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    Place Names of South Australia - S

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of

    Strawberry Hill


    On Eyre Peninsula, was probably named by Messrs S. and F. White, sons of Samuel White, who held land in the Port Lincoln district prior to recorded leases. Edward J. Eyre recorded that he visited Mr White's homestead, ten miles from Port Lincoln, in 1840. The name first appears in official records on the plan of the pastoral lease no. 97 issued to Arthur Hardy in 1851.

    A correspondent to the Advertiser on 3 December 1943 went a little further:

    H.C. Talbot says:

    This nomenclature is repeated in the Register, 24 December 1898, page 5f.

    General Notes

    H.C. Talbot's nomenclature is repeated in the Register,
    24 December 1898, page 5f.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Strawbridge, Hundred of


    William Strawbridge, ISO, Surveyor-General (1894-1911).

    General Notes

    Also see South Australia - Politics.

    Information on him is in the Observer,
    13 June 1896, page 16d,
    18 March 1907, page 8f and
    a photograph in the Chronicle,
    23 March 1907, page 29;
    his obituary is in the Register,
    26 June 1911, page 7a.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Streaky Bay


    Discovered on 5 February 1802 by Matthew Flinders. 'The water was much discoloured in streaks, at less than a mile from the ship.'

    General Notes

    For debate on the efficacy of its harbor see Place Names - Decres Bay.

    Eyre's Waterhole (cooeyana) is described in Parliamentary Paper 156/1857: "... Two wells here - one, good water, the other, not drinkable by Christians, unless in extremity."

    Inspector Holroyd's journal of a trip to and from Streaky Bay and Fowlers Bay is in the Observer,
    8 October 1859, page 2g (supp.).
    Also see South Australia - Police.

    "The Smallpox Amongst the Aborigines" is in the Observer,
    9 February 1867, page 3e (supp.).
    Also see South Australia - Health - General Health Matters - Smallpox and Vaccination.

    "Hut Robbery by Natives" is in the Register,
    12 May 1869, page 2g.
    A photograph of Aborigines prepared for a corroboree is in the Chronicle,
    20 April 1907, page 20.

    The laying of the foundation stone of the Church of England is reported in the Register,
    1 April 1869, page 2e and
    its opening on
    27 May 1869, page 2g.

    The opening of a school conducted by the Richardson family is reported in the Register,
    3 March 1869, page 2d.
    Parliamentary Paper 36/1873 shows the school being conducted in a dwelling-house by James Bell with 17 enrolled pupils; it opened in 1872.
    See Advertiser,
    22 May 1912, page 8g;
    photographs are in the Observer,
    22 August 1908, page 31,
    4 February 1911, page 29,
    12 January 1933, page 34.

    An overland trip from Port Augusta to Streaky Bay is described in the Observer, 16 February 1878, page 20d; the reporter dismissed the town in the following words:

    A report on meat preservation by Mr Cotton is in the Register,
    8 December 1869, page 2e.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Meat.

    A cricket match against a Venus Bay team is reported in the Observer,
    16 April 1870, page 6d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Cricket - Miscellany.

    The town and district are described in the Register,
    21 July 1862, page 3f,
    20 October 1883 (supp.), page 2e,
    26 May 1888, page 8b,
    7 March 1889, page 3d,
    4 June 1887, page 6g,
    4 April 1904, page 6c,
    6 July 1905, page 8f,
    7 January 1905, page 26 (photos),
    26 and 28 January 1911, pages 8g and 14f,
    25 March 1914, page 10c,
    16 March 1912, page 17d.
    The Mail,
    30 November 1912, page 10d,
    7 and 21 December 1912, pages 10c and 10c,
    8 May 1926, page 44.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    22 August 1908, page 31,
    30 December 1911, page 32,
    12 January 1929, page 35.

    The reminiscences of Mrs Mary Campbell appear in the Register,
    20 January 1925, page 10e; also see
    16 January 1928, page 14a.

    "When Streaky Bay was Very Young" is in the Chronicle,
    29 September 1938.

    A horse race meeting is reported in the Observer,
    23 January 1886, page 17d.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    25 March 1911, page 30.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    Information on a proposed jetty is in the Register,
    28 May 1884, page 5g,
    13 October 1886, page 5b,
    16 October 1886, page 33d.

    "A Trip to Streaky Bay" is in the Express,
    8 June 1887, page 4f.

    Information on the new Institute is in the Register,
    16 August 1887, page 3f and
    local churches in the Advertiser,
    22 April 1912, page 8e.

