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    South Australia - The Colony

    Personal Reminiscences

    Also see Adelaide - Opinions of Adelaide.

    The Reminiscences of John Chambers - Published in 1888

    Observer, 14 January 1888, p. 13. A letter from Allan McLean claiming to be the first man to "turn the sod" in SA at the Reedbeds is in the Register, 12 December 1887, page 7b - dissenting comments and rebuttals follow on 13 and 14 December 1887, pages 3h and 3h and 5 January 1888, page 7f: "The first land turned up was in North Adelaide, in what was then known as Hack's Garden, also a small piece of land on South Terrace and that by the pioneer ploughman, John Watson." Also see Register, 6, 11, 12 and 18 January 1888, pp. 7a, 7d, 6e and 7c and The Mail, 24 May 1924, page 2f.

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Immigration - Emigrant Ships - Miscellany.

    A story of the foundation of South Australia taken from the journal of a passenger in the Buffalo is in the Advertiser,
    24 December 1932, page 8e.

    A letter from a passenger in the Duke of York alluding to "The First Man to Land in South Australia" is in the Advertiser, 31 December 1892, page 6h:

    The South Australian Record, published in London over the period 1837-1841, reproduces letters from colonists in almost every edition.

    "A Pioneer of '36 - A Chat with Mr W.L. Beare" is in the Advertiser,
    28 December 1905, page 5i.

    A photograph of Mrs McCarthy (nee Pyke) who was born on the Buffalo and "was the first child baptised in Adelaide", is in the Observer, 10 May 1913, page 32.

    "A Pioneer of '37", James Marshall, a deserter from the Coromandel, is in the Observer,
    10 December 1898, page 14e.

    "A Pioneer of the Thirties', the reminiscences of Mrs de Saddington Plush, is in the Observer,
    2 January 1904, page 33c.

    "Memories of Long Ago [1851] - A Sparkling Letter" is in the Advertiser,
    24 May 1924, page 14c.

    "What the Pioneers Thought" is in the Advertiser,
    28 December 1922, page 8d.

    "Home Correspondence of New Chums" is in the Observer,
    11 April 1868, page 13b.

    "Some Social Aspects of Early Colonial Life" is in the Register,
    26 October 1878, page 5f,
    "Some Present Aspects of Colonial Life" on
    1 November 1878, page 6b,
    "The Social Outlook for the Future" on
    9 November 1878, page 5e.

    The Advertiser of
    4 and 12 October 1886, pages 7b and 7g,
    27 December 1886, page 5d has several personal recollections of the early days of the colony; also see
    19 January 1887, page 5f for the reminiscences of W.J.S. Pullen.
    An old colonist's view of South Australia is in the Register,
    9 March 1875, page 6f - W.J.S. Pullen recounts his adventures as a surveyor in association with Colonel Light; also see
    8 April 1875, page 5f.

    The Adelaide Chronicle of 22 and 29 July 1840, pages 3c and 3e recounts and comments on the experiences of William Pratt and family.

    The experiences of an 1839 migrant are in the Register,
    2 May 1855, page 3a.

    A letter from John Hill, formerly a crew member of the Buffalo, appears in the Register, 30 March 1865, page 3f - "[I was] the first person that hoisted the Union Jack on that ever-memorable occasion" (ie, the proclamation of South Australia under the old gum tree at Glenelg).

    Also see Place Names - Glenelg - Old Gum Tree.

    The reminiscences of Thomas Allen concerning the arrival of the Africaine, including extracts from a passenger's diary, are in the Register, 24 December 1868, page 2h.

    The "Struggles of an Old Colonist" is in the Register,
    6 December 1876, page 6e.

    "An Immigrant's Impressions of SA" is recorded in the Register,
    11 January 1878, pages 4g and 6a.

    Reminiscences of the "Unexplored Bush" in 1839 are in the Register,
    13 March 1878, page 6a.

    A letter from B.T. Finniss - "The Early Days of South Australia" is in the Register,
    11 August 1881, page 7a.

