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    The Manning Index of South Australian History

    This index has been acquired for the State by the State Heritage Council. It is hosted by the State Library, which now holds copyright.

    The Index contains many thousands of references to South Australian newspaper and magazine stories for the years 1837 to 1937. It also includes extensive selected text from the indexed publications, other primary and secondary sources and numerous extracts from Mr Manning's own writings.

    Index coverage

    Notable publications (selectively) indexed include:

    Adelaide Times, Advertiser, Chronicle, The Critic, Express & Telegraph, Frearson's Weekly, The Herald, Illustrated Adelaide Post, The Irish Harp, The Lantern, The Mail, The News, Observer, Register, SA Gazette & Mining Journal, Southern Australian.

    All of these publications are held by the State Library. The staff will be happy to help you to locate them.

    Mr Manning advises that the Index is best used in conjunction with his book Manning's place names of South Australia [Adelaide] : G.H. Manning, 1990. (Copies of this are located in the State Library's Family History and South Australian Ready Reference Collections at 919.423003 M283.)

    The Index should also be used in conjunction with the State Library's Catalogue, which it overlaps to some extent.

    Index structure

    The index is divided into the four folders:

    Navigating the Index

    The menu on the left of screen provides access to each of the four main folders. These each contain a number of folders, which may themselves contain further folders.

    Individual pages may include a sub-menu at the top to enable moving to a particular topic.

    When you have accessed a page it is possible to search that page using your Browser's Edit/Find option.

    Pages may include a "choose again" option which will return you to the page menu.

    Index references within a page are generally, but not strictly, chronological.

    Some subjects are indexed extensively in more than one section. See and See Also references enable navigation to related topics in other pages. If you follow any of these links, the Browser's Back button will return you to the page you left.

    Biographical research

    Biographical references are generally located on pages dealing with the place or activity with which a person is most associated. For example, several references to aviator Jimmy Melrose can be found in the entry for Melrose Park.

    Many Place Name pages have a list of obituaries of notable residents - generally at the bottom of the page or part of page dealing with the place.

    Extracts from primary sources

    Extracts from the indexed publications, and other primary resource material, are also included.

    Some of the terms used in these sources may be considered offensive today, but they provide an insight into the language and attitudes of the time.

    Additional content

    In addition to index references to historical events and themes, Mr Manning has included a substantial number of essays and selections from his own published and unpublished work.

    Among these, there are a large number of extracts from the 2001 publication:

    A Colonial Experience, 1838-1910 : a woman's story of life in Adelaide, the District of Kensington and Norwood together with reminiscences of colonial life.

    This is narrated by a fictitious female character created by Mr Manning. It is based on his extensive historic research but is not itself primary source material.


    A number of images from the State Library pictorial collections have been included. Click on the image for details, including copyright and permissions to publish.

    Inverted place names

    Some place names are inverted, e.g. Mount Gambier is listed under Gambier, Mount and Port Lincoln is listed under Lincoln, Port.


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    Viewing results

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    Development of the Index by the State Library

    The State Library has made minor changes to the appearance of the material provided by Mr Manning but the essential structure is unchanged.

    The annotations, essays and quotations are unedited, except as noted.

    A small number of subject headings have been amended.

    All views expressed in the Index, except where noted, are those of the author.