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    Place Names of South Australia - H



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    The first private town laid out in the colony on land owned by Governor Hindmarsh which he sold to a company in 1838 the members of which appear to have been related to the Governor who, it seems, acquired a dubious reputation by prohibiting squatting in the Parklands, thus forcing people to acquire land in the subdivision.

    General Notes

    An obituary of Governor Hindmarsh is in the Observer,
    13 October 1860, page 1d (supp.),
    of John Hindmarsh in the Register,
    25 November 1922, page 13f.

    Information on its foundation is in the Observer,
    24 December 1853, page 7d,
    18 March 1854, page 8b.
    The village is described in the South Australian,
    22 November 1844, page 2e;
    16 February 1888, page 7c;
    reminiscences of it in 1841 are in the Register,
    27 December 1905, page 7a and
    "Early Days in Hindmarsh" on
    15 January 1906, page 3h; also see
    The Critic,
    31 August 1901, page 27,
    The News,
    25 February 1933, page 4e.

    The flooding of the village is reported in the Register,
    20 August 1851, page 3c,
    18 and 29 April 1889, pages 6a and 5b,
    20 April 1889, page 38,
    18 June 1898, page 15e.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    29 September 1923, page 29.
    Also see South Australia - Natural Disasters - Floods.

    Complaints about the prevalence of pugholes in the village are in the Register,
    19 and 20 May 1851, pages 2d and 3e.
    "The Open Well and Pughole Nuisance" is in the Observer,
    17 and 24 May 1851, pages 4e and 5d.
    "Killed in a Pughole" is in the Express,
    16 August 1912, page 1f.

    The reminiscences of Mr Josiah Mitton are in the Register,
    22 February 1907, page 6i and Advertiser,
    25 November 1913, page 11b;
    also see Register, 21 November 1916, page 5d,
    Observer, 25 November 1916, page 14a,
    24 November 1917, page 28d,
    18 May 1918, page 19c (obit.).
    An obituary of Mrs J.E. Mitton is in the Observer,
    17 June 1905, page 21a.
    Biographical details of R.G. Mitton are in the Register,
    4 February 1915, page 4f.

    "Old Hindmarsh - Interesting Memories" is in the Register,
    15 January 1921, page 12e,
    "Early Days Recalled" on
    26 July 1924, page 10f,
    "Historical Hindmarsh" on
    16 January 1925, page 11d,
    6 April 1925, page 6h; also see
    29 September 1928, page 10c.

    Reminiscences of Mr T.J. Bishop are in the Register;
    10 January 1927, page 11c.
    15 January 1927, page 44d.
    Some of its early social history is in the South Australian,
    22 May 1849, page 4a.
    "100 Years of History" is in The News,
    2 July 1938.

    The need for a re-survey of the town is discussed in the Register,
    19 January 1883, page 5d; also see
    29 November 1884, page 5d.

    "Improvements in Hindmarsh" is in the Observer,
    8 September 1883, page 8e.

    "The Town and Trade of Hindmarsh" is in the Advertiser,
    18 September 1883, page 6b,
    "Insanitary Condition of Hindmarsh" on
    30 November 1883, page 6a,
    a Board of Health report on housing on
    17 September 1884, page 6c; also see
    30 May 1893, page 4a.

    The suburb is described in
    Parliamentary Paper 67/1888 and
    18 February 1888, page 33e.

    "Historical Hindmarsh" is in the Observer,
    24 January 1925, page 48a.

    The reminiscences of James Shearing are in the Advertiser,
    24 March 1926, page 14f,
    10 April 1928, page 8f,
    6 and 7 July 1928, pages 12f and 14e (photo.).

    "Hindmarsh the Autocrat" is in the Observer,
    2 February 1929, page 55d.

    Henley Beach - Hindmarsh, River
    Place Names



    Also see Adelaide - Destitution.

