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    Place Names of South Australia - B

    Broughton, Port - Broughton, River

    Broughton, Port

    Also see South Australia - Maritime Affairs.

    The port was named by Captain Henry D. Dale in 1871 - see Register, 3 September 1926, page 7a:

    The opening of the port is reported in the Advertiser,
    16 June 1871, page 3b; also see
    3 and 24 June 1871, pages 7d and 4f.
    "The Mundoora Channel" is in the Register,
    9 December 1871, page 5b.

    A description of a trip from Clare to Port Broughton is in the Register,
    31 August 1872, page 6a.
    Also see South Australia - Transport - Horse Coaches.

    A report on the surrounding agricultural area is in the Register,
    9 September 1872, page 6a; also see
    17 September 1872, page 6a,
    The Irish Harp,
    25 October 1872, page 7a,
    15 November 1872, page 6d.

    Historical information on the district is in the Observer,
    12 September 1874, page 9d,
    30 May 1925, page 60a,
    13, 20 and 27 June 1925, pages 60a, 60a-e and 60a,
    4 and 11 July 1925, pages 59c and 60a,
    11 September 1926, page 60a.

    A picnic at Johnstone's Crossing is reported in the Chronicle,
    25 January 1873, page 7a.

    Information on a proposed jetty is in the Express,
    7 August 1872, page 2e,
    8 August 1872, page 3e,
    10 August 1872, page 5a,
    13 February 1873, page 5b,
    13 February 1873, page 5b.

    "The Broughton Channel" is in The Irish Harp,
    30 July 1875, page 4b. Also see
    4 November 1876, page 10g.

    A horse race meeting is reported in the Chronicle,
    8 November 1873, page 5c and
    a regatta and sports day on
    4 January 1879, page 22c.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    Its school opened in 1879; see
    20 November 1886, page 30a,
    18 September 1886, page 23d,
    6 and 20 November 1886, pages 5f and 21d.

    An Arbor Day is reported in the Chronicle,
    15 August 1896, page 27a,
    21 August 1897, page 26c.
    Photographs of students are in the Observer,
    11 May 1907, page 32.
    Also see South Australia - Education - Arbor Days.

    A water famine is discussed in the Advertiser,
    10 March 1881, page 7g; also see
    14 January 1887, page 7c.
    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    The town is described in the Farmers Weekly Messenger,
    11 December 1874, page 5d,
    5 December 1885, page 6e,
    4 May 1889, page 33e and
    its "wants" on
    8 July 1909, page 7g; also see
    24 February 1910, page 13c.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    11 May 1907, page 32.

    An obituary of Peter Rowland is in the Register,
    8 February 1890, page 5a.

    A sports day is reported in the Observer,
    5 November 1892, page 31b,
    23 September 1893, page 9d,
    6 October 1894, page 12f.
    12 October 1895, page 43b.

    Information on a new butter factory is in the Register,
    18 June 1896, page 6g,
    20 June 1896, page 30c.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary Dairying.

    A patriotic demonstration is reported in the Chronicle,
    24 March 1900, page 15a and
    a regatta on
    9 January 1904, page 36a.

    After the closure of the tramway to Barunga Range the railway station was used as the selling outlet for coordinated road-rail tickets to Collinsfield where passengers joined the Adelaide-Port Pirie train.
    See Register,
    22 August 1900, page 6e for information on the mail service.
    "Port Broughton and Mundoora Railway" is in the Register,
    18 and 22 August 1908, pages 6f and 4h; also see
    12 October 1908, page 7a,
    22 November 1911, page 9c.
    "Port Broughton Rail Services", together with photographs of "The Pie Cart" and a horse tram, is in the Advertiser,
    23 October 1925, page 16c.
    Also see South Australia - Transport - Railways - Miscellany.

    "Port Broughton - Past and Present" is in the Register,
    19 July 1906, page 3g,
    28 July 1906, page 15b,
    4 August 1906, page 15a.

    A photograph of a football carnival is in the Chronicle,
    23 July 1910, page 29; also see
    2 September 1911, page 30.

    "Fancy Dress Carnival" is in the Register,
    28 August 1911, page 10h,
    31 August 1912, page 11c.

    "A Progressive Port" is in the Register,
    22 November 1911, page 8f,
    25 November 1911, page 40.

    "The Claims of the District" is in the Register on
    22 November 1911, page 9c,
    "The Victor Harbour of the North" on
    24 August 1926, page 7.

