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    Place Names of South Australia - W

    Willyama Point - Wilpena

    Willyama Point

    Between Rhino Head and Marion Bay; named after "the ill-fated steamer of that name" -
    see Advertiser, 21 January 1910, page 6e.

    Willunga - Wilpena
    Place Names


    The Willyara Primitive Methodist Church stood on section 264, Hundred of Saddleworth, on the Manoora-Waterloo Road. (See applications nod. 9320 and 18915 held in the General Registry Office.)
    Its Sunday School's first anniversary is reported in the Register,
    6 November 1868, page 2h.

    The Register,
    2 May 1857, page 2f and
    Observer of
    2 May 1857, page 3f talks of a new chapel at the head of the Light "24 miles from the Burra".
    Also see
    7 August 1858, page 8c.

    Willunga - Wilpena
    Place Names



    Aboriginal for 'to invoke a good harvest'.

    General Notes

    A photograph of Mr Laurence Collett delivering mail is in the Chronicle,
    21 February 1935, page 38.

    Willunga - Wilpena
    Place Names



    Governor Musgrave named it after some association his wife had with a place of that name in the United States of America; the name occurs in Devon, Shropshire and Somerset, England.

    General Notes

    The Observer of
    27 May 1876 at page 13b says "general regret is expressed that the old name of Beautiful Valley has not been retained."
    "The Birth of Wilmington" is in the Chronicle,
    10 May 1934, page 9d.

    Details of purchasers of allotments in the town are in the Chronicle,
    27 May 1876, page 19c,
    3 June 1876, page 6d.
    A history of the town and photographs are in the Chronicle,
    1 December 1932, pages 33 and 42.

    The town is described in the Register,
    21 February 1878, page 6c-f,
    2 March 1878, page 22a,
    31 August 1878, page 5,
    4 July 1885, page 11c,
    2 March 1878, page 22b,
    4 July 1885, page 32a,
    27 August 1904, page 34d,
    16 February 1905, page 5i,
    29 January 1910, page 15b,
    7 September 1929, page 24e; also see
    27 and 29 August 1878, pages 5e and 5e,
    22 August 1904, page 9b,
    4 September 1929, pages 5b-10 (photos.),
    7 September 1929, page 24e.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    23 May 1908, page 30,
    17 November 1923, page 28.

    A trip from Beautiful Valley to Adelaide is described in the Advertiser,
    7 July 1876, page 5d.

    Controversy within the town is aired in a letter in the Chronicle,
    10 February 1877, page 13d.
    An editorial on the controversy over the site of its telegraph office is in the Register,
    16 May 1877, page 4e; also see
    29 November 1877, page 6a.

    A public meeting in connection with the need for a school is reported in the Register,
    21 August 1877, page 7b; it opened later that year.
    A "Hoisting the Flag" ceremony is reported in the Chronicle,
    25 May 1901, page 19d.
    Also see South Australia - Miscellany - Flags and Patriotic Songs.

    "Resignation of a School Board" is in the Register,
    31 March 1903, page 8g.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    23 May 1908, page 30.

    "The Wants of Wilmington" is in the Chronicle,
    25 August 1877, page 9d.

    A new mill is commented upon in the Register,
    26 June 1878, page 3e (supp.),
    6 July 1878, page 5a,
    13 July 1878, page 19a.
    A sketch is in the Pictorial Australian in
    October 1880,
    Frearson's Weekly,
    13 November 1880, page 563.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Farming - Mills.

    "Affairs at Wilmington" is in the Observer,
    12 April 1879, page 9f,
    23 April 1879, page 7b.

    Information on a proposed Institute is in the Observer,
    30 August 1879, page 7d;
    its opening is reported in the Chronicle,
    7 January 1882, page 22f.

    Problems with the town's water supply are discussed in the Chronicle,
    12 March 1881, page 19e,
    16 June 1881, page 6b,
    23 July 1881, page 6e,
    23 and 31 August 1881, pages 6f and 7f,
    16 December 1881 (supp.), page 1e,
    18 August 1882, page 5b,
    7 September 1882, page 3b,
    7 April 1883 (supp.), page 1g,
    4 and 24 February 1886, pages 5c and 5b-7g,
    18 March 1886, page 2c,
    16 May 1887, page 2f,
    8 April 1886, page 7b,
    17 May 1887, page 6h,
    20 April 1891, page 5b,
    24 October 1891, page 9b,
    30 July 1892, page 6h.

    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    Also see Advertiser,
    18 July 1893, page 4e,
    29 July 1893, page 5f,
    12 October 1893, page 6d.
    The Spring Creek waterworks is described on
    20 October 1891, page 6d; also see
    16 March 1905, page 7d,
    2 December 1927, page 16e,
    31 January 1929, page 17d.
    Photographs of Spring Creek are in the Chronicle,
    13 June 1935, page 33.

    Its first Show is reported in the Register,
    16 August 1881 (supp.), page 1f; also see
    16 September 1882 (supp.), page 1d and
    18 September 1885, page 6d,
    17 September 1887, page 6g,
    9 October 1893, page 3g,
    11 October 1907, page 3f,
    19 October 1907, page 29 (photos).
    A floral society exhibition is reported in the Chronicle,
    10 November 1900, page 36c,
    Register on
    28 October 1901, page 7d.
    Also see South Australia - Agricultural, Floricultural & Horticultural Shows .

