    22 February 1868, page 5c.

    "Landing the English Mails at Glenelg" is in the Chronicle,
    17 June 1871, page 12f.

    "The Mail Contracts for 1874" is in the Chronicle,
    17 January 1874, page 12g; also see
    26 January 1895, page 23b.

    "The Mail Services of the Colony" is in the Advertiser,
    19 January 1877, page 6e.

    "The Northern Mails" is in the Chronicle,
    22 April 1876, page 19d.
    A series of articles on "Royal Mails - Early North-West Contractors" commences in the Observer,
    9 August 1924, page 49c.

    "Carrying His Majesty's Mail to Far Outback" is in The Mail,
    29 October 1932, page 13.

    The reminiscences or Mr E.W. Bramble, Deputy Postmaster-General, are in the Advertiser,
    16 March 1922, page 9d.

    A history of the Postal Department in South Australia is in the Register,
    3 March 1885, page 5f,
    21 January 1887, page 6a; also see
    13 October 1881, page 6f.

    The inauguration of a "Parcels Post" is reported in the Register,
    17 August 1886, page 6e.

    Information on a Post & Telegraph Cricket Club is in the Express,
    26 August 1887, page 4c.

    "Mr Todd's Jubilee" is in the Observer,
    12 December 1891, page 6.

    "The Mail Services - List of Successful Tenderers" is in the Advertiser,
    1 February 1904, page 7e.

    "Motor Mailcarts" is in the Advertiser,
    17 December 1907, page 6f,
    "The Back Country - A Tribute to Mail Drivers" out of Marree to the North-East on
    5 June 1909, page 13f.

    "Christmas Mails - A Congested Post Office" is in the Advertiser,
    25 December 1909, page 12b.

    "Bush Post Offices and Letter Carriers" is in the Register on
    7 February 1910, page 8h,
    "Royal Mails - Early North-West Contractors" on
    2 and 19 August 1924, pages 13g and 10c,
    2 and 9 September 1924, pages 10d and 18e,
    4 and 18 October 1924, pages 11b and 7c,
    1 and 12 November 1924, pages 7a and 12a.

    "The GPO - Handling the Mails" is in the Register,
    29 October 1910, page 8c,
    reminiscences of the Post Office are made on
    31 October 1910, page 7c and
    by A.J. Wright on 26 March 1913, page 7b.

    "Letter Boxes on Gates" is in the Advertiser,
    12 January 1924, page 17d.
    Also see Adelaide - Housing and Architecture.

    "Stories About Post Offices" is in the Register,
    3 and 23 July 1924, pages 10f and 11e.

    "South Australia's Aerial Mail" is in The Mail,
    9 August 1924, page 1a.
    "In the Cockpit of the Air Mail Plane" from Adelaide to Perth is in the Advertiser,
    12 September 1931, page 5g.
    Also see Transport.

    "By Camel Mail" is in the Observer,
    4 October 1924, page 47a.

    "Romance of Red Coat Postmen" is in The News,
    6 May 1929, page 4e.

    "When Glenelg Was a Port of Call" is in The News,
    15 May 1935, page 6g.

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