    The first agricultural show is reported in the Observer,
    15 October 1898, page 31d.
    A photograph is in the Chronicle,
    21 October 1911, page 32; also see
    27 October 1906, page 27.
    Also see South Australia - Agricultural, Floricultural & Horticultural Shows .

    "To Streaky Bay by Motor" is in the Register,
    18 April 1906, page 4f,
    21 April 1906, page 37c.
    Also see South Australia - Transport - Motor Cars and Cycles.

    Photographs of wheat loading are in the Chronicle,
    30 June 1906, page 27,
    of the town and local councillors on
    6 August 1910, page 30,
    of a mail coach on
    15 April 1911, page 31,
    of wheat carting on
    12 April 1913, page 29,
    of a carnival on
    26 April 1934, page 35,
    of a football team on
    8 November 1934, page 33.

    Information on a new flour mill is in the Observer,
    31 July 1909, page 51e.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Farming - Mills.

    A photograph of council members is in the Observer,
    24 November 1906, page 30,
    of a sports committee in the Chronicle,
    13 May 1911, page 31,

    A photograph of Miss G.M. Steven's private hospital is in the Observer,
    16 July 1910, page 32,
    of a football team on
    23 March 1913, page 32,
    of the hospital on
    4 April 1914, page 31,
    of a stranded whale on
    21 September 1918, page 28.

    The reminiscences of James Hiern are in the Observer,
    26 February 1910, page 48d.

    Information on St Augustine's Church is in the Register,
    20 February 1912, page 8d.
    24 February 1912, page 17a.
    The opening of the Anglican Church is reported in the Observer,
    29 June 1912, page 46d.

    "A Dip Into Old History" is in the Advertiser,
    23, 25 and 29 April 1912,
    1 May 1912, page 11a.

    A proposed hospital is discussed in the Register,
    8 October 1912, page 5c.

    Biographical details of Mrs John A. Freeman are in the Register,
    6 March 1917, page 4f,
    of Mrs Mary Campbell on 20 January 1925, page 10e.

    Biographical details of Mrs Mary Campbell are in the Observer,
    24 January 1925, page 62d,
    of John Speed on 29 September 1928, page 34a.

    A photograph of St Canute's Church is in the Observer,
    13 June 1925, page 34,
    of the post office in the Chronicle,
    11 July 1929, page 36.

    The reminiscences of Mr William Campbell are in the Chronicle,
    14 September 1933, page 5.

    "Salubrious Streaky Bay" is in the Register,
    14 April 1927, page 19f.

    Information on its water supply is in the Advertiser,
    18 January 1937, page 21d.
    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    Streaky Bay - Obituaries

    An obituary of Mrs W.E. Roberts is in the Observer, 25 January 1908, page 40d,
    of R.D. Anderson on 16 January 1909, page 48b,
    of J.P. Miller on 24 December 1910, page 41a,
    of W.H. Betts on 31 May 1913, page 41b,
    of J.A. Freeman on 7 March 1914, page 41b.

    An obituary of Thomas Flett is in the Register, 20 January 1908, page 4f.

    An obituary of William H. Betts is in the Register, 28 May 1913, page 12h,
    of Dr A.O. Boer on 6 and 19 August 1919, pages 6h and 5c,
    of John Feltus on 22 June 1920, page 7b,
    of Mrs Sarah Freeman on 27 September 1921, page 4i,
    of John R. Montgomerie on 4 December 1923, page 8h.

    An obituary of Henry Mudge is in the Observer, 24 May 1919, page 41b,
    of Dr Adolph Oswald Boer on 9 August 1919, page 14e,
    of John Feltus on 26 June 1920, page 31c,
    of C.O. Williams on 10 June 1922, page 34a,
    of J.R. Montgomerie on 8 December 1923, page 59a,
    of Mrs Mary Campbell on 10 November 1928, page 49c.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Strepera Falls


    On section 42, Hundred of Duncan on Kangaroo Island, named by J.W. Mellor on 20 October 1905 after the only bird found nesting in the area, the grey currawong (black-winged crow shrike) (Strepera melanoptera).

    General Notes

    Photographs are in the Observer,
    23 December 1905, page 30.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names



    In the South-East 17 km south of Naracoorte; it was the name of a property held by John Robertson, a member of the Scottish Struan clan.

    General Notes

    "Housewarming" is in the Express,
    7 February 1876, page 2c.

    The district is described in the Chronicle,
    8 February 1879, page 5c.

    Information on local saw mills is in the Register,
    16 February 1886, page 6b,
    20 February 1886, page 34d.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Forestry.

    The school opened in 1896 and closed in 1923.

    The sale of Struan Estate is reported in the Register,
    25 November 1898, page 5d.