    An Oddfellows' celebration is reported in the Register,
    30 May 1883, page 7c and
    Also see South Australia - Banking and Finance - General Finance - Building and Friendly Societies.
    the laying of the foundation stone of the Church of England on
    16 April 1885, page 6h.

    The opening of Christ Church is reported in the Chronicle,
    29 August 1885, page 12d.

    A sports day is reported in the Chronicle,
    9 January 1886, page 21d,
    10 January 1891, page 8f,
    7 January 1893, page 15b and
    a tennis match against Quorn on
    30 December 1899, page 16b.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Tennis.

    A St Patrick's day picnic is reported in the Chronicle,
    26 March 1887, page 6b.

    A coursing meeting is reported in the Advertiser,
    31 March 1891, page 7a,
    3 August 1895, page 14g.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Coursing.

    "Ladies at Cricket" is in the Register,
    9 December 1902, page 9b.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Cricket - Miscellany.

    "A Dingo Hunt" is in the Register,
    18 November 1904, page 6d.
    Also see South Australia - Flora and Fauna - Dogs.

    Photographs of hare shooting are in the Observer,
    22 June 1907, page 31.

    Biographical details of Mark Gray are in the Observer,
    3 April 1909, page 30b.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs W.A. Bird is reported in the Register,
    2 May 1912, page 7a.

    Biographical details of Mrs Thomas Brandon are in the Register,
    13 September 1915, page 4i.

    A "sensational" storm is reported in the Observer,
    22 September 1917, page 35a.

    The 50th anniversary of the Methodist Church is reported in the Advertiser,
    8 August 1927, page 10c,
    13 August 1927, page 44e.

    Wilmington - Obituaries

    An obituary of P. McMartin is in the Register,
    12 August 1890, page 5b,
    of William Carlyon on 5 April 1913, page 17e.

    An obituary of Priestly Hillam is in the Observer,
    16 June 1906, page 38a,
    of J.M. Litchfield on 8 October 1910, page 43b, Register, 3 and 4 October 1910, pages 6h and 4h.

    An obituary of Josiah Slee is in the Observer,
    16 December 1911, page 37a,
    of William Harslett on 16 December 1911, page 37c,
    of William Carlyon on 12 April 1913, page 41a,
    of William Robertson on 3 October 1914, page 46a,
    of Mrs Mary Bury on 16 September 1916, page 22b,
    of E.F.P.J. Gebert on 1 July 1922, page 20a.

    An obituary of William Robertson is in the Register,
    25 September 1914, page 4g,
    of Mrs Anna Schuppan on 30 September 1915, page 4g,
    of Mrs Mary Bury on 13 September 1916, page 6g,
    of Mrs Grace Carlyon on 7 August 1918, page 6f,
    of E.F.P.J. Gebert on 28 June 1922, page 6i,
    of Hugh McCall on 23 and 24 January 1925, pages 8h and 8g,
    of Mrs Maria F. Duhring on 30 July 1925, page 8h,
    of Mrs Fanny Frick on 19 May 1927, page 8g.

    An obituary of Mrs Louisa Hammat is in the Register,
    15 February 1928, page 8h,
    of M.A. Bischof on 30 May 1928, page 12f.

    Willunga - Wilpena
    Place Names



    There are conflicting records as to the possible meaning of the Aboriginal word 'Wilpena'- one, "the place of bent fingers'', the other, "the hut or wurlie place''.

    Of interest is the fact that the Aboriginal name of Elder Range was woodna wolpena - 'great mountain'.

    General Notes

    An article on the alleged discovery of the Pound by C.N. Bagot is to be found in the Register,
    7 June 1851, page 2c.

    The SA Gazette & Mining Journal of 19 June 1851, page 2e carries a report which says, inter alia:

    The finding of the remains of Diprotodon australis in the area is reported in the Register,
    14 January 1865, page 2g; also see
    22 April 1865, page 2g and
    3 May 1865, page 2f.

    In 1871 it was suggested that a government town be laid out there -
    see Register, 6 July, page 6a.

    "Disgraceful Affair at Wilpena" is in the Register,
    25 February 1882, page 6e,
    20 March 1882, page 5a.

    A shearers' sports day is reported in the Advertiser,
    6 September 1889, page 3g.

    A sports day is reported in the Chronicle,
    30 September 1899, page 27c.

    The Observer of 11 September 1909 at page 40a has an obituary of John McLeay who, during his life-time, claimed to be the first to take a flock of sheep into the Pound.

    The station is described in the Register,
    6 March 1903, page 6f and the pound and station on
    5 January 1904, page 9b.

    The reminiscences of Mr C.B. Powell, manager of Wilpena Station from 1857-1882 are in the Register,
    11 August 1926, page 10d and
    20 June 1934, page 16h.
    A photograph is in the Chronicle,
    8 September 1928, page 40.

    An obituary of G.H. Wilson, station manager, is in the Observer,
    7 June 1913, page 44a.

    "A Day at Wilpena" is in the Register,
    4 September 1928, page 11b.

    "Mixed Farming on the Edge of Wilpena Pound" is in the Chronicle,
    29 June 1933, page 6.

    Willunga - Wilpena