    Comment on the early days from Mr James Hoare of Clare who came out in the Cygnet is in the Register,
    2 December 1882, page 5d:

    The reminiscences of John Barton Hack are in the Register,
    22, 23 and 28 April 1884, pages 6a, 6c and 7b,
    3, 12, 19 and 29 July 1884, pages 6d, 1b (supp.), 1a (supp.) and 7b,
    9 August 1884 (supp.), page 1d.
    His obituary appears on
    6 October 1884, page 5f.

    A report of an address by J.C.F. Johnson, MP, entitled "The Situation of the Colony" is in the Register,
    20 and 27 April 1886, pages 4f and 7h.

    The Register of 4 July 1887 at page 7g has a letter from Samuel J. Stuckey headed "Experiences of an Early Colonist" - "I was born at Glenelg on 21 March 1837 and am therefore the oldest male born in the province...".
    Thomas Giles and J.D. Sutherland also make their contributions on
    11, 12 and 29 July 1887, pages 7h, 7f and 3f; also see
    16 December 1887, page 7g (Thomas Giles).

    A letter from Allan McLean claiming to be the first man to "turn the sod" in SA at the Reedbeds is in the Register,
    12 December 1887, page 7b -
    dissenting comments and rebuttals follow on
    13 and 14 December 1887, pages 3h and 3h and
    5 January 1888, page 7f:

    A photograph of a sketch of Mr McLean's house at Hilton is in the Chronicle,
    2 June 1923, page 34.
    An obituary of John McLean is in the Observer,
    19 December 1903, page 44a.

    "A Chat With an Old Colonist" (John Chambers) is recorded in the Register,
    11 January 1888, page 6e.

    "Early Colonial Reminiscences" is in the Register,
    3 April 1890, page 6c.
    Similarly, experiences during the 1850s appear on
    26 May 1890, page 6c.

    The reminiscences of Henry Moseley are in the Observer,
    6 September 1890, page 6e.

    Pioneering difficulties are discussed in the Register,
    9 June 1891, page 6e.

    Entertaining and informative reminiscences of David Morgan are in the Register,
    26 February 1892, page 6d.
    His interesting obituary, and further reminiscences, appear on
    17 July 1896, page 7f.

    Interesting colonial stories told by inmates of the Destitute Asylum appear in the Register,
    12 January 1892, page 7a,
    3 March 1892, page 6e.

    "An Escort Veteran", the reminiscences of Isaac Bewson (sic-Dewson?) is in the Register,
    13 June 1892, page 5d.

    "The Infancy of South Australia - Reminiscences of a Buffalo Man" is in the Register,
    27 June 1892, page 6c.

    Reminiscences of the Wright brothers of Yankalilla who came out in the Cygnet are in the Register,
    10 January 1894, page 6c,
    "Old Time Memories - An Ancient Whaler" on
    29 January 1894, page 6c,
    "A Woman Pioneer [Mrs George Marchant] - Ninety-Two Today" on
    7 March 1894, page 6d;
    her obituary appears on
    1 September 1894, page 31b and
    her husband in the Observer,
    2 December 1905, page 38a.

    "A First Ship Pioneer", the reminiscences of Charles Powell, are in the Register,
    30 October 1895, page 7d.

    John Watts reminiscences are in the Register,
    26 August 1896, page 6h and
    of the voyage of the Pestonjee Bomanjee in 1838 on
    19 and 20 November 1896, pages 5e and 5d,
    William Reid (Pestonjee Bomanjee) on
    12 September 1896, page 5,
    Charles B. Powell (Duke of York) on
    12 January 1898, page 6e.

    The reminiscences of Mrs John Bevis are in the Register,
    31 July 1896, page 6h,
    1 August 1896, page 30c and
    30 July 1898, page 42d
    of S. Stuckey in the Chronicle,
    12 September 1896, page 25b
    of G. Holden (Trusty) in the Observer,
    16 January 1897, page 14c.

    The reminiscences of Mrs William Mackintosh of life in the north of SA are in the Chronicle,
    12 March 1898, page 21b.

