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    Place Names of South Australia - H

    Hummock Hill - Hynam

    Hummock Hill


    Near Whyalla. In his journal of 9 March 1802 Flinders said: 'We steered for the outermost of the northern hummocks' but makes no mention of naming the hill; however, it appears as such on his charts.

    General Notes

    "Empire Day in the Saltbush Country" is in the Register, 28 May 1906, page 6h:

    See South Australia - Miscellany - Empire Day.

    A sports day is reported in the Chronicle,
    13 April 1907, page 41e.

    The settlement is described in the Register,
    14 October 1919, page 6f,
    18 October 1919, page 28e.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hummock Mount


    On section 482, Hundred of Kulpara. On 29 March 1802 the Investigator was near the present day site of Ardrossan sailing to the head of the gulf where its anchor was dropped. Flinders and Robert Brown went ashore to inspect the 'mountains' which he referred to as 'Hummock Mount'.

    General Notes

    See Place Names - South Hummocks.

    Information on the Hummock Run is in the Express,
    11 March 1865, page 2b,
    18 March 1865, page 1f (supp.).
    The Register of
    27 October 1868, page 3c has information on Mr W.V. Brown's pastoral lease and a dispute over the provision of water to farmers: "...If Brown is allowed to reign much longer the consequence will be that farmers will have to leave their farms or sell their working stock..."; also see
    12 February 1869, page 2e.

    Parliamentary Paper 98 contains a list of all leases expiring 30 June 1865. Hummocks Run is lease 124.

    A ploughing match at the Hummocks is reported in the Register,
    8 October 1870, page 3d.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Ploughing Matches.

    An inquest at the Traveller's Rest Hotel is reported in the Observer,
    30 March 1872, page 12g.

    The sale of the Hummocks Station is reported upon in the Register,
    9 February 1918, page 6e.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Humphrey Springs


    In the Hundred of Alma 3 km east of Alma. James Humphrey (c.1811-1862), who held the country under occupation licence from 15 August 1844.

    General Notes

    A report of his death is in the Register,
    28 February 1862, page 3f.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hungry Swamp

    In the Hundred of Goolwa. It is described in the Register,
    9 and 15 November 1887, pages 6e and 7c:

    Also see
    9 November 1887, page 7e,
    22 March 1888, page 6f.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hurd Hill


    Hurd Hill and Lake Hurd - East of Olary. W. Hurd, a partner with Messrs Duffield and Harrold in an adjacent pastoral lease no. 1092 from 11 July 1862.

    Hurd Hill - East of Coromandel Valley; Thomas Hurd Matthews, who got the land grants of sections 1100-1 on 25 March 1847.

    Also see under Place Names - Hoyleton for a hill of the same name in the vicinity.

    General Notes

    The opening of Hurd Hill Road is reported in the Observer, 5 June 1869, page 8b:

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hurtle Vale

    In respect of its nomenclature David Elder, author of William Light's Brief Journal and Australian Diaries says: The Observer, 17 September 1864, p.1 (supp.) says:

    Its vineyards are described in the Advertiser,
    10 April 1894, page 6c,
    29 February 1896, page 7b.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Viticulture.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hutchinson Town


    Part of section 2205, Hundred of Goolwa subdivided by Young Bingham Hutchinson (1806-1870) in 1856. Its official name is 'Goolwa Extension'.

    General Notes

    Biographical notes on Y.B. Hutchinson are in the Register,
    31 December 1870, page 5d; also see
    6 August 1870, page 7e.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hutchison, Hundred of


    In the County of Flinders, proclaimed on 24 October 1867. No official record can be found as to why this name was chosen but it is likely that it honours Commander John H. Hutchison, RN, who was in charge of the Admiralty survey of the seaboard of the Colony in the 1860s. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in January 1869 and died the same year.

    General Notes

    Information on his survey of Saint Vincent Gulf is in the Register,
    23 July 1868, page 2e.

    His death and funeral are reported in the Register,
    10, 12 and 17 July 1869, pages 2e, 3a and 4g.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hutley Estate


    A subdivision of section 973, Hundred of Davenport by Walter Hutley (1858-1931) in 1915; now included in Port Augusta.