    "Struan House - Old Time Memories" is in the Observer,
    21 February 1925, page 22e,
    "Romance of Struan" in The Mail,
    7 September 1935, page 4.

    Struan - Obituaries

    An obituary of William Robertson is in the Register,
    22 November 1904, page 5a,
    of John Robertson on 21 and 24 April 1917, pages 8g and 4h.
    An obituary of Mrs Susan Robertson is in the Observer,
    2 June 1906, page 38c,
    of John Struan Robertson on 25 April 1925, page 39b.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names



    John McD. Stuart, the eminent explorer and surveyor.

    General Notes

    The Register of 19 October 1858, page 3c has a letter from T.M.S. Gibson of Streaky Bay where he dissents from a reported comment by J.McD. Stuart that "having taken one month's provisions [we] were out for three months and some odd days".
    An editorial referring to his discoveries "in the far north" appears on 13 December 1858, page 2h.

    Editorials on his exploration appear in the Register,
    22 July 1859, page 2f,
    13 August 1859, page 2f.
    A "public breakfast" to be accorded Stuart is reported on
    19 August 1859, pages 1g-3f.
    "Presentation to Mr J.M. Stuart" is in the Chronicle,
    26 November 1859, page 2f.

    "Crossing the Continent" is in the Register,
    1 August 1860, page 2h,
    "Mr Stuart's Return" on
    8 October 1860, page 2g; also see
    10, 16, 17, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29 and 31 October 1860, pages 2f-h, 2h, 3d, 2f, 2g-3c, 2d-f-3h, 2g, 3a-b and 2h,
    1 November 1860, pages 2h-3b,
    4 and 25 January 1861, pages 2h and 2f,
    2 March 1861, page 2f.

    "A Poetic Tribute to J.M. Stuart" is in the Register,
    24 October 1860, page 3e,
    Farm & Garden,
    8 November 1860, page 86.

    "New Seeds From the Interior" is in the Chronicle,
    12 October 1861, page 2g.

    "Mr Stuart's Return" is in the Register on
    20 September 1861, page 2e; also see
    21, 23, 24, 25 and 27 September 1861, pages 2e, 2e-3h, 2f, 2c and 2b-c,
    2, 7, 10, 24, 26 and 28 October 1861, pages 2d, 2e, 2g-h, 2c, 2d and 2f.

    Also see Register,
    19 February 1862, page 2b,
    20 March 1862, page 2f,
    31 October 1862, page 2g,
    16, 18 and 19 December 1862, pages 2g, 2e, 2a-2f and 2d-f,
    3, 13 and 15 January 1863, pages 2g, 3e and 2f,
    28 February 1863, page 2a,
    12 March 1863, page 2c,
    9 June 1863, page 2g.

    Photographs of individual members of the party are in the Chronicle,
    27 July 1912, page 30.

    "Stuart's Maps" is in the Register,
    23 April 1861, page 2c.
    "Stuart's Diary and Map" is in the Chronicle,
    31 January 1863, page 5b.

    A "Royal Award to Mr Stuart" is reported in the Register,
    20 January 1862, page 2g.

    "Addresses" from the citizens of Gawler and Kapunda are in the Chronicle,
    20 December 1862, page 2e-f.

    "Stuart's Diary and Map" is in the Chronicle,
    31 January 1863, page 5b.

    A description of Stuart by Mr J.T. Bagot, MP, is in the Advertiser, 15 April 1863, page 3b:

    A letter from Mr Stuart stating "that in exercise of the usual right of explorers [I] have named the portion of the continent of Australia recently discovered... Alexandra Land, in honour of the Princess of Wales" is in the Register,
    17 March 1865, page 2e; also see
    2 May 1865, page 2e,
    3 and 15 June 1865, pages 2e and 2f.

    Biographical details are in the Register,
    25 May 1864, page 3b.

    His obituary is in the Register,
    14 and 21 August 1866, pages 2d and 3e.

    An obituary of a party member, F.G. Waterhouse, is in the Observer,
    16 July 1898, page 16e;
    also see 10 September 1898, page 27c.

    "A Memorable Anniversary" is in the Register,
    25 July 1887, page 7c.

    Esther Knowles claims to have made the British Flag which John McDouall Stuart "planted in the centre of Australia" and in a letter to the Register she says:

    For a discussion on "Central Mount Stu(a)rt" see Observer,
    30 July 1927, page 60b,
    6 August 1927, page 60a.

    The Register of 25 July 1872, page 5d carries a poem by C. Carleton (she wrote the words of the now but all-forgotten "The Song of Australia" - music by Carl Linger); the last verse reads: A poem by Mrs E.S. Strawbridge is in the Observer,
    22 April 1893, page 26c.