    "Old Time Memories" of W. Finlayson is in the Register,
    28 December 1898, page 5g,
    Mrs Samuel Field (Katherine Stewart Forbes) in 1837 on
    9 February 1899, page 7b,
    George Foreman on
    8 January 1902, page 6e,
    a letter written by Dr C.G. Everard is reproduced on
    30 December 1901, page 6f.

    Informative articles on Proclamation Day, which include personal reminiscences of early settlers, are in the Register,
    28 and 29 December 1896, pages 6a and 5h; also see
    6 February 1897, page 6f.

    The reminiscences of James Blatchford are in the Observer,
    10 December 1898, page 14c,
    of Richard Day (Royal Admiral) on
    4 February 1899, page 41d.

    The reminiscences of Peter Lamont (Buckinghamshire) are in the Observer,
    29 April 1899, page 14c,
    of A. MacGeorge (Ariadne) on
    25 November 1899, page 34c.

    "Fifty Years in the Bush - A Chat With A.D. Sawers" is in the Chronicle,
    29 December 1900, page 34e.

    The reminiscences of Mrs Maria I'Anson are in the Register,
    8 July 1901, page 7b,
    20 July 1901, page 31c,
    of George Foreman on
    18 January 1902, page 3c,
    of Samuel Stanton on
    17 May 1902, page 34c,
    of "Mrs Stevens of Walkerville" on
    1 March 1902, page 32a.

    Reminiscences of William Hodges, who came out in the Rapid with Colonel Light, are in the Register,
    22 April 1902, page 6e.
    "Last Survivor of the Rapid", the death of William Hodges, appears on
    10 July 1906, page 6b; the article includes reminiscences about Colonel Light.

    Also see Place Names - Light.

    John Jacob's reminiscences, which include an account of overlanding from NSW, are in the Register, 21 April 1902, page 6d.
    The obituary of William Jacob (an assistant surveyor to Colonel Light), with appended reminiscences, appear on
    16 July 1902, page 8a.

    The reminiscences of Rev James Rowe are in the Register on
    16 February 1903, page 5b,
    those of J.A. Hill (Buffalo) and Henry Douglas (Emma) on
    7 July 1903, pages 5i-6a,
    Henry D. Melville (Lalla Rookh) on
    19 August 1903, page 6g and
    Thomas Baird (Navarino) on
    30 January 1904, page 10d.

    Those of W.C. Calder are in the Register,
    9 July 1904, page 4a,
    J.A. Hill (Africaine) on
    13 July 1904, page 5a,
    Joseph Fisher on
    23 November 1904, page 9e.
    Those of H.T. Morris (Buffalo) are in the Advertiser,
    28 December 1904, page 5c (biographical details are in the Observer,
    31 August 1901, page 33d).

    "Notes by an Old Colonist" is in the Register,
    28 December 1903, page 7b and
    the reminiscences of Mrs S. Plush (Adelaide, Victor Harbor and Angaston) on
    31 December 1903, page 7h.

    The reminiscences of Mrs F.E. Renner are in the Register,
    13 February 1904, page 9c,
    13 February 1904, page 5b.

    Joseph Pepper - "A Link with Colonel Light" is in the Register,
    3 November 1909, page 8e.

    The reminiscences of William Gilbert, MP, in which he talks of his milling experiences, etc are in the Register,
    29 March 1905, page 6c and
    C.J. Valentine, a veteran stock inspector, on
    5 July 1905, page 6g -
    a presentation to Mr Valentine is reported in the Observer,
    30 September 1905, page 48d.

    Reminiscences of Albert Molineux, former agriculture editor of the Observer are in the Register,
    9 August 1905, page 6c,
    26 August 1905, page 10c,
    Joseph Mercer in the Register on
    27 December 1905, page 7a,
    Charles William Webb on
    5 and 8 March 1906, pages 5h and 6d.

    Those of Alexander Kirk and Robert Smart are in the Register,
    5 April 1906, page 6g,
    Archibald Thomson (Duke of York) on
    8 December 1906, page 11f,
    J.N. Perry on
    12 May 1908, page 3g,
    John Halliday on
    13 July 1908, page 5g,
    H.D. Melville on
    5 October 1908, page 7a,
    W.F. Hughes in the ,
    8 August 1908, page 45a.