    General Notes

    Biographical information on Walter Hutley is in the Advertiser,
    4 October 1923, page 8h;
    his obituary is in the Advertiser,
    14 February 1931, page 8f.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hutton Lagoon


    Probably Stephen Hutton (1853-1935), who obtained the land grant of section 87 on 29 December 1882. It is now known as 'Deep Well Swamp'.

    General Notes

    Information on Mr Hutton is in the Register, 25 May 1889, page 7b:

    It is described in the Register, 14 September 1889, page 7a.
    See Place Names - Gumbowie.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hutton Vale

    The name was given to a property owned by the Angas family, south of Moculta. "An area to the north of this property, Sections near 370-325 Moorooroo, is known locally as Hutton Vale" - Reg S. Munchenberg, Valleys of Smithys Schools and Spires.

    The "Hutton Vale Stud Farm" is described in the Observer, 28 August 1875, page 5c:

    Also see Register, 8 September 1926, page 11c.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names

    Hyde Park


    Section 237, Hundred of Adelaide on which the suburb stands was first granted to Thomas Whistler, the founder of Unley. By 1867 portion of the land was owned by Archibald Jaffrey when he subdivided it into residential allotments, vide deposited plan no. 247 (un-named). In 1877, Samuel Chiles laid out the first subdivision to be named Hyde Park (Plan No. 605); he was born in Essex, England in 1825 and in a letter to the Town Clerk of Unley in 1933 his son, A.W. Chiles (c.1876-1954), said:

    General Notes

    An article in the Express, 24 September 1901, page 2f, says "Mr Chiles arrived in SA in 1851, laid out the suburb of Hyde Park, and has manufactured tobacco on a small scale from plants he has grown himself..."
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Tobacco.

    "Hyde Park - A Brief History" is in the Register,
    28 February 1916, page 4d,
    6 March 1916, page 4f.

    A meeting of the Hyde Park Tramway Co is reported in the Register,
    1 June 1883, page 6b; also see
    3 September 1883, page 5b,
    27 November 1883 (supp.), page 1g,
    24 May 1884, page 5a,
    21 November 1885, page 5b,
    27 May 1887, page 7g,
    22 November 1887, page 5d,
    26 November 1889, page 4b,
    28 May 1890, page 6h,
    28 November 1890, page 5b,
    23 May 1891, page 5c,
    16 and 27 November 1894, pages 7c and 7e,
    30 May 1895, page 3g.

    Also see Adelaide - Transport - Tramways.

    Also see Register,
    30 May 1896, pages 3g and 5a,
    1 December 1896, page 7e,
    28 November 1899, page 6i,
    19 June 1900, page 4g,
    31 May 1901, page 3h,
    30 May 1903, page 9i,
    1 December 1903, page 8f,
    31 May 1904, page 3f,
    29 November 1904, page 9d,
    7, 12 and 14 February 1907, pages 4e, 8f and 4e,
    12 February 1908, page 9f,
    2 June 1908, page 10h,
    22 and 27 July 1909, pages 4e and 9i,
    19 October 1909, page 5a.
    The trial of a new pattern tramcar is reported on
    4 September 1897, page 9d.

    "Mr Chiles' Olive Oil Manufactory" is in the Chronicle,
    23 June 1877, page 5e.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Olives.

    An outbreak of typhoid fever is reported in the Observer,
    24 July 1886, page 34c.
    Also see South Australia - Health - Fevers - Typhoid.

    Information on a baseball team is in the Express,
    20 April 1891, page 4c.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Baseball.

    "The Hyde Park Robbery" is in the Register,
    24 December 1891, page 5c,
    13 January 1892, page 5a.

    A proposed school and a post office are discussed in the Express,
    22 February 1901, page 4c.

    The Register of
    1 March 1895, page 5b has a report of bananas being grown by "Samuel Chiles of Bayswater Road...":

    His obituary is in the Observer,
    17 July 1909, page 42b.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Fruit and Vegetables.