    A letter suggesting a monument be erected in his honour is in the Register,
    10 October 1881, page 6f; also see
    24 and 29 July 1882, pages 5a and 2b (supp.).
    The Register of
    21 January 1896 at page 5h says:

    Also see Register,
    21 January 1896, page 6b,
    25 February 1896, page 5b,
    7 and 17 March 1896, pages 5a and 5b,
    11, 12, 22 and 23 May 1896, pages 7g, 4f, 3g and 5b,
    25 July 1896, page 6b,
    19 June 1900, page 7c,
    10 June 1901, pages 4f-6g,
    25 and 26 July 1901, pages 4f and 4f-7g,
    14 and 17 August 1901, pages 4f and 6g,
    2 and 4 September 1901, pages 4f and 6f,
    15 October 1901, page 4f,
    21 January 1902, page 4f.

    Also see Register,
    10 May 1902, page 8i - letter from W.P. Auld,
    28 October 1902, page 4h,
    1 August 1903, page 4g,
    15 October 1903, page 4g,
    2, 4, 6 and 26 April 1904, pages 6h, 6g, 7d and 4c,
    14, 30 and 31 May 1904, pages 6f, 7a and 4h,
    2, 3, 4 and 6 June 1904, pages 4f, 5b and 6c-d-9a-g, 6d-9e:

    Also see The Critic,
    8 June 1904, pages 6 and 9,
    11 June 1904, pages 26-27,
    21 and 22 June 1904, pages 6h and 7d,
    2, 4, 5, 8 and 19 July 1904, pages 5h, 7g, 4f, 7f and 4e,
    16 April 1910, page 6e,
    9 August 1932, page 10i.

    Photographs of the statue and surviving members of the expedition are in the Chronicle,
    11 June 1904, page 43.

    A dinner to commemorate the 21st anniversary of Stuart's epic crossing of the continent is reported in the Register, 26 July 1883, page 7a; one of his former party, Patrick Auld, recited a poem especially written for the occasion.

    Also see Register,
    25 July 1887, page 7c,
    26 July 1900, page 6d,
    26 July 1902, page 6g,
    27 July 1903, page 6e,
    26 July 1904, page 6c,
    26 July 1905, page 6g,
    26 July 1906, page 6d,
    26 July 1907, pages 4g-8e,
    27 July 1908, page 3f,
    27 July 1909, page 4f,
    26 July 1910, page 8e,
    26 July 1911, page 8d.

    Letters urging a "jubilee" event to celebrate the crossing of the continent by Stuart and his party are in the Register,
    6 December 1887, page 7d.
    A similar request from J.B. Austin appears on
    2 August 1890, page 7g.

    Information on the explorer's nephew, James McD. Stuart and other members of the family is in the Register,
    1 June 1891, page 5c,
    10 September 1892, page 27c.

    Articles by W.P. Auld entitled "A Story of Stuart's Trip" and comment thereon appear in the Register,
    26 and 29 January 1891, pages 5g and 7a,
    5, 9 and 10 February 1891, pages 6c, 6b and 7g; also see
    24 October 1885, page 5f.

    A suggestion to cut down the tree, on which Stuart blazed his initials, and return same to Adelaide for display purposes appears in the Register,
    25 September 1891, page 5b; also see
    31 October 1885, page 6c.

    A response by a Northern Territory newspaper is in the Register,
    23 November 1891, page 5b - "Stuart's tree is ours and we propose to stick to it..."; also see
    26 July 1892, page 7d,
    15 August 1892, page 3f,
    25 April 1893, page 5b,
    28 July 1894, page 14b (sketch)
    29 October 1902, page 6c ("Disappearance of Stuart's Tree"), Register,
    6 July 1908, page 9d,
    7 and 23 August 1911, pages 6e and 4e:

    A proposed memorial at the former site of the tree is discussed in the Register,
    31 July 1912, page 12h;
    a photograph is in the Observer,
    16 May 1914, page 31.

    Interesting notes about the tree are in the Register,
    10 August 1912, page 18a and
    10 October 1918, page 7c.
    A meeting of the obelisk committee is reported on
    7 June 1913, page 13h; also see
    15 January 1919, page 6e,
    24 July 1924, page 8f,
    2 August 1924, page 10a.

    Information on the explorer's notebook and sketches by D.D. Hergott is in the Register,
    19 April 1893, page 5d; also see
    22 April 1893, page 5d under the heading "A Notable Anniversary" and
    27 July 1893, page 5a for a report on a meeting of some of Stuart's exploration party.