    The village is discussed in a political editorial in the Register of
    6 April 1868, page 2c:

    The "Homes of the Poor" in Hindmarsh is the subject of an informative and heart-rending letter published on 7 April 1868, page 3g:

    The same correspondent wrote on the subject, with further insight and compassion, on 5 June 1869 page 3d: the comment he makes on "wealth" is more than appropriate today when one considers the plundering of the nation by irresponsible, greedy and predatory "entrepreneurs", including banks, during the 1980s; the poor and underprivileged, of course, still remain in our society in spite of statements emanating from politicians in rash and ill-considered pre-election promises. Indeed, there would appear to be no argument against the proposition that, over the past decade, social mores have been abandoned and the pursuit of profit put before the long-established precept of accountability: Also see Register,
    28 April 1869, page 2c and
    1 May 1869, page 2d for further comments on "destitution" among the colonists of the day and 29 September 1882, page 6f.

    Parliamentary Paper 41/1873 contains "Destitute Poor Board Regulations" of which the following are examples:

    Information on the Hindmarsh Town Mission is in the Express,
    9 May 1884, page 3e,
    28 May 1885, page 6e and
    a soup kitchen on
    3, 17 and 18 July 1885, pages 7b, 7c and 5c,
    2, 3, 17 and 23 July 1885, pages 3b, 4b, 3f and 3e,
    1 August 1885, page 2c,
    1 June 1893, page 4b,
    5 July 1893, page 4d,
    15 May 1899, page 2f,
    21 August 1885, page 7d,
    14 May 1908, page 7f.

    "The Distressed Poor in Hindmarsh" is in the Register,
    27 June 1885, page 6b (5b?),
    9, 16, 23 and 30 July 1885, pages 7a, 5b, 5c and 5a,
    14 and 24 August 1885, pages 6f and 5d.
    A meeting of the unemployed is reported on
    22 December 1885, page 7g.

    "Hindmarsh Poor Relief" is in the Express,
    4 July 1893, page 4a.

    "Soup Kitchen for the Children" is in the Observer,
    4 August 1928, page 19,
    30 and 31 July 1928, pages 10 (photo.) and 3g.
    Also see South Australia - The Depression Years - 1930 -1936.

    "Feeling the Pinch" is in the Observer,
    15 September 1928, page 71a.

    Henley Beach - Hindmarsh, River
    Place Names


    Factories and Manufacturing

    Also see Adelaide - Factories and Mills.

    A boiler explosion at Crawford's brewery is reported in the Register,
    7 January 1857, page 3h.
    Also see SouthAustralia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Brewing.
    A dinner given to Mr E.J.F. Crawford is reported in the Register,
    14 July 1857, page 3c.
    A Christmas "treat" for the employees of Crawford and Company is reported in the Observer,
    28 December 1867, page 4f.

    A boiler explosion at Magarey's mill is reported in the Observer,
    10 January 1857, page 4g.

    The flour mill is described in the Register,
    7 January 1860, page 3a.
    "Interesting Old Structure" is in the Register,
    14 February 1920, page 10g.

    Information on Peacock's fellmongery is in the Observer,
    19 March 1864, page 1g (supp.),
    19 July 1879, page 5b for information on "a new fuel-saving furnace".

    W.H. Ehmcke's steam saw mill is described in the Register,
    2 July 1864, page 2h.

    A brickmakers' champion match is reported in the Register,
    12 and 25 August 1864, pages 2d and 2g,
    9 September 1864, page 2d,
    25 August 1865, page 2g,
    8 September 1865, page 3c.

    Reminiscences of brickmaking are in the Register,
    6 April 1925, page 6h.

    G.& W. Shearing's Pottery and Brickfields are described in the Advertiser,
    2 June 1868, page 2c.

    George Shearing's obituary is in the Register,
    28 September 1865, page 2d,
    of G. Shearing in the Express, 23 July 1872, page 2e.
    Also see Register, 17 July 1879, page 6e.

    An obituary of William Shearing is in the Register,
    22 December 1917, page 6g.