    The flooding of the district is reported in the Register,
    15 February 1897, page 5f.
    Also see Adelaide - Natural Disasters.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs W.W. Winwood is reported in the Observer,
    5 January 1907, page 34a,
    the diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs William Jolly on 6 November 1926, page 49a.

    A photograph of Mr G. Legoe's experimental poultry farm is in the Observer,
    13 April 1907, page 29,
    of a tennis team on
    14 February 1914, page 31.
    A.H. Padman's poultry farm is described in the Register,
    3 February 1911, page 6g.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Poultry.

    "Domesticated Magpies" is in the Register,
    29 June 1907, page 8f.
    Also see South Australia - Flora and Fauna - Birds.

    The destruction of L. Fraser's furniture factory by fire is reported in the Register,
    14 January 1913, page 7b.
    Also see Adelaide - Factories and Mills.

    Biographical details of Mrs Richard Verco are in the Register,
    20 March 1914, page 8b,
    of James Vanstone on 24 March 1917, page 9c,
    of Mrs H.R. Fuller on 15 March 1919, page 6g,
    of S.J. McPherson, teacher, on 6 April 1920, page 4f.

    Biographical details of Oswald Hunter are in The Critic,
    1 February 1922, page 5,
    of J. Sillifant in the Register, 3 August 1922, page 6h,
    of Mrs A.E. Willington on 4 September 1923, page 6c,
    of Mrs H. Wilberth on 21 September 1928, page 12g,
    of James Scriven on 19 October 1928, page 15f.

    The diamond wedding of Mr & Mrs William Jolly is reported in the Register,
    30 October 1926, page 10e,
    of Mr & Mrs Edwin Atterton on 27 June 1927, page 7g.

    Information on a tennis club appears is in the Register,
    13 June 1923, page 13e;
    its history appears on
    2 July 1927, page 5a.
    The inaugural night tennis match in South Australia is reported on
    17 June 1926, page 12a;
    photographs of local tennis teams are in the Observer,
    29 May 1926, page 32.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Tennis.

    Hyde Park - Obituaries

    An obituary of Edward Good is in the Register,
    2 February 1886, page 5c,
    of Thomas Dobbie on 20 December 1886, page 5c.

    An obituary of Peter Hooper is in the Register, 2 April 1892, page 5b,
    of N.C. Herring on 25 and 27 September 1893, pages 5c and 5d,
    of J.H. Schickel, brewer, on 3 June 1897, page 5c.

    An obituary of Robert Verner is in the Observer, 25 April 1903, page 21c,
    of George Growden on 7 December 1907, page 40a,
    of Mrs E. Ford on 11 June 1910, page 40a,
    of T.W. Macklin on 17 December 1910, page 37a,
    of H.C.W. Zadow on 3 August 1912, page 41b,
    of R.N.S. Baker on 10 April 1915, page 45a,
    of Mrs Isabella M. Whiting on 17 April 1915, page 44a,
    of A.G. Cuming on 20 November 1915, page 46a.

    An obituary of Robert Verner is in the Register, 23 April 1903, page 5a,
    of Mrs Ann T. Keynes on 23 July 1903, page 5d,
    of C.E.S. Williams, brewer, on 23 January 1904, page 5b,
    of Mrs Fanny Piper on 23 June 1913, page 6h,
    of W.P. Wicksteed on 27 September 1913, page 16a,
    of William Smith on 24 September 1914, page 6g,
    of Mrs Buchanan on 22 October 1914, page 4g,
    of Mrs Isabella M. Whiting on 12 April 1915, page 6f,
    of William T. Foster on 5 June 1915, page 8h,
    of A.C. Cuming on 12 November 1915, page 4g,
    of Laurence Grayson on 9 October 1916, page 4h.

    An obituary of Mrs E. Ford is in the Register, 7 June 1910, page 4f,
    of T.W. Macklin on 10 December 1910, page 12i.