    Photographs of a stranded whale are in the Observer,
    8 February 1913, page 30,
    of the marine fibre industry in the Chronicle,
    23 August 1913, page 31,
    of Whittaker brothers' farm in the Observer,
    23 January 1926, page 31,
    of district pioneers on
    9 February 1929, page 38.

    A proposed hospital is discussed in the Register,
    4 and 31 March 1914, pages 6d and 9d.

    A fisherman's complaint is in the Observer,
    16 May 1914, page 50c.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Fishing.

    Information on a golf club is in the Observer,
    19 December 1914, page 21d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Golf.

    The golden wedding of Mr & Mrs H.M. Peel is reported in the Register,
    7 November 1921, page 6h.

    A mice plague is reported in the Register,
    21 April 1917, page 8f and
    information on early settlers on
    28 May 1925, page 4c,
    12 and 17 June 1925, pages 14c and 7h.
    Also see South Australia - Flora and Fauna - Mice, Snakes and Rats.

    Historical information is in the Register,
    30 May 1925, page 4h,
    1 February 1926, page 8f.

    The introduction of electricity is reported in the Observer,
    9 July 1926, page 9a,
    5 July 1927, page 11e.

    Port Broughton - Obituaries

    An obituary of James Mahony, builder, is in the Observer,
    28 May 1910, page 38a,
    of Mrs John Barclay on 16 March 1912, page 41b,
    of Thomas Watt on 13 July 1913, page 41a,
    of Mrs J. McDonald on 13 November 1915, page 46a,
    of J.Eley on 14 October 1916, page 35b,
    of Mrs Sarah Watt on 29 June 1918, page 20c,
    of G.E. Pattingale on 21 September 1918, page.

    An obituary of Mrs David Gray is in the Register,
    9 January 1912, page 6g,
    of F.W. Anderson on 8 August 1917, page 6i,
    of Mrs Sarah Watt on 27 June 1918, page 4g,
    of Charles Bowley on 13 October 1923, page 11f,
    of Henry Klingenberg on 15 October 1925, page 8f,
    of Thomas Edwards on 13 October 1926, page 10b.

    An obituary of Charles Bowley is in the Observer,
    3 November 1923, page 39c,
    of H.M. Peel on 23 February 1924, page 45d,
    of Henry Klingberg on 24 October 1925, page 43d,
    of Dr F.S. Mathwin on 31 July 1926, page 38d,

    7 August 1926, page 11a,
    of R.J. Skewes on 20 November 1926, page 9a,
    of Mrs Mary McMahon on 7 April 1928, page 49b,
    of Joseph Laxton on 2 June 1928, page 45a.

    An obituary of Mrs Sarah Excell is in the Register,
    7 June 1926, page 6g,
    of Dr Frank J. Mathwin on 30 July 1926, page 11d,
    of Robert J. Skewes on 16 November 1926, page 8h,
    of Mrs Mary E. Wark on 20 and 23 November 1926, pages 10e and 13d,
    of Mrs Ann Stringer on 3 December 1927, page 12g.

    An obituary of Annie L. Peel is in the Register,
    20 March 1928, page 8g,
    of Edwin Dennis on 25 May 1928, page 11d,
    of Joseph Laxton on 30 May 1928, page 12f,
    of Thomas H. Summerton on 21 November 1928, page 12d.

    Broughton, Port - Broughton, River
    Place Names

    Broughton, River

    For the naming of the river see Edward Eyre's Autobiographical Narrative, 1832-1839, Caliban Books, Great Britain, 1984, page 197.

    Complaints about education facilities in the district are aired in the Register,
    11 May 1874, page 6e.

    The river and surrounding district are described in the Register,
    14 September 1874, page 6a and
    30 October 1875, page 7a.

    The Observer of 6 July 1878, page 11g has a report on the necessity for a bridge to be built over the river "three miles above Mr Bowman's Head Station, Wandearah... 10 miles from Port Pirie..."

    An informative letter from a settler of the 1870s is in the Register,
    2 July 1887, page 6f.

    "Irrigation on the Broughton" is in the Register,
    2 July 1888, page 7h.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Irrigation.

    "Bridge Over the Broughton" is in the Observer,
    10 October 1891, page 30c.

    A proposed weir is discussed in the Observer,
    23 July 1901, page 1b (supp.),
    7 January 1905, page 1c (supp.),
    19 July 1904, page 3d,
    5 January 1905, page 3a.

    Broughton, Port - Broughton, River