    The reminiscences of William Gibbons (Lady Lilford) are in the Register,
    14 December 1905, page 8g,
    23 December 1905, page 4e (supp.),
    of Charles W. Webb on
    10 March 1906, pages 29( photo.)-49a,
    of W.F. Campion on
    27 October 1906, page 48a.

    The reminiscences of William Hayes - "From Bullock Driver to Pastoralist" are in the Register,
    20 February 1908, page 5d.
    Those of H.J. Congreve (Conegreve?), doctor, bullock-driver, station-hand, gold-digger, journalist and preacher, appear on
    31 March 1909, page 8a; also see
    12 July 1918, page 4g.

    Mr J.W. Duck's reminiscences are in the Observer,
    25 April 1908, page 38c,
    of John Halliday on
    18 July 1908, page 41a,
    of H.D. Melville on
    10 October 1908, page 41a,
    of H.E. Brookes (Fairlie) on
    29 May 1909, page 38c.

    Photographs of male and female pioneers are in the Chronicle,
    2 January 1909, page 27.

    Arthur Hardy's reminiscences are in the Register,
    14 July 1909, page 5c,
    John Jacob(s), pioneer pastoralist, on
    30 July 1909, page 6i.

    "Men Who Made the State", an interview with several pioneers, is reproduced in the Advertiser,
    29 December 1909, page 4h.

    The reminiscences of William Kither are in the Observer,
    19 February 1910, page 44a,
    of Frederick Dodd on
    26 February 1910, page 39e,
    of D.H. Weir (Prince Regent) on
    30 April 1910, page 41d,
    of Stephen Bastian on
    28 January 1911, page 39d,
    of William Galbraith on
    25 February 1911, page 53a,
    of Mrs M.A. Foote (Winchester) on
    29 April 1911, page 24c.

    "A Pioneer's Diary - Incidents of Early Days" (J.M. Skipper) is in the Register,
    20 May 1911, page 14e.

    The reminiscences of J.L.F. Roberts are in the Register on
    14 June 1910, page 8i,
    William Galbraith (Hooghly - 1848) on
    17 February 1911, page 6a,
    Thomas Richard Bowman on
    18 February 1911, page 14f,
    Helen Mantegani on
    28 December 1911, page 8b.

    The reminiscences of Samuel Mills are in the Register,
    16 March 1912, page 18a,
    Henry Kelly on
    29 April 1912, page 7b,
    Mrs M.A. Foote in the Advertiser,
    25 April 1912, page 9c,
    James Chittleborough (Buffalo), on
    29 November 1912, page 12b -
    a photograph of the family is in the Observer,
    14 July 1906, page 30.

    "Jackerooing Fifty Years Ago" is discussed by Samuel Dixon in the Register on
    6, 12, 19, 20, 23 and 27 July 1912, pages 18c, 6a, 9a, 18a, 8e and 15d,
    3 August 1912, page 18d.

    "Old Memories by A.T. Saunders" is in The Mail,
    12 July 1913, page 9f.

    Reminiscences of Henry Rosewarne (Warrior ) are in the Register,
    10 January 1914, page 15c,
    John Pile, junior, on
    25 February 1914, page 13c,
    A.H. Pegler on
    14 and 15 May 1914, pages 7d and 11a,
    10 June 1914, page 8f,
    Mr and Mrs John B. Fry on
    5 August 1914, page 5f.

    The reminiscences of John Bodey are in the Advertiser,
    30 August 1913, page 19g,
    Henry Rosewarne on
    6 September 1913, page 6f,
    J.G. Moseley on
    13 September 1913, page 6f,
    William Moyse on
    10 November 1913, page 6h,
    T. Day on
    29 November 1913, page 8g,
    of John Battle in the Express,
    17 July 1914, page 2c,
    of R.H.S. Brown on 2 October 1914, page 3b.