    An obituary of E.P. Pilgrim is in the Observer, 26 February 1916, page 33a,
    of E.H. Hallack on 13 May 1916, page 32d,
    of Charles Pettit on 3 June 1916, page 20c,
    of W.H. Rebbeck on 7 October 1916, page 35a,
    of Vivian Lewis on 8 March 1919, page 18b,
    of W.J. Baker on 14 June 1919, page 40d,
    of Robert Gardner on 15 November 1919, page 24a.

    An obituary of Mrs Robert Bowen is in the Register, 12 September 1917, page 6h,
    of William H. Hall on 12 September 1917, page 6h,
    of Vivian Lewis on 3 March 1919, page 6f,
    of W.J. Baker on 6 June 1919, page 6h,
    of Robert Gardner on 8 November 1919, page 7a,
    of J. Bannigan on 5 December 1919, page 6h.

    An obituary of John J. Mahony is in the Register, 17 February 1920, page 6h,
    of Henry A. Goode on 16 February 1921, page 7b,
    of Randolph G.S. Payne on 17 May 1921, page 4i,
    of James Vanstone on 16 August 1922, page 6h,
    of Robert F. Deans on 3 March 1923, page 8g,
    of Thomas J. Humphries on 7 June 1923, page 6h,
    of Walter J. Ponder on 20 June 1923, page 8h.

    An obituary of Henry A. Goode is in the Observer, 19 February 1921, page 34b,
    of Mrs James Vanstone on 19 August 1922, page 20a,
    of W.J. Ponder on 23 June 1923, page 35c,
    of James Vanstone on 20 September 1924, page 32c,
    of Frederick Adams on 27 June 1925, page 11b,
    of Henry Duxbury on 9 January 1926, page 37c,
    of R.J. Champion on 16 January 1926, page 45a,
    of Mrs R.M.B. Whyte on 13 March 1926, page 37d,
    of William Jolly on 29 January 1927, page 38c,
    of J.T. Lapidge on 26 March 1927, page 11c.

    An obituary of W.J. Cooper is in the Register, 13 February 1924, page 8g,
    of James Vanstone on 13 September 1924, page 8h,
    of J.C. Brenner on 16 June 1925, page 8f,
    of William B. Sutherland on 16 September 1925, page 11c,
    of R.J. Champion on 12 January 1926, page 10f,
    of Walter J. Porter on 22 July 1926, page 14h,
    of Robert Palmer on 3 December 1926, page 8h.

    An obituary of John T. Lapidge is in the Register, 18 March 1927, page 11a,
    of Alfred E. Lampe on 15 April 1927, page 6h,
    of W.J. James on 16 August 1927, page 13e,
    of Sarah P. Wheaton on 19 August 1927, page 8g,
    of James Barclay on 3 November 1928, page 11h.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam
    Place Names



    [Adam Smith, an early pastoralist, gave the name to his run from some past Scottish association - R. Cockburn.]

    General Notes

    Its school opened in 1879 and closed in 1968;
    Hynam South School opened in 1896 and changed to "Burnbrae" in 1911; it closed in 1938.
    A photograph of the school building being shifted to another location is in the Chronicle,
    16 February 1918, page 26,
    of the opening of a new school on
    2 January 1936, page 27.

    The district is described in the Register,
    13 August 1880, page 5f.

    The Register, 16 February 1886, page 6 says:

    Hynam - Obituaries

    An obituary of John MacDonald is in the Register, 4 May 1912, page 12i,
    of Charles Blacksell on 1 February 1919, page 6h,
    of Thomas Munn on 15 November 1927, page 11c,
    of Gideon Smith on 3 November 1928, page 11h.

    An obituary of W. Smith is in the Observer, 6 September 1913, page 41a,
    of Mrs Janet B. Smith on 23 July 1921, page 20a,
    of J.P. Spence on 28 June 1924, page 28c,
    of W.C. Buck on 24 June 1928, page 10d,
    of Alexander Gibbs on 24 July 1926, page 11d,
    of Daniel Barrett on 16 April 1927, page 44a,
    of Thomas Munn on 19 November 1927, page 49d.

    Hummock Hill - Hynam