    A fire at the brickyards is reported in the Register,
    1 March 1884, page 5d; also see
    7 July 1887, page 2c (supp.).

    "Protection of Trades on the Torrens" is in the Chronicle,
    20 November 1869, page 5b.

    Hausen and Catchlove's Brewery is described in the Register,
    10 May 1870, page 3f,
    14 May 1870, page 15e; also see
    23 September 1874, page 3f.

    Information on the Apollo Soap and Candle factory is in the Register,
    20 February 1882, page 5c.
    The opening of the Apollo Candle and Soap Factory is reported in the Register,
    9 May 1882, page 5b; also see
    21 April 1888, page 7b,
    16 April 1908, page 9c.

    Local rope factories are described in the Register,
    5 February 1873, page 6d,
    2 November 1876, page 1a (supp.).
    A fire is reported in the Register,
    8 December 1903, page 4h.

    A "Strike at the Brickfields" is in the Register,
    18 May 1875, page 5d; also see
    8 May 1891, page 6d,
    22 January 1895, page 6e.
    26 October 1889, page 32a.
    Information on local brickmaking is in the Register,
    26 March 1884, page 4g,
    11 April 1884, page 5b-.

    "The Brick Business at Hindmarsh" is in the Advertiser,
    23 August 1886, page 7d; also see
    18 November 1884, page 2c,
    16 October 1889, page 7d,
    19 and 21 January 1895, pages 4e and 2e.

    "The Hindmarsh Industries" is in the Observer,
    9 May 1891, page 29d.

    "A New Industry [colonial cement]" is in the Register,
    13 October 1891, page 5d,
    18 January 1892, page 7g,
    18 May 1892, page 5b,
    1 June 1892, page 4h.
    The manufacture of cement by G. & W. Shearing is reported in the Observer,
    17 October 1891, page 30d.

    Information on a bottle factory is in the Register,
    21 November 1893, page 7e.

    Information on the making of bricks by John Watts in early colonial days is in the Register,
    22 June 1895, page 5d,
    "Hindmarsh Bricks" on
    13 November 1909, page 15e; also see
    9 March 1910, page 7b,
    6 April 1925, page 6h.

    Taylor Brothers' Woolwash and Tannery is described in the Register,
    30 October 1875, page 6f; also see
    15 January 1876, page 17b.
    "White v The City Corporation" is in the Chronicle,
    25 November 1882, page 5b.
    A sketch of Tidmarsh & Co's factory is in the Pictorial Australian in December 1880.

    Information on pottery works is in the Express,
    13 September 1884, page 2d,
    20 October 1885, page 4b.

    "The Hindmarsh Tanneries" is in the Advertiser,
    26 September 1885, page 5d.

    The destruction of Dowie's tannery by fire is reported in the Chronicle, 9 January 1886, page 8a.
    Biographical details of Mr Dowie are in the Express,
    17 February 1897, page 2e.

    A fire at Reid's Victoria Tannery is reported in the Register,
    18 January 1886, page 5d,
    18 January 1886, page 3d.
    J. Reid and Sons tannery is described in the Register,
    20 July 1906, page 6g,
    21 August 1906, page 7a.
    "Rebuilding Reid's Bark Mill" is in the Register,
    21 January 1909, page 6h.
    The employees' inaugural picnic is reported on
    23 March 1908, page 6e; also see
    21 January 1909, page 6h.

    An obituary of David Reid is in the Register,
    12 January 1898, page 5c,
    Express, 12 January 1898, page 3f,
    of P.M. Reid on 12 January 1899, page 2d.
    A fire at Reid & Sons bark store is reported in the Observer,
    19 December 1908, page 34b.
    Biographical details of J.M. Reid are in the Register,
    31 March 1924, page 9d.

    W. Shearing's terracotta works are described in the Register,
    7 December 1886, page 7g.
    Biographical details of James Shearing are in the Observer,
    14 April 1928, page 34e and
    an obituary on 14 July 1928, page 49a.