    An informative letter from Tom Coward is in the Observer,
    6 June 1896, page 46c.
    Also see Place Names - Coward Springs.

    A commemorative poem by Robert Bruce is in the Observer,
    22 May 1897, page 5c.

    An interview with Benjamin Head, a former member of one of Stuart's exploration parties, is in the Register, 16 January 1897, page 7a where he says, inter alia:

    Information on a full length portrait of the explorer hanging in "the City Council Chamber" is in the Register,
    30 August 1897, page 6f and
    of his grave in London on
    5 July 1898, page 7a.

    An article entitled "Through Darkest Australia" is in the Register,
    25 July 1899, page 4d and
    "Stuart's Tree - Northern Territory Reminiscences " by G.R. McMinn on
    31 July 1899, page 6h:

    A letter setting out details of the exploration party's arrival back in Adelaide in 1862 is in the Register,
    21 January 1902, page 4e.
    Other information on his life and times appears on
    16 September 1905, page 6i,
    21 October 1905, page 6h.

    A biographical sketch is in the Advertiser,
    3 June 1904, page 8g;
    also see 4 and 6 June 1904, pages 8c and 6e.

    "An Australian Hero" by Rev John Blacket is in the Register,
    20 January 1910, page 5c; also see
    21 January 1910, page 3a.

    "Central Mount Stuart - An Error Perpetuated" is in the Observer,
    30 April 1910, pages 41a-45b; also see
    25 and 27 July 1927, pages 13f and 8f.

    A jubilee editorial appears in the Register,
    22 April 1910, pages 4d-5b; also see
    23 and 29 April 1910, pages 3f and 7b,
    8 July 1911, page 14g,
    2, 12, 25, 26, 27 and 30 July 1912, pages 6f, 4d, 6c-d-8d, 6e-f-7i-9e, 9f and 5f.

    "McDouall Stuart - A Great Explorer", by Rev John Blacket, is in the Register,
    25 July 1911, page 6e,
    "With McDouall Stuart", the reminiscences of W.P. Auld on
    29 July 1911, page 7e,
    "W.P. Auld Honoured" on
    31 August 1912, page 7a;
    Extracts from W.P. Auld's diary appear on
    24 April 1926, page 17a.

    "Presentation to Stuart Survivor [J.W. Billiatt]" is in the Register,
    27 May 1913, page 9a.
    An informative letter from J.W. Billiatt is reproduced in the Register,
    23 December 1912, page 12h.
    His reminiscences on
    13 May 1913, page 9g,
    "Across Australia - Mr Billiatt's Relics" on
    14 July 1913, page 7g; also see
    27 May 1913, page 9a for details of a medal presentation to Mr Billiatt and
    27 July 1915, page 10e and
    9 October 1915, page 12a for information on Stephen King.
    Billiatt's obituary appears on 12 April 1919, page 9d and that
    of another party member, Heath Nash, in the Observer,
    27 December 1913, page 41e.
    Also see Place Names - Billiatt, Hundred of.

    "Central Australian Hill Named by McDouall Stuart" is in the Register,
    28 April 1917, page 4h; also see
    26 and 29 September 1923, pages 13e and 9f.

    "McDouall Stuart a Mason" is in the Register,
    21 May 1920, page 6i.
    A lecture on his explorations appears on
    20 October 1922, page 10d and the reminiscences of Hilary Boucaut on
    29 December 1925, page 8f.

    "West Coast Pioneer Taught Alphabet by Stuart" is in The News,
    3 March 1928, page 4f.
    Information on his life and times on Eyre Peninsula is in the Advertiser,
    22 September 1931, page 10i.

    "A Great National Event", by Rev John Blacket, is in the Advertiser,
    23 July 1929, page 15d.

    An account of finding his 1861-1862 diary is reported in the Advertiser,
    18 June 1904, page 6f and
    of his 1863 diary on
    10 April 1936, page 9b.

    Also see Place Names - Sinclair Gap.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of
    Place Names

    Stuart, Hundred of

    Information on a proposed irrigation scheme is in the Register,
    5 September 1884, page 4f,
    13 November 1884, page 5a,
    15 January 1885, page 6b,
    13 and 16 November 1885, pages 6f and 4h,
    14, 20 and 23 January 1886, pages 6e, 4d-6a and 7f,
    3 February 1886, page 7h,
    27 August 1886, page 3g,
    30 January 1889, page 5b,
    19 February 1889, page 6h,
    27 March 1889, page 7e,
    25 July 1889, page 6c.

    The Hundred of Stuart School opened in 1897 and closed in 1908.

    Strawberry Hill - Stuart, Hundred of