    "A Girl Pioneer" is in the Advertiser,
    17 January 1914, page 6g,
    William Magar's reminiscences on
    21 January 1914, page 10d,
    James Hiern on
    3 February 1914, page 10d,
    Charles Laycock on
    11 November 1915, page 9e,
    George McLeish (Dauntless) on
    5 May 1916, page 7b,
    Thomas Griggs on
    6 April 1917, page 10e.

    The reminiscences of D.H. R. Weir are in the Observer,
    16 August 1913, page 37d,
    of Andrew Loutit on
    5 June 1915, page 49b,
    of J.B. Champion on
    18 December 1915, page 45e,
    of Mrs Isabella Brock on
    16 June 1917, page 29e,
    of A. Beviss on
    25 August 1917, page 14e,
    of J.H. Boothby on
    26 April 1919, page 12a,
    of H.H. Mildred on
    23 August 1919, page 41d.

    An interview with Mr Thomas Pitman is in
    The Mail,
    4 July 1914, page 8h;
    the reminiscences of Thomas Griggs appear on
    11 July 1914, page 8f.

    Reminiscences of Mrs Clindening, "A Pioneer Doctor's Wife" are in the Register,
    20 and 23 October 1914, pages 7a and 9a,
    Mrs F. Holbrook on
    6 January 1915, page 8h,
    William Oakley (Buffalo) on
    24 July 1915, page 8h,
    John Bosworth on
    22 June 1916, page 5b.

    The reminiscences of William Oakley (Buffalo) are in the Observer,
    31 July 1915, page 50a,
    of Mrs J.G. Wright on
    14 August 1915, page 36a,
    of John Black on
    30 October 1915, page 46d,
    of Mrs M. Fraser and Mrs J. McLeay on
    30 October 1915, page 49a,
    of Daniel Le Poidevin on
    30 October 1915, page 49b,
    of John McIntyre on
    6 January 1917, page 35a,
    of Mrs C. Amey on
    20 January 1917, pages 12a-27 (photo.).

    The reminiscences of Mr & Mrs G.H. Brown are in the Express,
    10 November 1915, page 3g,
    of Charles Laycock on
    11 November 1915, page 2e,
    of Albert Buttfield in the Observer,
    23 September 1916, page 15a.

    Reminiscences of James Vanstone are in the Register,
    24 March 1917, page 9c,
    J.H. Boothby on
    19 and 21 April 1919, pages 4g and 7b (also see
    22 April 1919, page 3g),
    Paul Martin on
    9 March 1920, page 7c,
    Charles Lodge on
    27 July 1922, page 7f.

    "In the Droving Days", the reminiscences of Robert Douglas, is in the Observer,
    28 December 1918, page 4a.

    "Four Pioneering Sisters - An Interesting Reunion" is in the Advertiser,
    18 December 1918, page 7c.

    The reminiscences of Paul Martin are in the Observer,
    20 March 1920, page 45d,
    of L. Judell on
    14 and 28 August 1920, pages 44a and 44d,
    of W.S.C. Collins on
    9 July 1921, page 2a,
    of Mrs Susannah Dalcum on
    13 August 1921, page 37a,
    of Henry Graves on
    9 September 1922, page 50d,
    of William Agincourt Stevens on
    17 February 1923, page 33b,
    of Mr & Mrs Thomas Thorpe on
    24 February 1923, page 42d,
    of C.A. Halliday on
    26 April 1924, page 2c.

    "Women Pioneers - Reminiscences of Early Days" is in The Mail,
    30 December 1922, page 16c.

    Henry Graves reminiscences are in the Register on
    2 September 1922, page 9g,
    Mrs Charles Myles on
    20 December 1922, page 9d,
    Thomas Thorpe on
    10 February 1923, page 6h,
    John Kelly on
    22 February 1923, page 11c,
    J.H. Wiles on
    22 March 1923, page 7f,
    J.O. Bull on
    31 March 1923, page 9b.

    Those of Charles Dawson (Hooghly) are in the Register,
    24 May 1923, page 6e,
    Mrs Sophia Stevens on
    19 June 1923, page 6c,
    J.H. Haycraft on
    3 September 1923, page 13e,
    Marianne Fisher (Buffalo) on
    28 December 1923, page 7e,
    Mrs E. Stokes (Hartley) on
    28 December 1923, page 8c,
    H.W. Breaker (Buffalo) on
    16 January 1924, page 9c and
    23 October 1924, page 9d.