    "The Burnell Woolscourer", a new invention, is discussed in the Advertiser,
    11 March 1889, page 6c;
    the destruction of G. Burnell & Co's factory by fire is reported in the Chronicle,
    5 October 1889, page 10f; also see
    15 September 1877, page 3a.

    "Hindmarsh Industries" is in the Register,
    5 October 1889, page 7f.

    A tanners' and curriers' strike is reported in the Register,
    2 and 19 April 1890, pages 7c and 6h,
    9 and 13 May 1890, pages 4h-7b and 6b,
    12 and 26 April 1890, pages 29b and 28e,
    10 May 1890, page 32a.

    "Among the Factories" is in the Express,
    4 and 11 February 1891, pages 6g and 7c,
    25 February 1891, page 5g,
    1 April 1891, page 6a.

    A photograph of W.H. Burford's soap factory and other information is in the Chronicle,
    26 September 1896 (supplement),
    28 December 1907, page 38b.
    Information on the Apollo factory is in the Register,
    23 November 1906, page 7d.
    A strike is reported in the Register,
    15 February 1908, page 6h.

    The destruction of J. McCarthy's tannery is reported in the Express,
    5 February 1895, page 2c.

    A brickmakers' employees' picnic is reported in the Express,
    16 February 1894, page 3e,
    28 February 1895, page 3f.

    Information on and photographs of the glass works are in The Critic,
    31 August 1901, page 35.
    of J. Sim & Co's cooperage on
    31 August 1901, page 36.

    "Hindmarsh and the Noisy Trades" is in the Register,
    5 November 1907, page 6h;
    the Adelaide Pottery is described on
    9 April 1908, page 7a.

    "Fellmongering at Hindmarsh" is in the Register,
    20 April 1909, page 4f.

    "Home of Industry - A Record of Advancement" is in the Register,
    5 August 1911, page 8c.

    Henley Beach - Hindmarsh, River
    Place Names


    Fire Brigade

    Also see Adelaide - Fires and the Fire Brigade.

    The opening ceremony of the fire brigade is reported in the Register,
    20 February 1885, page 5c; also see
    18 December 1885, page 4b,
    19 January 1886, page 5g,
    20 April 1891, page 3g,
    14 and 30 January 1891, pages 7h and 7e,
    6 February 1891, page 4d,
    17 April 1891, page 3d,
    30 October 1891, page 3d,
    15 January 1892, page 4b,
    3 March 1892, page 3d.

    11 June 1891, page 4h,
    31 October 1891, page 6f,
    8 and 24 February 1892, pages 5b and 5a,
    28 January 1893, page 4d,
    21 February 1893, page 3f,
    6 and 18 April 1893, pages 4c and 4d,
    13 May 1893, page 7a,
    18 May 1893, page 6b,
    20 March 1899, page 3e,
    25 February 1903, page 9g,
    17 and 24 February 1903, pages 2c and 4f,
    12 May 1903, page 4f,
    11 and 25 February 1908, pages 1g and 1h,
    14 March 1903 (photographs),
    25 and 26 November 1904, pages 7i and 4c,
    2 and 14 March 1905, pages 8h and 6h,
    19 November 1907, page 6h,
    11 and 25 February 1908, pages 7c and 6g,
    21 and 29 March 1910, pages 8g and 9f,
    25 May 1912, page 18b,
    7 January 1918, page 9f,
    3 September 1912, page 4h,
    17 October 1913, page 3b.
    Information on members in 1885 appears on
    21 April 1927, page 13d.

    "The Hindmarsh Blaze" at King & Sons, is in the Register,
    11 July 1919, page 8e.

    "Self-Made Firemen" is in The Mail,
    25 March 1922, page 2d,
    "Story of the Fire Brigade" on
    24 January 1925, page 1a; also see
    The News,
    5 January 1926, page 6g.
    Photographs of both the fire and ambulance brigades are in the Observer,
    2 July 1921, page 25 and
    18 August 1928, page 28.

    Henley Beach - Hindmarsh, River