    In a series of articles commencing in The News on 25 July 1923, page 5b Mr John Conrick reminisces on his life as a pastoralist, etc.

    The reminiscences of Mr M.J. Solomon are in the Advertiser,
    14 June 1924, page 14c.

    "Trials of Pioneer Days", the reminiscences of G.A. Payne, is in the Advertiser,
    27 June 1924, page 14b,
    Mrs C.B. Young on
    8 June 1925, page 13b.

    William Maiden's reminiscences are in the Register on
    21 January 1924, page 10f,
    Mr J. Rimes on
    5 April 1924, page 10a,
    John McCoy on
    15 September 1924, page 11f,
    Mrs F.W. Stokes on
    19 November 1925, page 10c,
    Hilary Boucaut on
    29 December 1925, page 8f,
    John Henry Watson on
    5 May 1926, page 10d.

    The life and times of John B. Phipson are recalled by Rev John Blacket in the Observer,
    3 and 10 January 1925, pages 47a and 17c; also see
    17 January 1925, page 58c.

    The reminiscences of Anders Hjorth are in the Register,
    17 January 1925, page 4c.

    "A Southern Pioneer - Reminiscences of H.B. Welch" is in the Advertiser,
    9 July 1925, page 12a,
    "The Very Early Days" by Mrs L.H.S. Myles on
    5 October 1925, page 11c,
    those of Ursula Miners on
    28 December 1926, page 10b.

    The reminiscences of Mrs F.W. Stokes (nee Giles) are in the Observer,
    28 November 1925, page 12c.

    Reminiscences of Paris Nesbit are in the Register,
    17 and 24 May 1926, pages 9a and 9a
    (Also see under South Australia - Crime, Law and Punishment - Law - Lawyers and Solicitor),
    Miss J.C. Finlayson on
    10 July 1926, page 13e,
    Joseph Turner (Baboo) on
    6 December 1927, page 10,
    Paul Martin, (Henry Porcher) on
    27 December 1927, page 13a,
    A.H.D. Tolmer on
    26 January 1928, page 10g,
    Christopher Bolt on
    2 February 1928, page 7a,
    Mrs Ann Rendell on
    21 February 1928, page 11e,
    Francis Davison on
    24 April 1928, page 11a.

    "Mothers of South Australia - Chats with Women Pioneers" is in the Register,
    30 December 1922, page 11a,
    "Pioneer Women - Stories of the Early Days" on
    30 December 1924, page 7c; also see
    29 December 1925, page 8g.

    "Examples of the Women Pioneers", the reminiscences of Mrs Mary G. Hyde, Mrs Eliza Coward, Mrs Mary A. Remes, Mrs G. Foreman, Mrs E.E. Burrows and others are in the Register, 29 December 1923, page 9c.

    The reminiscences of Mr W.J. Cobbledick are in the Observer,
    3 November 1923, page 38e,
    William J. Farrant on
    5 January 1924, page 48d,
    John McCoy on
    20 September 1924, page 50d,
    Mrs Elizabeth May in the Chronicle,
    16 January 1926, page 53d,
    William Pritchard in The Mail,
    8 December 1928, page 24f and
    Mrs Emily Ramsay on
    29 June 1929, page 18c.

    The reminiscences of Mr W. Jarvis are in the Chronicle,
    14 August 1926, page 53.

    The reminiscences of Mrs W.H. Reynolds, who was born in Adelaide in 1838, are in the Chronicle,
    12 September 1929, page 51,
    of Norman Richardson commencing in the Chronicle,
    3 May 1934, page 5.

    "Whaling Ships and Mud Huts", the reminiscences of Mrs Shiels, is in the Advertiser,
    9 April 1935, page 14c.

    "Memories of Hugh McCallum" is in the Chronicle,
    17 and 24 October 1935, pages 48 and 48.

    " The Four John Warren's" is in a series of articles commencing in the Chronicle,
    29 October 1936, page 50.

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